Taking Stock: Seven

Shall we catch up through the almighty power of verbs? Righto.
Making exam dates and plans to break a mental sweat. 
Drinking all of the water after seeing the probably fabricated photos of the amazing reversibly ageing woman and her three litres a day habit.
Reading Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig and Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey. Simultaneously. For the hell of it. Reviews coming soon, both are superb but hard going. Where’s the light relief I hear you cry? LIFE HAS NO LIGHT RELIEF. 
Wanting a break. 
Looking half of the time like a crazy haired dog mad banshee and the other half like a disillusioned middle aged office worker. In laymans’ terms I appear to have lost my style mojo both at work and at play. If you see it please trap it under a glass and call for back up immediately. 
Playing Scrabble with the husband and losing. It might be the first time that’s happened. I took it well. He gloated about it on Facebook because, why not? 
Wasting away. 
Fixing up, looking sharp. That’s a lie. I’ve been fixing up an old mirror to go into our newly painted bedroom. Pats self on back, eats celebratory pesto. 
Deciding that life is too short for so very many things we inflict upon ourselves or accept when inflicted upon us. Vive La France! Or some equally rousing rallying cry. 

Absolutely no relevance to the blog post.

Wishing that she’d stop bloody well doing that. Seriously. #officepolitics
Enjoying  the little lunchtime pick me up that comes from eating my grub in the garden whilst watching Betty roll around on the grass. 
Liking big socks under my wellies on dewy morning walks. 
Wondering if I can get away with another take away this week.
Knowing that I absolutely can’t ^^. 
Loving lots of things. All the things. 
Pondering procrastination and my rocky relationship with it.  
Considering ditching procrastination for good but when else will I be able to Google my way from tuna recipes to Dr Crippen if not during the procrastinating times? Riddle me that.   
Watching The Following and enjoying it far more than the shiteness of the last season. Much prefer Joe Carroll as a carrot dangling brooder in prison than a nut job with a forest dwelling cult. *Note to self, pay attention when typing ‘cult’.* 
Hoping that the sun sticks around for my week off. Although sods law dictates that the sun will dutifully bugger off the second I put my Out of Office on. 
Marvelling at the stars on the crisp clear springy nights.   
Smelling a pungent sweaty odour during spinning class and realising, after shooting evil glances at my mother on one side and the stranger on the other, that that whiff was me. Sure DID let me down. 
Wearing see ‘looking’ above. 
Planning the most amazing of going away gifts for R who has 100% decided she’s off to uni this year. Avoiding thinking about the fact that she’s really going by planning a stupendous survival kit. More will be revealed.
Following  no-one, that would be weird. Like Jamie Dornan
Noticing muscles where there haven’t been any for quite some time. 
Thinking  all the things as per usual. There is never a time when I’m not thinking all the things. Sometimes I try to make myself feel better about this by asking the husband what he’s thinking. His response of food/bikes/Captain America never fails to make me feel like I’m losing my mind. 
Feeling sad about the speedy demise of the new pyjamas. They’re now clean and fresh and unstained but I still can’t shake the trauma. 
Buying pooch boxes. Worth every penny.
Opening my lungs and my mind like a beautiful lotus flower. I’ve been doing yoga, innit. 
Giggling incessantly. I think it’s the sunshine. 
How are *you*? Pick some verbs and let me know.
Mindfulness for Dummies (by which I mean me!)
The Inspiration Thief
  • Lou Duffy

    You’re doing Yoga with Adriene? Me too! I love it…and her a little bit. Although not quite so much today after 45 minutes of ab and thigh burning!!!

  • Ooh Snap! I have just posted one of these!
    Thank goodness your pj’s are stain free! I once tried to instragram myself in my new pj’s while drinking a cup of tea, not only did I stain the Pyjama’s but I also kind of burnt my lady parts a little bit. I probably just overshared a little bit there. You are welcome.x

  • Kerri

    You eat celebratory pesto?! What is wrong with you. Pesto is not the food of celebration – I guess if it’s good pesto, but still – you need some mini sausage rolls and cheese and pineapple sticks.

    Ahh, I see you’ve got one of those people in the office. We’ve got one too. Ours slurps their drink to.

