The Last Fortnight

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Forgive me for I have sinned, it’s been two whole weeks since my last blog post (or since I read any blog posts). I’ve only been blogging a year but since then, this is the longest I’ve gone without writing; between you and me blogland, I felt myself losing it a bit. I feel a bit antsy about the whole thing and I’ve missed you guys enormously.

Shall we get back to it with a stock take?  ‘Why?’ I hear you cry! Because it’s my blog and I want to.

Making mistakes.
Cooking things in the slow cooker, high five Autumn.
Drinking lots of water and not a lot of wine.
Reading? What is this ‘reading’ you speak of?
Wanting a holiday. 
Looking haggard.
Playing too little.
Wasting time worrying.
Deciding that life is what you make it. I should have realised this sooner.
Wishing for happiness for those who need a drop.
Enjoying seeing the house take shape. Hello new spotlights.
Waiting for a new pair of Gap Always Skinnies and trying not to panic about the fact that I am a person who lives in jeans and who currently has no jeans to wear.
Liking the colours of the leaves. Yep. Not sorry.
Wondering if my bulbs think it’s Spring. They’re starting to sprout stuff and it’s freaking me out.
Loving the husband’s excited face at all the house things.
Considering a barnet change.
Watching all the crap escapism Netflix has to offer we’re talking White Collar, Perception (AWFUL!), Olympus has Fallen and Scream. Again.
Hoping for a little break.
Marvelling at the gall of some humans.
Needing R&R. Stat.
Smelling cinnamon candles that I most definitely did not buy two months ago in readiness for the dark evenings.
Wearing workwear – jimjams – workwear – paint ruined jeans – workwear – jimjams,
Following up on my promise to bring a little more kindness to each day.   
Noticing more grey hairs with each passing day.
Knowing more and more.
Thinking less and less.
Feeling pooped, did I mention it at all?
Admiring Cider with Rosie’s Autumnal wardrobe.
Buying pears. They must be in season so they’re cheap and they’re delicious.
Getting colder.
Bookmarking nothing. No need when there are over 1000 unread Bloglovin posts to catch up on…
Opening the door to visitors.  
Giggling at pooches and paint ^^

How’s your fortnight been? Any verby goodness?

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