Tiny Acts of Resistance

wonderful wednesday thirty threeIt’s not funny anymore. In just eight days the efforts of Donald Trump and those holding his strings to divide the world are becoming less the inspiration for comedy sketches and more the thing of our worst nightmares. From the wall to endorsing the use of torture to the steady revocation of women’s rights to the unconscionable ban on refugees – except of course those from countries in which Trump Inc has business interests – piece by piece he is dismantling everything the home of the free and the land of the brave is built on.

And yes, it is our business when it affects British nationals, when he’s accepted an invitation to hang with Her Maj and when he makes our PM look a bit of an idiot. Not least with the decidedly unchivalrous hand holding, it is hard to construe his actions as anything more than an attempt to undermine, but to make nice before signing the executive order on refugees with her plane still on the tarmac was a kick in the teeth.

More than it mattering because it affects some holders of British passsports, the absence of humanity is (once again) everyone’s business. It is not an ‘alternate fact’ that refugees are fleeing something far worse than the possibility of death on the way. They have nothing left and are trying, as is the right of all human beings, to make a new life somewhere else.

Through his hateful behaviour the neon nightmare does seem to have inadvertently united the sane part of the world. Scenes of protest at US airports, immigration lawyers dropping everything to help detainees, countries welcoming those fleeing terror and persecution with open arms and companies like AirBnB offering accommodation to refugees affected by the ban have all been inspirational, offering reassurance that the world hasn’t lost its mind. Even the much lamented Starbucks are pledging to employ 10,000 refugees across the planet in response.

It is easy for us to feel powerless in the face of such overwhelming vileness but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, there are a few tangible things we could do:

  1. Sign the petition to rescind the State Visit invitation. He may well end up on British soil but with all the pomp and ceremony of a Royal welcome? No. Add your voice to the 1.25 million others, make our politicians openly discuss British values and what we will and will not accept.
  2. Lobby your MP. One of my local MPs, Dr Wollaston has already set out her position – Mr Trump should not have the privilege of addressing our houses of parliament, that is an honor reserved for those leaving the world in a better state than they found it in. See if you can engage yours.
  3. Educate yourself. Read everything you can, it is only by knowing the facts that you can persuade and influence.
  4. Do not follow him on any kind of social platform. That kind of narcissist lives for the numbers, don’t add to it.
  5. Don’t stop shouting about it. Love must trump hate, use every platform you have to reinforce that message.

Don’t sit silently by watching the world implode, there is always something you can do.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

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  • Yes, yes and yes! This is so important and a great way to get involved in politics and affect change. I’ve been really buoyed up by everyone’s united front over the last week against this kind of tirade, and it’s amazing to see, so I’m really hoping we can all make a difference. It’s been a shocking week, from the poor National Park’s having to delete climate change tweets and facts, to this ridiculous Wall and the recent ban on movement for Muslims – it’s just outrageous and completely inhuman, so thank you for this post Michelle. I’ve signed that Petition and I’ll be writing to my MP this week too. We’re stronger together! – Tasha

  • RosieBaillie

    Yes! I love this post so much. Like you, I live in the UK and I’m fed up of reading comments along the lines of “why does it matter to you, you don’t live in America”, or “shut up and deal with it”. What he does, matters to everyone who cares about equality and it’s so nice to see so many people standing up against him.

    I was so angry at our prime ministers actions and lack of seeming to care about what he’s doing. It’s fairly clear that he (I don’t want to type his name…) doesn’t care about what people think; so the only way to teach someone like that is to deny them of the pomp and grandeur they think they deserve, and that can only be done by a government. If governments begin openly disagreeing with him, things might begin to change, but he doesn’t care about hundreds of thousands of people protesting against his actions. What he will care about is those protestors governments realising they need to grow a back bone. While a prime minister may say they disagree with what he is saying and doing, sucking up to him, holding his hand (ew) and treating him like royalty actually says; I might disagree with you, but I’m not actually going to try and make you change your mind because I kinda need you to be my friend more than I care about human rights. And that is NOT ok.

  • Charlie Elliott

    So much yes. I wrote a while ago why just using the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter is a small but significant way to show you care and to get involved. I’ve never lobbied a local MP before but I sure as hell will be to stop He Who Shall Not Be Named having cucumber sandwiches with Liz.

  • I’m sorry I’ve not visited your wonderful space on the world wide Web in a while Michelle. Bloody flat out running things on my own space. I saw your link to this post on twitter & had to stop by to show my support – Brava Bella brilliantly written!
    Already signed of course but YAY you spreading the word, I’m with you 100%!

  • You’re always so on point with your posts about the state of the world, and I could not agree more with every word of the above! Well done for killing it as always with your lexical magic! (Is that even a word? It sounds good either way…)

    I wrote my own (far less elegant) brain dump on the matter last week (http://www.octobersgirlblog.com/?p=4653, sneaky plug), and every day the news continues to horrify me. I took to The Archers omnibus and the RSPB #BigGardenBirdWatch with my mum and stepdad to boost my mood! I would also highly recommend David Beckham’s Desert Island Discs if you want some feel-good listening…

    And finally remember lovely, #LoveTrumpsHate! X

  • Iida-Emilia

    This post was such an inspiration. I am not an American (or British) but Finnish and I hate how powerless I feel about the whole situation. Donald Trump is not my president but I think since he has a power to turn the whole world into a mess we all should do our best to stop him. Thanks for sharing this

  • The Twitter ban was also bonkers, I don’t genuinely know how it’s possible to deny climate chage??! WHAT??
    Well done too for getting involved. I don’t begrudge anyone their right to withdraw from this nonsense and stay out of it but I do believe it is absolutely everyone’s business.
    M x

  • It really isn’t ok is it? I can see that, you can see that, why it is so invisible to those in power I’ll never know. There are trade deals to be made and I don’t pretend to be in the know about every tiny bit of political decision making but I have to believe there’s a better bloke to get into bed with than that orange sack of crap. Seriously, have you ever seen a more abhorrent human being? This sounds quite angry!! I’m still pretty angry! I do agree that the opinion of the general public doesn’t seem to matter to him so the only way is for someone with some clout to stand up to him. Soon, please!

  • I mean can you imagine it??! Nope. Hell no!
    It does matter to everyone and I’m so glad you’re getting involved. We all have a voice and whether it feels futile or not, the right to speak out is denied to so many, surely it’s only right that we all use our words for those who cannot?
    M x

  • Thank you beauty! Thank you muchly
    Hope you’re good and having one hell of a week
    M x

  • Thank YOU for popping along to comment. It feels so dreadful to be so powerless, I had to try to think of some tangible things we could all do to get our voices out there.
    M x

  • I will take lexical magic. Thank you! It’s soul destroying isn’t it? If I can even semi-articulate that then I can’t just sit by and watch.
    Coming to read your post right now. Maybe whilst multi tasking with Sir David of Beckham in the background.
    M x

  • It was mad, wasn’t it? Me either, but it’s shocking how easily politicians seem to justify it. I agree, I think sometimes it’s too much for people and I’ve got friend who stay well away from it, because it’s just stressful, but I always feel like I need to show support somehow – solidarity!