    At least the PJs are revitalised. They’re into that “nearly new” zone now… Still you’re never getting that new PJs feeling back.

  • Rosie McKay

    Scrabble is such a good board game. In my house we love a game of articulate or trivial pursuit of a weekend, although it can get dangerously competitive!

  • Christina L

    I have reason to stay alive ready to read this weekend! Snap!
    Also *I must drink more water, must!

  • I definitely want a break as well. I feel as though it is burn out season at the moment! I do have a 4 day week next week though which is nice. I definitely need to get drinking some more water! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • You’ve been doing yoga with Adrienne! Yay! I am catching up on all the blog posts I missed in Cornwall where the tinterweb wasn’t the best! Love these taking stock posts! Hope you are well lovely lady bird. PS: Was that a Gavin & Stacey reference in one of your previous posts ‘dicking around the Dordogne’??? Say yes! 🙂

  • Here’s my verb: snorting.

    Explanation: you mentioned drinking water and that reminded me that I should probably be drinking water. Continued reading post while drinking water. THIS WAS AN ERROR.

    My keyboard/PC screen are now soaking wet.

    How’s that for a sexy image?

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  • Josie’s Journal

    My verb is laughing at this whole post! Love how you write. I’ve been playing and losing at Scrabble lately too, it’s very disappointing x

    Josie’s Journal

  • Looking a bit like a banshee. My hairdresser had the audacity to go on holiday right when I was getting around to booking my 6 monthly haircut.
    Fixing up my work situation. New job starting Monday. Yikes
    Pondering how I am going to get through the first week of my new job with the abysmal collection of corporate wardrobe items dating from early 2000s. No time to get to the shops until next weekend!
    Smelling incense- the fella cleaned the house up today.

  • Kezzie

    This makes me laugh! I love the use of verbs here. Ha, the Sure one made me giggle.
    My husband has never beat me at Scrabble, I’m not sure I could take it if he did. I do TRY to not take it too seriously and let him win for most of the game but somehow, I have to trample him last minute!x

  • This is such a fun post! Loved reading it. I’m also hoping that the sun will stick around xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk

  • Ha, well you already know this made me titter but reading it again made me titter again.
    Blogging woes eh?
    M x

  • Ooh oooh are you?? I’d only just started when I wrote this but I’m loving it so far…maybe because I haven’t reached the ab and thigh burning session yet!
    M x

  • Shut your face you, if I want to celebrate with pesto I damn well will ok.
    And thanks. Thanks for the reality check. The time for weeping about it is over. The time for anger is upon us.
    M x

  • How are you getting on with the book? Heavy but brilliant yes?
    M x

  • We’ve been told Articulate is a bit of a good ‘un – in fact I tried to buy it but in my haste bought just an add on pack without the game. Fail.
    M x

  • I hope you had the most marvellous little break.
    M x

  • Of course it is!! Bravo on your Gavin and Stacey knowledge!!
    And I’m only just getting into the yoga with Adrienne – is it ok that I’m a bit in love with her??
    M x

  • Soooooorrrrry! Sort of. A little bit.
    M x

  • Oh you’re very sweet, thank you!
    And losing at Scrabble/ANYTHING is just the worst. You have my sympathy.
    M x

  • How did the first week go? Anyone try to send you back to the noughties (HATE people who say ‘the noughties’)! And I hope you’ve had the ‘do done by now.
    M x

  • See, this is my tactic – I’m an end swooper too but I was too bloody busy being all cocky and telling him what he could do and before I knew it it was over and he’d won. I won’t be making the same mistake again. My ego can’t take it.
    M x

  • Well I’m late to replying but it’s safe to say the sun did not stick around in any way shape or form but you’ll be glad to know that I’m back to work on Friday so the sun will be back with a vengeance.
    M x

  • It is fine to be a little (or a lot) in love with her! That’s two women I’ve set you up with now! I feel this relationship is getting very one sided!

  • Lisa and Stella

    I am wishing there were more hours in the day, looking every single one of my ** years, forgetting most of your verbs because there is puppy spam with absolutely no relevance to the blog post. Loving that there is puppy spam with absolutely no relevance to the blog post; thinking that only you can get away with it! 🙂 x