Who IS this Woman?

Habits of Successful WomenLast week’s column (my last ever *sniff*) was shared to Facebook for the first time. Not my own FB page OBVIOUSLY, the paper is getting all social folks – isn’t it a glorious thing? It was the piece on The Donald and his heinousness. Heiniosity? That should be a word. Living in the darkest depths of Devon, I suspected it would provoke the rage of a thousand angry people who do not share my fairly liberal peace and love views. My maths were off but I was broadly right: social media gave it an exposure that print never has and that is not a dull place to be. Terrifying? Yes. But certainly not dull.

Knowing that the comments section is the place humanity generally goes to die, I pushed my millennial self-loathing deep down inside and resisted looking. However, when my dad shared a screenshot of the column’s nascent infamy, he also captured the first keyboard warrior asking ‘who IS this woman’?

It’s a good question Mr Whatsisface – who AM I?

Well, since you asked: I’m a week shy of my thirty third birthday. I’m a wife, step-mother, professional something or other and enthusiastic cheerleader for our wonderful Devonish corner of the world. If I could eat pepperoni pizza for every meal I would happily do so. I love to sing but am abysmal at it, I skilfully hid this from my husband until well after the wedding – it is a truly offensive noise. I say hello to every single dog I meet without fail. I am clumsy, so very clumsy. But I am also articulate and determined and ambitious and kind. It’s been said that I have half a brain, I think it was a compliment.

I believe, however naively, in the ultimate goodness of people.

I am a woman terrified about the world my step-babies, and in time their babies, will inherit. I am a person who has known the sheer joy that travelling freely around the world brings. I work full time and hard to pay my bills and my taxes and my student flipping loans. I vote. I feel saddened at the persecution faced by people different to me in only the most superficial ways. I recognise just how privileged we are to live in this country in this day in age with all the freedoms that allows and don’t believe that is something to take for granted. Ever.

I could go on but I suspect what you really wanted to ask is what gives me the ‘right’ to discuss *gasp* the politics of planet earth? Above all, I am a human being. THAT is what qualifies me to discuss what is happening in the world on whatever platform I have at hand and damn well choose to  use. It’s a wonderful right denied to many.

Thanks for asking!

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