The Kindness Project

Keep the darkness at bay

Found at Pinterest via Ali Edwards

An incredibly long time ago I wrote something about kindness – it looks like it was particularly badly received but I think any comments you made on it were lost in the move to WordPress, I’m not bitter… If I remember rightly, you enjoyed the kindness chat. For the sake of common decency lets just pretend you did eh?

I’m not a ‘peace man’ kind of person in the majority of this little life – I don’t wear Conker Shoes and I’ve never ever eaten quinoa (although I am that annoying person who’ll correct your pronunciation of it, you’re welcome) – however I absolutely, 100% believe in karma; you will ultimately get back what you put out into the world. I also am firmly of the belief that there is enough crap and nonsense on this planet to fill all of Dante’s hellish circles without me adding to it.

Since I very first stumbled across Danny Wallace’s Kindness ‘Collective’ (it’s NOT a cult) I’ve been trying my best to send out my own little karmic nuggets into the world*. A little bit for the ‘reap what you sow’ and a lot for the genuine joy an unexpected act of kindness can bring to someone else’s soul. There is something just….nice about it.

So each week, or as often as I can manage, I’ll give you a little update on the random acts of kindness I’ve put into the universe. If you don’t see an update for a while, give me a kick will you? I’m probably just busy being all nice and that…

So this week I:

  • Bought K an ice-cream sundae for the hell of it. I also took her home a helium balloon I was given at work and we all know the untold joy an illicit bit of helium can bring.
  • Spent a whole Saturday finding the perfect curtains for R’s bedroom (and only whinged about it a tiny bit)!
  • Have taken on all of the dog walking duties whilst husband has the busiest week at work ever.
  • Bought some flowers for a friend who needed them.
  • Made P&B an obstacle/search course in the garden. Maybe this one was a little bit for me too. Kindness to oneself so counts!
  • Donated some food to the food bank bods outside the supermarket.
  • Bought some bars of chocolate for the firemen doing a charity car wash there too. Yes I also got my car washed and donated to the Firefighters Charity. Maybe I hugged a fireman. It’s ok, I knew him.
  • Made a concerted effort to increase the number of comments I leave on the blog posts I’ve loved reading. Although this is to the detriment of replying to comments on my own blog – soz.

Just to balance things out and ensure my soul isn’t too safe, I will continue to cultivate my dark side with a spot of sarcastic banter (only with those who know it’s happening!!) and the odd bit of passive aggressive road rage.

How about you and kindness? There’s a loaded question if ever I saw one! A fiver to the first person who says this is a load of old cobblers.

*Can I just say, I was an alright person before and have always been a fan of kindness generally? I wasn’t some massive douche bag who had a revelation that kindness is a good thing! Glad we’ve cleared that up.
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