Wondeful Wednesday Forty Six

Wonderful Wednesday Forty Six

Two in two days – let’s not harp on about it, we’ll scare the words away.

I started drafting it but didn’t quite manage to finish last weeks’ list of wonderful. The act of dedicating ten whole minutes to just sitting and thinking about the best bits of the week is ridiculously cathartic though, regardless of whether the blog post saw the light of day.  One of the most important things I’ll be taking from the global humanitarian black hole that has been 2016 is that I have zero control over the big things happening across the planet. That’s not to say I’m not engaged in what’s going on outside my little bubble or committed to using this tiny little platform to talk about the difficult, horrifying things going on elsewhere – it’s impossible to have a soul and not be affected by the disturbing ability of human beings to care so little about the lives of others. But in the absence of control over the big stuff, I choose to make it my mission to celebrate the glorious little nuggets that make my world and the worlds of the people close by that bit better.

This week those nuggets are:

Home Made Mince Pies Made a batch of 12, they were half gone within 24 hours, no regrets. Eaten warm with a big dollop of clotted cream and the best cup of tea you can find. Recipe coming, there’s still time to make several batches before Santa arrives.

Micro pubs I know, in actual Devon! We discovered a tiny little pub under a brewery in a nearby town on Saturday. The unexpected joy at stumbling across something so new and un-Westcountry close to home was usurped only by the best cider I’ve ever tasted (no, you’re a regional stereotype) and the fact that they distilled their own gin UPSTAIRS. My second marriage will be to a man who distils gin in his bedroom. Fact.Wonderful Wednesday Forty SixTremors God bless the Sky* employee who decided it was time for Tremors to rock up in the film list. My Tuesday night was spent with red wine and Bacon and a ruddy good mate and that is all one could ever need.

*Not Rupert Murdoch though, he can do one.

Professional Masterchef I’d been storing these up to binge watch over Christmas but then the husband stumbled across one and now we Just. Can’t. Stop. Watching. Griping at Monica’s ridiculous skills tests (artichoke barigoule anyone?) whilst devouring a bag of Doritos must be one of life’s greatest pleasures. That and channelling the masterchef critique at every meal time ‘I really like what you’ve done with the pizza, it complements the chips beautifully but the coleslaw has no place on that plate’. ‘You know what the whole thing needs? A big spoonful of ketchup’. And on and on and on it goes. We’re a hoot, a HOOT I tells you.

Sunday Night Date Freezing ones bits off in the stands whilst the Exeter Chiefs get a whopping isn’t everyone’s idea of fun but it made for quite the Sunday date night. Even the bit when the fog came down and we literally watched a field of mist for 20 minutes. The husband and I get very little one on one time together so 90 whole minutes of it was a rare treat without having to schmooze or mingle or be ‘on’. He’s alright he is.

Christmas Pudding Fudge Yep, you read that right. Probably one of the greatest things I’ve ever put in my face and the sole reason I’ll be toothless before my 33rd birthday. Worth it.

Bathing Special bathing as opposed to the everyday scrub of the armpits. After a long day freezing in the car and arctic office, I gathered some fancy bath salts, wine and Netflix and won at…Tuesday.  I think it was Tuesday. It might have been Thursday, they all blur into one.Wonderful Wednesday Forty Six

This morning’s sunrise^^

Car Share We just discovered the joy of Peter Kay’s Car Share. As a person from the actual North, I loved a bit of Phoenix Nights, recognising all kinds of familiar phrases and characters inside the hallowed halls of the King of Clubs. Since then though, I haven’t liked much that Peter Kay has done and that bizarrest of appearances on Strictly didn’t help. Seriously, what was that?? Car Share though, that’s all kinds of lovely. There’s something infinitely sweet and hilarious in the humanity of two people stuck in a car together. Watch it if you can

And that’s all the happy you get this week. How’re you doing?

Sally‘s brain made Wonderful Wednesday but this little bunch is growing all the time, go visit these wonder women Kate, Helen, JoCatEmma, Sam, LauraKerri, Peta , Sarah, ElJasmin  and Mimmithey’re all full of the cheer. 

Let us know if you decide to join in, there’s a hashtag and everything #wonderfulwednesday

All the happy. 

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