Devon | Springy One Sunday

Sunday Daffy BettsThe husband and I have been mucking about with the system lately, seeing other people on a Sunday morning. I KNOW, it’s been weird.  Back to normal this week though with our end of the week coffee and cake date without the spaniels. Jokes. There is no ‘without the spaniels’.

Woken ridiculously early by the tiny bladdered one – good job she’s cute – it seemed criminal to waste such a beautiful morning.


We took our bleary eyes via cake to Cockington* for to blow off some cobwebs and stomp about a bit.

It’s a cliche for a reason but there is something undeniably spectacular about the very first really springy days of the year. The ones where you can just about take your coat off (as long as you’re wearing a padded bra). You know, when you can almost smell colours and the world feels renewed?

Sunday Daffy Betts

Light trees

We caught up on the weeks that were and the one to come, perved on some springy flowers and soaked up a bit of sunshine. There was probably some gardening chat. Maybe something about Crufts (seriously though, the Best in Show winner? I definitely didn’t weep at Crufts…)

Sunday Azaleas


Cockington Country Park

Sunday Springy Azalea

Sunday Springy Betts

Springy P and B

Sunday Springy Pete

Despite all the new year resolutioning (don’t think that’s a verb, carry on) and January good intentions, for me this is the part of the year when it feels like anything is possible. When the world sort of yawns and stretches and tries to come to life…no, I’m not quoting 9 to 5, you are. I’m sure it’s nothing more complex than a hit of vitamin D combined with the not so subtle symbolism of new buds and baa lambs hinting at infinite possibility but it’s uplifting and wonderful and good for my stressy little soul.

Are you feeling springy? Am I over egging it? Just enjoy the spaniels.

*Yes really, Cockington. Move on.

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  • fessjarmer

    First things first, your Spaniels are adorable!! Yes I am feeling particularly ‘Springy’! We also went for a lovely walk on Sunday. It was really lovely. I even began to think about Summer! #Gettingaheadofmyself

  • reneejessome

    Oh I just love this time of year!! I love how everything feels so fresh and new. The dogs look adorable as always 🙂

    Renee | Lose The Road

  • Honestly Aine

    It’s so nice to see the start of Spring appear. It’s been so bright, now if only it was a wee bit warmer. The dogs look so pleased to be out! But then dogs are always pleased to be out playing about 🙂

    Honestly Aine

  • A glorious morning indeed! What fabulous pics!! I’m loving the feeling of spring in the air too and am *really* appreciating the longer days! xxx

  • Awesome pics as always – the top one is just epic! I have been rambling away about the arrival of Spring too this week – it’s just such an uplift for the soul to see sunshine out of the window and to be able to shed a layer or two and not freeze to the bone. Roll on Spring proper! X

  • Ahh gorgeous doggies!

  • Stephanie Dreams

    Such perfect photos of your pooches, and what a gorgeous day it looks!! How lovely!
    The little black one photograph’s so well….we now call them blackie and brownie or little black one and little brown one! haha x

  • The perfect springy morning indeed. Damn you make me want to adopt a doggy, but I must resist.

  • I LOVE it! Spring is such a glorious time of year and these photos really sum it up – beautiful! I’ve not yet ventured to Cockington, maybe it’s somewhere I need to visit!! Alice xx

  • Just look at those faces, so cute!

  • Don’t, I’ve been paddling today!! Seriously, I’m all over summer.
    Hope you see some sunshine over the long weekend too
    M x

  • Thanks Renee, isn’t Spring the best?? I feel like I might say that every season…
    M x

  • We live in this weird little micro-climate in Devon where it feels a *tiny* bit warmer than everywhere else (I may be imagining this, that’s a thing that could be happening) so I even went paddling today. In the actual sea.
    M x

  • They’re the best eh? It sort of feels like you get a whole extra day at the end of a working day. I’m all good with that
    M x

  • Thanks Soph, she’s pretty photogenic it has to be said!
    Hope you get a lovely long springy weekend. It’s feeling pretty good in Devon, I went paddling in the sea today, I KNOW!
    M x

  • They get away with murder, bless their pretty little faces!
    M x

  • Lol! I’m surprised at how well these came out, I always feel really lucky when I get a decent picture of Betts but you have SO MANY amazing ones of Lily that I’m sure I could try harder.
    M x

  • I’ll do you a temporary pet swap? A week’ll knock any desire to get one right out of you.

  • I would abolutely recommend it Alice, it’s gorgeous! Full of quirky little tea rooms and thatched cottages and with some really beautiful woodland walks. No sea but we get enough of that, probably!
    M x

  • I know, bless them! I can’t look directly at them!
    M x

  • Katie

    I’m totally with you; there’s something about the first truly warm days of the year that make me feel like the whole world is my oyster (or, ideally, something less gross; can the world be my cheesecake brownie?) Looks like a blissful way to spend a Sunday xxx

  • Em

    I know that sprin feeling. I took the pups to the woods in search of bluebells this weekend (we were maybe a week too early) but we had the best time wandering about in the warm weather, and the mud. I’m dragging Jim back there this weekend for another wander! x

  • Your spaniels have such beautiful faces!! I’ve been to Cockington, it’s a lovely, calm place.