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Keep the darkness at bay

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An incredibly long time ago I wrote something about kindness – it looks like it was particularly badly received but I think any comments you made on it were lost in the move to WordPress, I’m not bitter… If I remember rightly, you enjoyed the kindness chat. For the sake of common decency lets just pretend you did eh?

I’m not a ‘peace man’ kind of person in the majority of this little life – I don’t wear Conker Shoes and I’ve never ever eaten quinoa (although I am that annoying person who’ll correct your pronunciation of it, you’re welcome) – however I absolutely, 100% believe in karma; you will ultimately get back what you put out into the world. I also am firmly of the belief that there is enough crap and nonsense on this planet to fill all of Dante’s hellish circles without me adding to it.

Since I very first stumbled across Danny Wallace’s Kindness ‘Collective’ (it’s NOT a cult) I’ve been trying my best to send out my own little karmic nuggets into the world*. A little bit for the ‘reap what you sow’ and a lot for the genuine joy an unexpected act of kindness can bring to someone else’s soul. There is something just….nice about it.

So each week, or as often as I can manage, I’ll give you a little update on the random acts of kindness I’ve put into the universe. If you don’t see an update for a while, give me a kick will you? I’m probably just busy being all nice and that…

So this week I:

  • Bought K an ice-cream sundae for the hell of it. I also took her home a helium balloon I was given at work and we all know the untold joy an illicit bit of helium can bring.
  • Spent a whole Saturday finding the perfect curtains for R’s bedroom (and only whinged about it a tiny bit)!
  • Have taken on all of the dog walking duties whilst husband has the busiest week at work ever.
  • Bought some flowers for a friend who needed them.
  • Made P&B an obstacle/search course in the garden. Maybe this one was a little bit for me too. Kindness to oneself so counts!
  • Donated some food to the food bank bods outside the supermarket.
  • Bought some bars of chocolate for the firemen doing a charity car wash there too. Yes I also got my car washed and donated to the Firefighters Charity. Maybe I hugged a fireman. It’s ok, I knew him.
  • Made a concerted effort to increase the number of comments I leave on the blog posts I’ve loved reading. Although this is to the detriment of replying to comments on my own blog – soz.

Just to balance things out and ensure my soul isn’t too safe, I will continue to cultivate my dark side with a spot of sarcastic banter (only with those who know it’s happening!!) and the odd bit of passive aggressive road rage.

How about you and kindness? There’s a loaded question if ever I saw one! A fiver to the first person who says this is a load of old cobblers.

*Can I just say, I was an alright person before and have always been a fan of kindness generally? I wasn’t some massive douche bag who had a revelation that kindness is a good thing! Glad we’ve cleared that up.
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  • Saskia

    Haha, thanks for clarifying that last point with us! It’s always good to put a little kindness out to the world – I’m a great believer that being nice can always make the world just that bit better for everyone.

    Saskia /

  • I bought my sister in law a fish and chips supper, but that’s because I also wanted a fish and chips supper… Maybe I’m too self-centred for this niceness malarkey!

  • Christina L

    are you sure this isn’t a cult? haha. I took my mum food shopping yesterday and i hate supermarkets so it wasn’t fun for me. 🙂 more kindness to follow..

  • Katie

    Kindness is akin to a group of geriatric shoe-makers. Now you can post me a fiver as this week’s act of kindness :p

    Seriously though, little acts of kindness make life all the sweeter. I should definitely try and do more. I think I’m pretty good at giving strangers compliments though. xxx

  • I love kindness. I invited some girlfriends around for cheese & wine last night. I stopped a blind man with stick walking into a pole. Love this post. If people were more kind, the world would be a happier place xx

  • Em

    What a great way of looking at the world. I think a little kindness can go a long way and you are right about Karma, but my question is, if someone was an ass and got what they truly deserved, then you were happy about it – is karma coming back for me now? I think it might be with the year I’ve had.
    So to counteract karma, last week I asked the homeless man outside the supermarket by my office if he wanted anything and he just said water – so i bought him his water, a few sandwiches, a bowl of pasta, sausage roll pack and some treats too. It only cost me a couple of quid but will have fed him for a while! Fingers crossed he wasn’t veggie though!

  • duck in a dress

    Phew, and there I was thinking you’d only just started to be kind 😉
    Yup, kindness is cool and random acts are the best sort. I’d like to say I’ve done a heap of things this week but with the exception of wishing someone happy birthday on Twitter, I think I’ve done nowt. Oops. How long do you think can I use my fractured ankle as an excuse? 😉 xx

  • I am a huge believer in karma also. It bites me on the arse occasionally the sneaky little bugger! It sounds like you have been a little gem this week (minus the conker shoes – awesome!). I brought the IT support team treats for helping me with my constant technical questions, they have endless patience. I am a big believer in doing things for no personal gain, it makes you feel all nice inside doesn’t it!xx

  • How lovely! I find that even a simple, random loving text to a friend or partner in the middle of the day can make their day! Nice idea, there needs to be a bit more random kindness in this world!

