This Week: One

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This week has been a really bloody weird one, one in which it’s been important – nay, necessary – to capture every happy little moment and cling on to it for dear life. I’ve said a lot of ‘I love you’s’ this week too because, you know, it’s always nice to spread some love around the place and because everyone should know that they are loved. Even if it is by a weirdo like moi. You’re welcome world, enjoy the love. Try not to get it in your eye.

I’ve been gathering cheery little incidents to my bosom like a woman on a diet pulls her cakes and pies in close. Moments of note:

Eating lunch in the garden in the sunshine. We’ve put A LOT of work into our garden and it’s great to start enjoying that…whilst protecting my tuna sandwich (with salad cream and spring onions – try it)/boiled eggs from nosy spaniels.

Chasing the aforementioned dogs around the aforementioned garden chanting ‘Sausages! Sausages!’ in the style of Pocahontas’ ‘Savages! Savages!’. Good mental image for you there. Oh how we laughed.

Last weekend husband and I were invited to schmooze at a production don’t you know…a local boys’ school production of the Sound of Music. Once I’d made it over the summit of sorrow at discovering there would not be boys dressed as nuns (there’s a girls school over the road, they got involved), it was really bloody good.  And although he’ll deny it forever and ever, it prompted a few rousing renditions of ‘Climb Every Mountain’ from the husband around the house.

I had a very lovely email from my big big boss this week.

The lighter evenings have meant taking my camera out on our evening walks which in turn has meant more photos of spaniels. One part of that sentence is ok, the other part reaffirms my status as a woman with a frighteningly inappropriate relationship with her dogs.

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After the triumph of the birthday cushion I didn’t think the stepsies could do much better for Mothers’ Day. They did, they are thoughtful and sweet and I’m very lucky. Thank you ladies.

I got to spend a lovely lazy evening with one of my oldest friends this week. We ate chilli, drank tea and talked about all the things. We also ate banana muffins with custard which I would live on if heart attacks weren’t a concern.

You guys were pretty awesome this week so thank you, thank you. A thousand times thank you.

There’s something to be said for getting high on happy things. And happy International Happiness Day to you. What’s making you happy?


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