Where Are We Going?


Photo from www.lonelyplanet.com til I can get my own…did I mention it’s next week?

I like that as an abstract title for an existential commentary on the future of the human race…bad luck, this is just a very literal look at where we’re going on our holiday. NEXT FREAKING WEEK.

When I confessed to my cruise related excitement you mocked and called me old but you did seem to want to know where I’m going – why you so nosy? But if you insist….

Our little adventure starts in Rome, we’ve got a day and night there staying close (ish) to the Spanish steps.  We don’t have much of a plan for our day in Rome, just some comfy shoes and a list of ‘must sees’ – the Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Vatican and a good street pound of everything in between. Suggestions, particularly of the gelato or magnificent food variety, on a postcard prego and grazie.

On day two we hop aboard the boat (supposedly it’s a huge no no among the boat people to call it a boat so I’m getting it out of my system now boat boat boat. Boaty McBoatface. I think they’re going to throw me off the boat) the next day and pootle down to Messina, Sicily. I’ve never been to Sicily but have visions of pottering about little Italian back streets decked out in striped dresses and floppy hats and being mistaken for someone at least twenty six times more exotic and glamorous than the actual me. I googled Messina – it’s suspected to have been the port through which the Black Death entered Europe. So there’s that.

Day three at sea. Because it rhymes. We’ve only got two days confined to the boat and I’m not so secretly quite excited about the prospect of having nothing to do but eat and drink and read and bask for a whole day. I’m really looking forward to exploring all of the new but a whole day just to lounge about is something we NEVER get at home so bring it on.

Day four Mykonos, Greece. I’ve seen lots of little pockets of Greece but still never hung out amongst the picture perfect whitewashed buildings of Mykonos. It just looks beyond beautiful and I can’t wait to see it up close and personal.

Day five Kusadasi, Turkey. I’m slightly apprehensive about Turkey at the moment but fear of the unknown is never a valid reason to say no is it? I’ve been to Kusadasi and its incredible Roman ruins at Ephesus in another life and it was well worth a detour on that adventure so it’ll be awesome to go back and explore some more. There’s also something lovely about revisiting a place you’re familiar with but with someone new, to see it through their fresh eyes.

Day six Rhodes, Greece. Rhodes is small enough that when the boat (soz) docks in the old town, we might rent a people transporter of some sort and drive off into the sunset. For a bit. I already know Rhodes is beautiful and full of really interesting things to see and do so it’s a brilliant mid way stop. Eeep.


Santorini – photo pinched from www.lastminute.com 

Day seven Santorini, Greece. I’m expecting more beautiful white blocky buildings against phenomenally blue backdrops. Santorini’s also famous for its volcanic beaches and who doesn’t love some jaunty coloured sand to sink their toes into?

Day eight Athens, Greece. More pounding the streets, probably up to the Acropolis before meandering our way back down through the city, refuelling every couple of hundred yards with food and ouzo. I’d be really interested in any tips for Athens, I last went over a decade ago and suspect it’s like a different land.

Day nine at sea. It doesn’t rhyme but I’ve still got me plenty of books to read.

Day ten Naples, Italy. Naples is supposedly a wee bit dodge so we’d planned to avoid it a little by heading over to Sorrento for the day or to explore Vesuvius perhaps.  Have you been anywhere in the vicinity you’d like to recommend?

Day eleven Rome and home. Sob.

And that’s that. I’m still a little giddy about the whole thing. It feels a bit strange and slightly restrictive to know that we only get a day (max) in each spot but I think it’ll be a brilliant way to discover some places to go back and explore sometime in the future. I think I might be getting used to the idea of a cruise too, I’ve stopped feeling the need to regale everyone I meet with tales of my weird and wonderful inter-railling past or that time I got stuck in the desert under a camel, so that’s something.

Let me know if you’ve been to any of our stop offs – any suggestions of things to do or avoid? Or, you know, feel free to share your own holiday related excitement, where are you going? Shall we do a little happy dance? Three, two, one….GO!

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