That Time I Pinched an Award

September 14, 2015

IMG_6057So last week I robbed won an award from someone more deserving. And no, it wasn’t one of those self-drawn things from the husband for Best Morning Breath. Nor was it something I nominated myself for. I KNOW!

The lovely little chaffinches at Torbay Hour (and some independent adjudicator type people a la Gladiators circa ’96) decided that my blog was their favourite. I did not get a crown.

I found out that I’d been nominated whilst we were on our very Devonish holiday and was a little bit gobsmacked. Of course I want people to read the ramblings I spout but I never genuinely believe that anyone beyond my mum and my husband (when he’s told to actually do so) actually does. I only came out as a pedlar of drivel to the people I know on Facebook this week, that was traumatic enough. I miss clandestine blogging so very much.

So, wearing my nomination like an invisibility cloak, I also donned a dress and some lipstick and awkwardly shuffled into the awards do. I spent all night telling the husband to shut up and assuring everyone who would listen that OF COURSE Flossy and Jim would win, they’re bloody hilarious.

And the winner was:


Me. Me who ten minutes before the announcement had been in the loos confessing my lack of speech preparation whilst rubbing lipstick off my teeth. Me who had already spilt gravy in my lap. Me who was already a little bit white wine squiffy, being convinced I wasn’t going to win and all. Me who was greeted with ‘your knickers are on the right way round right?’ when I collected my award. Aaah sweet infamy. Me whose husband zipped my dress back up when I sat down again AFTER I’d been up on a stage and had photos taken and everything.

I’ve spent a good few days being very British and self-deprecating about the whole thing: ‘oh it’s just Torbay’, ‘I don’t know what they were thinking’ and ‘they do know that I write almost exclusively about spaniels and wearing my knickers all wrong, right?’

So don’t tell anyone, it’s not the done thing, but I feel a little bit proud of myself. Proud that someone, somewhere (maybe even more than one someone) likes this nonsense enough to tell someone else about it.

I feel a little smushy about it all too. So thank YOU. Each set of beady eyes that reads this cobblers, thank you for your kind comments and tweets and interaction. Thank you for challenging me on things and sometimes making me look at the world in a different way. And thank you for sticking with me, a woman who can barely dress herself in the morning, as we bimble through life together. It’s a joy to have each and every one of you here. You look beautiful today by the way, did I mention?

And whilst we’re smushing, very well done to the Three Torbay Hour Musketeers who have achieved something incomprehensible to me a few years ago – they’ve put Torbay ONLINE. Bravo guys. Bloody bravo.

I shall henceforth be referring to myself as an award winning blogger and finding a way to cram the award into my school Record of Achievement folder which I absolutely did not go up into the loft to find.



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