  • Lisa and Stella

    Thought you’d gone a bit My Name is Earl then! 😉 But, yes, please remember that some days *only* sarcasm and road rage will keep you sane!

    Well done on your awesomely nice week though, definitely not a load of old cobblers 🙂 x

    p.s. I thought only squirrels wore conker shoes x

  • Bet you really are a douche… 😉

    Truth be told, me and humanity, we aren’t the greatest of friends and most of the time I really just want to punch it in the face. Hard. Really, really hard. But, I think it’s my colleagues, rather than people as a whole. It also might be Belgium, rather than the world as a whole because I never want to (almost never) punch people when I’m visiting the UK or any other country or even the south side of Belgium… Damn the Flemish.

    Apart from that I’m a lovely person. Pinky swear.

  • I thought it was important to be clear!!
    And I agree, a bit of niceness is always a good thing
    M x

  • Haha, there really is no selfless good deed….although maybe some are more selfless than others!! I’d give you literally anything you wanted from me in return for fish and chips right now. ANYTHING.
    M x

  • Hmmm…now you mention it…
    The supermarket might be the queen of all good deeds, it’s a bugger!
    M x

  • I’m into kindness. I regularly try to randomly message peeps I know are going through a tough time. Random acts of cake are good too:)

  • Bee

    Your space here makes me happy 🙂

  • Jennifer Sanders

    Ha, until you’d cleared that at the end, I totally thought you were a douchebag. On the plus side, at least you’d decided to change your ways. Your post has made me realise I probably need to be a bit nicer…?

  • Emma

    Hey, I’d hug the fireman whether I knew him or not!

    Give out what you want to receive – definitely my way of thinking. Although sometimes I definitely want to give out a punch or two to a few people! I usually find counting to ten helps…

  • oh! Leona

    I’m happy that the sarcasm is staying. I don’t think I could handle too much sweetness from you. I know there’s a sarcastic little so-and-so under there 😉

    Seriously though, this is a bloody great idea. Karma is something not to be joked about and it seems you have a whole lot of the good karma coming your way. Xx

  • Love this idea so much! I think I could do with being a little kinder sometimes. Not that I am a complete bitch or anything (ok, well maybe sometimes I am ;)), but it’s always nice to kind to people, it can really make their day. xx

  • Just a fiver? Wasted opportunity.
    Will you send me a compliment for every pound?
    M x

  • I so agree and it’s such an easy thing to change!
    And your good deeds are bloody marvellous (and a bit essential, equally!)
    M x

  • Haha, that is a good question! And if Karma works like that, I’m completely screwed!!!
    And highest of fives to your good deed, a lush one.
    M x

  • Haha, it was probably an unnecessary clarification but still…
    I think you’ve got another few weeks left in that ankle at least.
    M x

  • It does make you feel nice inside…and at the risk of ruining it do you think that makes it less awesome? I don’t. In fact I don’t think there are any truly selfless good deeds, that warm fuzzy feeling is just too good. But if that’s all you’re getting in return, it still counts!
    M x

  • I couldn’t agree more Polly! I’m on a one woman mission.
    M x

  • BOOM! But sadly not, I know a whole town nearby where they swear by the Conker shoes.
    M x

  • How’d you guess?
    And you’re overcompensating, I reckon you’re sweetness and light really…maybe…sort of…I won’t ask any Belgians what they think…
    M x

  • Love that!^^ Everyone should be reminded once in a while that someone, somewhere is rooting for them. And cake is never bad.
    M x

  • Your face makes me happy.
    Thank you sweet one :o)
    M x

  • Ha, I did that just for you ma’am, can’t have a bunch of internet strangers maybe possibly perhaps thinking I might be a slight douchebag now can I?
    M x

  • The punching thing is an issue for me too, I think this is me over compensating!!
    M x

  • We’ll see. See below re the punching, the desire for which is so very very high today.
    So very high.
    M x

  • I do like making someone’s day a bit brighter :o)
    And, although not strictly in the spirit of kindness, if someone’s being a tit it is SO much more satisfying to be overly nice and sweet in return!
    M x

  • haha I love this post Michelle. I have to say your blog comments always cheer me up so much! Also, your sarcasm is kindness in itself – it gives me a good chuckle! xx