When September Ends


Pammy and the Hoff

Before the monsoon of Monday (seriously, have you looked outside yet today!? Don’t bother), once I’d stopped stealing rubbish Green Day jokes and whinging about how much I hated Autumn, I remembered that with the end of September comes the kind of sandy delights we can only dream of from May to October 1st – dogs on the beach, DOGS ON THE BEACH*.

So yesterday afternoon, in between sanding walls, painting, glossing, roast chickening and general Sundaying we wrapped up warm and headed down to one of the husbands’ favourite beaches for a soul cleansing spot of sea air. I’ve said it before – and I’ll no doubt say it again sometime in the not too distant future and repeatedly forever more – but being beside the seaside makes my little heart happy.

Apparently the mutts agree.

Would you like to see us them having all the fun?? OK then.



SONY DSC Freeeeeedom!  SONY DSC



**And the players gonna play, play, play, play, play…^^


Why yes, I am indeed wearing my Super Simple Snood whilst having a ball related stand off with Betty, well spotted.


What do you mean you don’t live near the beach too??

I’m trying hard to take better photographs (thank you little blog for pushing me to improve) and I was ridiculously over excited at how some of these came out. You think I’d have gone for an easier subject to hone my skills with…not so much.

Care to help a girl out with some of your best photography tips?

*FYI I was typing that too fast and first wrote ‘dongs on the beach’ – that’s a whole different kind of beach my friend.

** And yes, that right there is a Taylor Swift reference. I’m not even a bit sorry.

October According to Instagram
Letters to the weekend #3
  • Looks like you managed to wake up just fine 😉

    I love seeing the pups having so much fun and splashing about in the sea. Are they going to splash through winter, too, or are they fair-weather canines?

  • Oh my! Pammy and the Hoff are so cute (not a sentence I ever thought I would say!). I wish I lived nearer the sea, Leo would love it! Oh and your photos are just beautiful. x

  • Aw these photos are totally lovely. A shame about the Taylor Swift interruption of course but one can turn a blind eye to this and focus back to the photos…

  • thisandthatblog

    I love how much fun they seem to be having, ooh to be able to run around like that all day every day! I’m very jealous of how close you are to the sea, enjoy it! Fi xx

  • Your photos are fab, such great emotions and movements captured, and wet dogs must hardly be easy to photograph!!
    Rosie xx

  • Lisa and Stella

    You know I already love your photos! My best ones of Stella are when she’s sitting still…those days are a long way off for you yet! 😉 x

  • Emma

    Looks like they had an amazing (if slightly messy and wet) time! I think the beach is the best place to take a dog – so much fun to be had and so much sand to eat!

    Emma | frillsanddoodads.com

  • Rachael

    Oh they look like two super happy puppies to me! I do miss the sea, we get lots of sandy beaches by the lakes, and huge, huge sand dunes but they are missing that seaweed north sea smell.

  • My mum has a whole coffee table book of dogs shaking (it off) it’s amazing!! xx p.s. I LOVE your coat

  • Oh my!! I absolutely love your doggies!! I also love the English beach when its October. Thanks for bringing me back home to Devon with these photos!! Ahhh Nostalgia. Rosie xx

  • I can quite literally FEEL your doggies’s excitement through these photos! Oh the beach, I’ve not had a beach wander in a few weeks so must get myself down there this weekend. Love that snood! Looks mega chumfy and snuggly- good work! As for typos, in writing doggies above, it autocorrected to bogies!! Just wrong!

  • duck in a dress

    Definitely lots of yay for autumnal woofs on the beach! And with my new-found skills in knitting I might just have a go at making myself a super simple snood (with all due credit to yourself of course) – need to have a nosy around the t’interweb to buy myself some knitting equipment online, else I won’t be making anything at all til I can walk to the shops! 🙂 xx

  • I wish Pip would go in the sea. Little wimp. The beach down the road from us allows dogs on it ALL YEAR!! Dogs to the right, people to the left 🙂 it’s amazing. Plus they sell donuts and hot chocolates x

  • Don’t dis the Swift be-otch (by the way I know Samantha, so it’s totally acceptable for me to abuse one of your readers :P)

  • Pah! Carry on like that and you shan’t know me much longer, dear….

    Joking – love you love you!

