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The Elephant, TorquayI had two birthdays this year, it was delusions of grandeur what done it. The first involved shovelling the greatest burger I’ve ever had into my face surrounded by some of my favourite people. I still dream about that burger on a bi-weekly basis.

The Elephant, Torquay

Accompanied by my all-time bestest human, the second birthday was a much more refined affair. The Elephant has become our ‘go to’ for all special occasions. As well as serving ruddy good food, the faultless service and relaxed atmosphere makes everything feel like a celebration. It’s unfailingly consistent too: to head out for lunch knowing that you’re about to fill your face with good stuff is like a warm reassuring hug, takes all of the worry out of proceedings.

The Elephant, Torquay
Birthday lunch kicked off with a locally produced G&T recommended by the restaurant manager. Gin is never a bad call, especially not when served up with some insightful gin related chit chat and when the recommendation is tip top.

The Elephant, Torquay
We opted for The Elephant’s set lunch menu: a small but perfectly formed selection of starters, mains and puds from the main menu. It is really brilliant value for any lunch.
Gin course complete, I tucked into a starter of golden beetroot and goats cheese. I don’t like to brag but goats cheese starters might be my Mastermind specialist subject. Being something of a pro I feel quietly confident telling you that it was a cracker. Just beautifully balanced and creamy and wonderful, I think there might have been parsnip crisps too; divine. Husband went for a crab starter and made some pretty inappropriate happy noises for a public setting.

The Elephant, Torquay
To follow we both opted for a perfectly cooked cod fillet. I ummed and aaahed about the cod – it was served in a musselly sauce and I don’t think I’ll ever adult hard enough to be a mussel convert – but it was delicious. The sauce was rich and was the perfect bowl buddy for the fish.

The Elephant, Torquay
I won the battle of the puddings with my chilled chocolate and salted caramel fondant. A sort of chocolate moussy case filled with a scrumptious salted caramel goo and topped with, I want to say coconut snow? Perfect birthday fanciness.

The Elephant, Torquay
After their recent refurb, The Elephant is just as reliably brilliant as ever – and still has the most photogenic loo wallpaper I think I’ve ever seen. See!

It’s my birthday and I’ll do a shameless #toiletselfie if I want to. So there.

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The service is always effortlessly great, in fact it’s the closest thing we’ve experienced to the service at Le Manoir (what, what) where the staff were like magical gliding mind-reading wizards.

The Elephant

3 & 4 Beacon Terrace



Lunch:  £14.95 for two courses or £16.95 for three. Do it.

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  • reneejessome

    Yumm! That cod in the mussel sauce looks SO good. I want seafood now.

    Renee | Lose The Road

  • I concur that that is the most aesthetically appealing loo wall paper I have ever seen. Although I do have to mention that I recently (pretended to be rich and silver spooned in) a bar in London and the toilets were floor to ceiling black sparkly marble. Like marble. It sparkled. It was amazing.

    If I ever go to Torquay I’m checking this squeeze out because hot DAMN caramel fondant is doing unlawful things to my insides.

    Hope you had a crackin’ birthday!

    xx ♥ La Coco Noire

  • looks beautiful, and a meal is always made when you are the pudding battle victor x

  • Ohhh yum this looks so good and suuuuch good value!! Totally impressed.

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • Katie

    Well, if there’s ever an occasion demanding coconut snow and one’s husband mimicking When Harry Met Sally over a bowl of crab, it’s a second birthday party. Ageing and salted caramel goo is the perfect combination xxx

  • As I was scrolling through this post and reading along I found myself getting hungry just seeing the photos, especially the dessert! I love salted caramel, it’s so good and perfect for birthday celebrations too. I’ve never tried mussels before but I often hear so many good things about them and I can imagine they were tasty with the cod – cod is always a winner too, and yes, goat’s cheese is just yummy! Hope you had a wonderful birthday, and if I’m ever down in Devon again I am definitely checking this place out. – Tasha

  • It’s, I think, my absolute favourite place in Devon for dinner. Well worth it if you find yourself nearby. And mussels…I wouldn’t say I’m a fan yet, maybe they’re just too damn sophisticated for me! But they went well with this and it did make me feel sort of like an actual grown up!
    M x

  • The live semi-sex show was the icing on a pretty good birthday shindig!
    M x

  • Seriously worth a detour if you’re even remotely close to South Devon!! So great.
    M x

  • Isn’t it? It was a great life moment!
    M X

  • Sparkly black marble trumps South Devon florals. Probably.
    M X

  • It can’t be too long til the seafood world is yours again!!! It was really delicious (sorry!!)
    M x

  • I will definitely swing by if I get the chance!