That Time I Got a New Camera and Took Photos of Things

My glib approach to taking photos of things – there really should be a snappier title for that – is borne of a desire to hide my frustration at not being very good at it. This is also the reason I was insanely ungracious to a husband who was trying to give me tips on the beach this week. Poor bugger. YES I KNOW WHERE THE F**KING LIGHT IS.

My problem is speed. I want to be Mario Testicles and I want to be him now. I don’t want to be the jittery girl (ha! Woman.) who doesn’t have a clue how to use her massive lens. Nope, not a euphemism.

In order to improve I guess you need a starting point, like Linford and his blocks or Coldplay and their Scientist. Are you enjoying these pop culture references as much as I am?

With that in mind, here are some photos of random things (mostly spaniels) I’ve taken with my new camera and which I’ll be using as a benchmark for progress*. Some of them are ok and all of them are all camera. This year I shall make it my mission to take myself off auto and learn more about composition and lighting and shutter speeds and bloody Photoshop. The birthday camera is a Nikon D3200 and a ginormous macro lens to go with it in case you’re interested, bottom rung of the camera ladder but incredibly fancy pants for me.

Do let me know –  Sarah, Loulabelle and Kerri looking directly at you women, don’t look away now – if you have any tips for an enthusiastic trier. I promise to receive them with more gratitude than I flung at my husband.








* Yes the picture of Pete on his back is horrifically blurry, no you’re not hammered. It was just too sexy to leave out.

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