Women Are Not The Enemy


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Yes International Women’s Day was yesterday. Dismount your high horses the delay in posting was intentional. I have no issue whatsoever with a global 24 hour acknowledgement of the bodaciousness of women but I don’t necessarily think we should be waiting for the 8th March each year to shout about it. Every single day we should be high fiving (or something more meaningful) those oestrogen wielding beings who are setting a fire under the status quo, storming through life doing whatever the hell they can, especially if it helps others who find it hard to do so.

We should also, every. single. day. shed a tear for those women elsewhere who have no means or rights to fight for what they deserve and who are abused, oppressed, murdered and treated like inferior shite for no other reason than their matching chromosomes.

We are so very fortunate in our part of the world that we can strive for equality. Sure the strive is not right but mostly our lives are not in danger, gender inequality exists but it isn’t the norm that we are maimed, hurt or forced into lives we haven’t chosen and our little society predominantly offers help for those who need it, a place of safety when one is nowhere to be found. And if striving is as bad as it gets for me as a woman, I think I can get on board with that and work my arse off to change my little corner of the universe and that of the women I love.

So today, on the day after International Women’s Day, when we’re all still women and the world hasn’t miraculously leveled over-night, some thoughts on how to be better, because we can be. I can be anyway:

  1. Other women are not the enemy. Celebrate their successes, commiserate their losses and if you can’t do that civilly, say nothing.
  2. Men are also not the enemy. Really they’re not. Man bashing is not acceptable. Healthy competition is.
  3. Sensitivity and softness are not weaknesses unless you allow them to be.
  4. Aggression and strength are not the same things. In my little opinion aggressive women do nothing for our cause. Not. A. Thing. In the same way that aggressive men do nothing for it.
  5. ‘Can’t’ is not a word we’ll be using m’k?
  6. Don’t be ashamed of who you are. Never deny the things that make you happy and content. You want to embroider a koala cuddling a puppy on a rainbow in your downtime from taking over the world? Bloody well get on and do it.
  7. Never EVER dumb yourself down.
  8. Feminism is not a dirty word.

I’m off to wash off my Braveheart face paint, apply my lipstick and take on the world, what will you do today (and tomorrow and the next day and the next day…) to be better?

I’ve written briefly before about my feelings on feminism (here and here) but in case you missed it or you’ve got index finger issues, for me feminism is about equality not superiority over men, over other women, over anyone. Equality is not here yet….so don’t stop fighting.

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