  • The Taylor Swift reference is mostly certainly allowed (Perfect song to ‘dance it out’ to!) I have a good photography tip, photograph anything but spaniels! These have come out brilliant M, and believe me, I appreciate how hard it is to take a photo in focus of dogs that practically vibrate, they have so much energy!
    A side note.. I’m dense on Devon geography, but would this place be anywhere near Plymouth? I’m back this weekend again. xx

  • Laura @ Laughter is Catching

    Love those photo comments, and Pammy and the Hoff (!) certainly look like they are enjoying their baywatch reinactment! I love taking the dogs on the beach, and our cavalier looks like a drowned rat when she has finished!

  • Annatha | Prattle & Froth

    I love these, well done for getting the pooches in focus, I have no chance with mine! xx

  • These photos really have come out great! I was super excited when September rolled around because it’s the start of beach-going season for us here in Australia. Unfortunately we have had a lot of very windy days over the past month which have made going to the beach a little unpleasant, but over the past couple of weeks I’ve been enough times to get a tan, and it has been warm enough to swim as well 🙂

  • I love that last photo! It’s perfect! (well sort of, maybe you could improve a little 😉 ) I’m not so great with taking photos of things that move, so normally if it moves, I don’t take its picture. I need to work on that, maybe you can share your expertise 🙂

    I love the seaside. It always makes my heart smile and I think, one day, we have to live by the sea at least for a little while.

  • I think this is somewhere in or near Torquay.
    Dog friendly beach near Plymouth – Wonwell/Mothecombe beach.
    M and I took all of our hounds there a few weeks ago and they had a blast! xx

  • Ours have been to the beach today now they’re allowed back there!
    Let’s take the pups out again soon! xx

  • That first picture of Betty crouching like Golem- priceless

  • Christina L

    your photography is fab, those dogs are loving the sea, i love being by the beach it’s complete freedom! xx

  • Em

    Ah hhh. These pics are awesome. And just look how much fun they’re having on the beach…….Flash got his first proper taste of sand this summer and tried to eat it! Such a clever boy!

  • We did alright!
    They are any weather water babies. And mud. All about the mud.
    M x

  • Haha, Pammy and the Hoff are adorable…
    And thank you, that is quite the compliment coming from a bad ass snapper like yourself!
    M x

  • Thanks for turning a blind eye, not sure what came over me. I’m over it now…
    M x

  • I’m with Samantha on this one, it was a weird interlude…
    M x

  • They are lucky mutts I’ll give them that!
    M x

  • Thank you my lovely, most of them are lucky snaps I think! But still pretty proud 🙂
    M x

  • Sometimes I long for the sitting still times…but then I think I’d miss the crazy!
    M x

    (And I pinched the coat from one of the teens, Step Mum win!)
    M x

  • Would it be too much to say that the sand is not so great on the way back out???
    Too late, it’s out there.
    M x

  • Eau de North Sea is quite unique!!
    Smells extra lovely in the warm car on the way back too.
    M x

  • A bit of nostalgia is always grand, thanks for Devoning vicariously through us!
    M x

  • Haha, they were pretty stoked, it’s been a few months sans sand.
    I definitely did not take my bogies to the beach…or did I?
    M x

  • Make it, make it, make it! Make something. Anything.
    And then show me.
    M x

  • Oh bless her! I can’t get mine out of there!
    And I’m not acknowledging the all year beach with donuts and hot chocolate, it’s too depressing!
    M x

  • So because I’m rubbish and busy I completely missed this^^^.
    I’m in Torbaydos which is close enough to Plymouth to see your lovely face if/when you’re nearby again, email me??
    And thanks for the tip…I’ll work on it!!
    M x

  • We still need to do this again ladyface, I’m working on dates!
    M x

  • Oh these two were completely revolting afterwards but worth it for some peace and quiet in the afternoon.
    M x

  • Merci buckets! And you don’t need to worry about it now, only baby photos from now on!
    M x

  • Oh you lucky sausage (wind aside!) It’s getting a bit gross here now but still we’ll power through and do the beach until we just can’t any more. Turns out dogs don’t care so much about how freezing/drizzly/galey it is out there!
    M x

  • Expertise implies there was some skill/thought – all luck this time round.
    Come and set up home here, it’s nice I swears it.
    M x

  • YES!

  • And, un-surprisingly, she does channel the personality of Golem on a regular basis.
    The dog is a nut job.
    M x

  • Thanks gorgeous, definitely luck but I’m trying!
    M x

  • Haha, we do have some sand eating issues. And then some scratchy poop issues. Which is nice.
    M x