Things the hounds have chewed this week

Just to be clear, there’s nothing more to this post than the title suggests. But I’m in a post Boxing Day Dinner food coma and can be no more creative than this. 

1) My underwear. Pete’s also started humping that. Sorry folks but f I have to see it, you have to read about it. 
2) My shiny new notebook. I used to really love new stationery *sigh*

3) A recipe book. Cupcakes and Cookies to be precise. 
4) Some tissues. From the bin. 
5) The actual bin. 
6) The skirting board in the hallway. 
7) The baby gate we’re using to try to contain them. 
8) My iPad case. 
9) This decorative vase of twigs. When it was still on the window sill. Of course. 

10) Used teabags on the draining board. 
11) The stairs. All the stairs. 
12) The ‘you missed your husband’s Christmas present being delivered’ card from the postman. Had to take the tiniest scrap of paper into the post office and flirt my butt off to get that gift. 
13) The parcel shelf in my car. 
14) All other bits of my car. 
15) The corner of C’s iPad case. For the love of god don’t tell him. I rescued it just in time…. 
16) The wallpaper. THE FREAKING WALLPAPER. 
17) A knife. The non-business end. 
18) My coat pockets. I now have one and a half coat pockets. And an official ‘dog walking coat’. Will probably add that to this list.
19) The DVD storage box(es). 
20) Some of the DVDs. But only the Top Gear ones. Not too concerned about this….have absolutely not been feeding them the Top Gear DVDs. 
21) The formerly squeaking hotdog toy. Also not too fussed about this one. 
22) The foot of the ironing board. 
23) Their bed. 
24) Some socks. 
25) The hot water bottle.
26) A box of Christmas beer. Then freaked themselves out when the bottles rolled across the floor. 
27) So very much wrapping paper yesterday

They’ve even made an attempt at C’s crotch area. Never heard a man scream like that before. Didn’t laugh….truly I didn’t. 

Surprisingly they haven’t been so interested in the Christmas tree which is about 2 foot off the ground…or the pre-ripped open presents which I hid far far away.

Merry Christmas! 

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