Turning Off

Switching Off

Not as easy as it sounds is it, switching off? It’d be swell if we could unplug our brain like we do that manky old kettle we bought for six quid from Tesco as a student which is now covered in limescale and is potentially a semi-serious public health situation. In reality, as a career wielding, home running, teen raising, part time writing ‘thirty something’ (bleurgh) it is increasingly hard to switch off. You may have some or none of the above but you’ve sure as hell got your own never ending list of stuff to work through, stuff that keeps you up at night.

Right at the time we should be heading off to snoozeville to prepare for the next never ending day, our brains are running beautifully weird scenarios of things we could have done better whether at the office yesterday or that time when we were fourteen (cough, sixteen) and we hadn’t even kissed a boy and maybe if we hadn’t had that perm or wore that white cardi with the fur collar that everyone else was wearing…

Ridiculous things. Things that are an utter drain on our limited personal resources. Things that we can never ever change unless we Quantum Leap our way back.

I heard this week that our early thirties is supposed to be the hardest time. The time when so much is changing and, especially now in the time of Dante’s circles of social media hell, we’re faced with constant comparisons. The successes of others are thrust violently into our faces every time we pick up our phones. Making us question everything: am I doing enough? Am I doing life right? Should I be queen of everything by now? Should I be fitter, richer, more maternal, more adventurous. Should I like shellfish and olives?

No of course not, they’re both bloody vile.  Bottom line is that you should be you. Where you are and what you’re doing is a-ok. You’ve got this. The only way to really start believing it is to take a step back. To stop looking at the lives of others. To focus on you, where you want to be and how you’re going to get there, to look at the happy little bits of your own existence right this second.

Step away from the computer folks.

Easier said than done, it took an exorbitant fee to access wifi in the middle of the ocean to stop me doing it for a while and guess what? I slept, really slept, for the first time in months.  I read an actual book and wrote actual words using a pen on actual paper. I ate meals without tweeting about them, wild. I sat in blissful silence with my favourite person watching beautiful sunsets and crapping seagulls and it was brilliant.

Whether you’re in the middle of the sea or the middle of your garden, try. Try harder to switch off, to stop comparing. Give yourself a break…after you’ve finished reading this, obvs.

Are you a good switcher offer? TELL ME ALL YOU KNOW.

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  • But the main question is – if you didn’t tweet about the meals then did they even happen?!
    Sophie Cliff

  • Sarah Taylor-Forbes

    So true. I’m dreadful at switching off. Have just deleted the Facebook app from my phone as an experiment. I’m already getting palpitations and it’s been half an hour. So that’s good.

    Sarah x

  • I am actually okay at switching off (though not sure the boyf would agree with me!) I am quite the fan of just letting the phone die, or going somewhere without service so then it is enforced upon me. You’re right, I always sleep so much better when I’m not attached to electronics!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • I’m good at switching off if I force myself to. (Which I’m doing in 8 days). Just for a short amount of time until I feel refreshed. I think it’s important to take time off the internet!
    x Kenzie // Kenzieblogslife.blogspot.com

  • I’m weirdly good at switching off from work. When I get home, I don’t really talk about it, much to my husband’s frustration as I tend to just say it was ‘fine’. But other stuff, life stuff, I’m not so good at. I’m far too switched on when it comes to things that need to in the house, chores, family things. That’s where I really need some help!x

  • Cat

    Totally got an image of you crapping seagulls there for a moment before the sentence swung back into focus…ahem.

    You’re right, so right of course and I’m bloody awful at switching off and not comparing myself to others, it’s tough getting rid of the habit of a lifetime! A blissful night’s sleep sounds wonderful, as does not waking up panicking! Good to know it can happen eh 🙂 I’m hoping a little holiday in a few days will help!

    C xx

  • Katie

    I am definitely NOT a switch-off-erer. My phone is without a doubt the first thing I’d grab in a fire- but the reason it’s like my extra limb is because all my favourite people are on the other end of it. I’m an olive-abhoring veggie though, if that helps? Xxx

  • Beth

    I’m the worst when it comes to switching off… My mind is always racing and I find it very hard to stop it. Being on social media usually distracts me from everything going round in my head, which isn’t always bad. xx

  • I go through phases! Sometimes I’m really good and everything is switched off at 9pm and I read my book, and other times it’s 2am and I’m still refreshing Twitter and hating myself a bit for it… Work in progress I guess haha! xx

    Little Miss Katy | Lifestyle, Food + Fashion

  • Cate Elise

    I adore this post! Even though I’m really happy I spend so much time thinking I should be better – fitter, a runner, a better blogger..it’s so hard to switch off!
    You got a new follower here xx

    The perks of being a hipster – Arriving in Santorini!

  • I feel quite smug about this, but I actually find it so easy to switch off from the internet and phones and anything like that. I’m happy to sit around in my own silence and eat my breakfast, I don’t feel the need to check instgram or twitter. I just don’t feel that connection to it. Probably because I’m that unsociable and introverted, that even too much social media times makes me feel too social and I need a break haha.

  • I totally attempt to switch off but then I just have to check out that cushion I like online, oooo what’s this actors life history and oh where can I buy succulents?! I don’t have an ocean to go, how do I do it?!


  • Probably not the best of regularly switching off, but I don’t find it hard to switch off when I make myself do it. Even if it’s just as simple as pushing my phone far far away while I enjoy a film, or a few hours binge watching Timothy Olyphant in Justified.

    Switching off before bed though… wow.. that’s a tricky one for me! There’s just so much going on in there. Always jealous of my OH who doesn’t suffer this plight and literally falls asleep without a care in the world as soon as his head hits the pillow.