The need to read

I’ve banged on enough about how little time I get to read…or pretty much do anything else. The time for talking is over people, this week we’re moving on to the action stage. 

So far this has involved deconstructing the leaning tower of books into manageable chunks (hillocks of books if you will) as well making some geektastic folders on my iPad Kindle app thingumy. I thought that adding the word ‘pronto’ in there would make me panic a little and get on with it. I don’t mean to be over dramatic about it but I feel a little bit dimmer when I don’t get time to read, like any intelligence I have is just seeping out of me and nothing’s going in to replace it. I’m sure inciting a bit of pronto panic in myself will definitely help the situation… 

So without further ado this is what I’ll be getting stuck into Kindle wise:
The full leaning tower of books is over in this post. 

Mad About the Boy – Helen Fielding: not 100% sure how I feel about this one and the ‘big reveal’ was already revealed by Chris flipping Evans. But I loved Bridget’s first two outings so I’ll give it a go out of loyalty (always a risky little game!) 

Dark Places – Gillian Flynn: I read Gone Girl on holiday last year and was hooked. It wasn’t the most literarily (totally a word) challenging read but it was a jolly good crime thriller with a fairly predictable twist. As a lover of too many American crime dramas and the books of Tess Gerritsen, I’m sure Gillian and I will get on just fine second time round. 

Game of Thrones – George R R Martin: I love love love the TV show but have been a bit intimidated by the books til now. Funnily enough it looks less scary when it’s a 2cm square on a screen as opposed to a three inch thick brick of a book on top of a teetering pile. I think I’ve put it off too because it just feels a bit wrong to be reading the books after watching the show but I do love immersing myself in a completely new world (also firmly believe that I’m Khaleesi…with slightly fewer dragons).

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry – Rachel Joyce: I picked this up for an absolute steal from Amazon but have been wanting to read it for AGES! It follows Harold as he sets off to post a letter and just keeps on walking to save the life of his friend. I can’t wait to get into this one, some of my absolute favourite stories involve a seemingly ordinary person doing something extraordinary or embarking on some kind of adventure. I just love the transformation some authors get so very right. No pressure Harold/Rachel!! 

Happier at Home – Gretchen Rubin: I bought this after reading the Happiness Project and having a mini revelation last year. Hoping that when I get to this one it’ll nudge me back into action with my own happiness project. Not that I’m an unhappy person in any way but I do think it’s something that needs to be worked at. 

Coffin Dodgers – Gary Marshall: All I know about this is that it’s a dark comedy which is actually supposed to be bloody funny! I’ll give that a go any day of the week. 

Before I Go To Sleep – S. J. Watson: A good old psychological thriller that will undoubtedly keep me up all night long and make me look at C in a different way. It’s about a woman whose memory erases itself every night. Each day her loving husband patiently explains the situation. He sounds swell…but is he?? Dun, dun, duuuuun. 

The Perfect Husband – Lisa Gardner: ha, this one shouldn’t really come after that last one should it? Makes me look like a bonkers wife. I’m not, take my word for it. And I’m sure C is nothing like the secret serial killer ex-husband in this book…

I think we’ve all learnt a little something about me from this list, I know I have! Namely that I like a healthy dose of trash in my reading material and I may have one or two trust issues.  

Have you read any of these? If not, what are you reading at the moment? 

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