Wonderful Wednesday 12th December 2018

December 13, 2018
Wonderful Wednesday 12th December 2018

Wonderful Wednesday 12th December 2018 Even the most challenging of weeks hold delicious little moments of levity. This week, these were they:

Playtime in the Winter Sunshine ^^ My hometown has its own lovely little micro-climate which means now and again, in the middle of December, it’s entirely possible to take a big scarf and indulge in yoga playtime on a disused beach hut plinth, a la plage. ‘Plinth’ just became my word of the week. More plinths please. Yoga in the sunshine and beside the big blue is good for my soul.

Free Solo A bunch of us headed off to the front row of the Barn Cinema (15th Century barn/cinema obvs, because Devon) to geek out at the live screening of the premier and Q&A session of Free Solo – a National Geographic documentary on Alex Honnold’s rope free ascent of El Capitan in Yosemite. The cinematography was stunning and Alex’s focus, commitment and sheer will to achieve offered a pretty inspirational Tuesday night cinema trip.   More than that though, it was a masochistically cliched but no less humbling 90 minute reminder of my own inadequacy as a human being. I mean, who doesn’t love to watch a man with a dream spend every waking moment for three years immersing himself in achieving that very thing and then (spoiler alert) just waking up one day and executing it flawlessly whilst we personally *may* be struggling to find a clean pair of pants and willingly choosing a bowl of Weetos and an egg custard tart for breakfast!? I sure do.

And it was followed by beer in the pub.

Podcast Plans Don’t want to jinx it but I have an idea and a partner in crime, all that’s left is to record some stuff. After Free Solo I can’t promise that it won’t be all kinds of uplifting and motivational in content. I categorically can promise that, of course it’ll be a dour and pessimistic two woman tirade on making it through modern day adulting with your sanity in tact. Because I have all the wisdom in this department…

Tug of War with a delectable Springer by the name of Marley. I sometimes wonder about the point of yelling the names of random dogs I’ve met into the internet BUT one day I might look back on this and want to remember that Marley offered some much needed spaniel time this week. Thank you Marley, you’re a legend amongst dogs. Wonderful Wednesday 12th December 2018 Never Let Me Go  I also rediscovered the unrivalled pleasure to be had from taking a cup of tea and a decent book to bed before 10p.m. Hashtag self care. This week the combo of an orange and coconut brew and Ishiguro’s subtle take on mortality and hopelessness was an absolute winner. It’s been an awful long time since I’ve nodded off with a book on my chest and specs smooshed to my face.

Astronomy Club That’s right, I discovered the existence of astronomy club for grown ups. Excuse me whilst I have an almighty nerdgasm and hook my star chart out of storage *cough* my bedside drawer *cough*. Seriously though, I need it to be next week already so I can go stargaze like a boss.

Other highlights included: 

Office Nerf war because why the hell not?

Finalising a big part of next years’ plan. Hurrah!

Riverside sunsets with good people and a spot o’ live music.

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