Wonderful Wednesday 11th July 2018

Wonderful Wednesday July 2018I’m struggling not to go full Brit and bang on about the weather so no pre-amble, straight to the beautiful little moments that made this week a good one:

Birthday Bonanza The husband had a whopping birthday last week and we celebrated in the best possible way: hopping on a plane and getting the hell out of Dodge for a bit. We spent four days wandering the palm lined proms of Palma, navigating tiny little Mediterranean streets and basking in the sun like oversized gekkos. Hashtag weird creature choice.  More on Palma next week but spoiler alert: much trendy, very avocado, go.

Sunset Dinner Continuing the birthday bonanza, my beautiful step ‘children’ descended on The Shire to enjoy a sunset dinner of dreams. Coombe Cellars is right on the river and might be the perfect spot to enjoy a bit of sunset porn and a roast beef on a Sunday evening. There were pooches, sunshine and all of my favourite souls. Not the worst.

Cracking Caprese I’ve had a think about it and yes, ‘cracking caprese’ is the very worst thing I’ve ever written BUT the combination of perfectly sweet Mediterranean tomatoes, rich mozzarella and all the pesto and balsamic is not to be sniffed at! I’ll try to keep it more relatable in future….

THE Playlist I’ve spent some time curating the ultimate running playlist. It starts all Motown (read: Gladys Knight) when I have the lung capacity to sing along, switches to a bit of angry female in the middle when I need a boost and switches to fairly offensive noughties rap (read: Big Pimpin’) when rage is the only thing that will get me home. Apart from some awkward gyrating incident at the traffic lights, it has so far served me well. The power of the right playlist should not be underestimated.

Wonderful Wednesday July 2018

Early Mornings Ok, it’s a bit weather related. But getting out of the house first thing with the pooches and making the most of the beautiful sunrise and slightly cooler temperatures when no one else is awake yet is just lovely. It feels a little like being the only souls privvy to the sunrise…or like extras from 28 Days Later, whichever appeals to your particular persuasions. Basically it’s an introverts dream.

Not My Monkeys, Not My Circus I’m that douchebag who returned from holiday full of vitamin D and good vibes, spouting old Polish proverbs like this one. Didn’t even go to Poland.  Extra arse points for coupling it with a shaka as often as possible. BUT as post holiday life philosophies go, this is a pretty good one to have – stepping away from ‘fix it’ mode and accepting the things that lie completely outside of our personal spheres of influence is not a bad place to set up camp. I’m staying here, it’s warm and fuzzy and my only energy expenditure is where I can make a difference.

Playtime Because if I don’t mention yoga is it even worth it? Nope. After a long and arduous return to the life routine, I set aside a good hour to stretch and unwind in the evening sunshine. It remains the greatest of self care gifts I’ve found. It’s not about the fancy stuff, it’s about showing up for you – DO IT!

Secret Beaches Particularly ones accessed only by a smugglers tunnel. Happily, most of the off the beaten track beaches in Devon are dog friendly all year round. This week we hung out at The Ness in Shaldon. It feels counter intuitive to tell the internet about my favourite secret beach hangouts but I’m not naive enough to think there are more than three readers who may benefit from that knowledge. Hi mum! More on The Ness next week.

New Frocks Found me a Mango Outlet store in Palma, bought all of the dresses. Current favourite is a blue and white floaty number. Any dress that makes you feel like a more feminine version of a functioning adults is an absolute win. It’s on Instagram. Seamless link there, seamless.

Green Tea with Mint Nuff said. Particularly good after the excesses of the holiday.

Wishing you the most beautiful of weeks, tell me stuff.

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