Wonderful Wednesday 18th July 2018

Wonderful WednesdaySettling down to write this in a post yoga zen daze, clutching quite the Malbec and with the latest Handmaid’s Tale* on in the background, I feel a bit….content.

After the last six months, that’s a word I wasn’t sure I’d get any more use out of! BUT this week has been all kinds of restorative and soul feeding and full of beautiful bits. Shall we?

Le Weekend Husband and I had a FULL ON week back in the office, we hit Friday with empty tanks and frazzled brains. Recognising that we desperately needed some recovery time, the rest of the world was shut out in favour of two whole days together in the sunshine. We stomped on the moors, paddled in old quarries and lay prone in the garden for a ridiculously long time. We did a bit of yoga a deux too, check us out.  A moment of gratitude for the fact that we are, as frazzled as our brains may be, so very fortunate to be able to take that time to be together with food in our bellies and a garden to veg in.

Devon Sunsets are always the best. Especially when enjoyed from the middle of a river divesting a trainee of his futile optimism. Fecking teenagers (he might have been 21. Apologies fella). That sunset though. Go. Devon.

Wonderful Wednesday

British Protests Because we may be screwed politically but boy do we give good protest. Always proud to be part of a nation willing to speak up against injustice and tangoed terrors at the beautifully entitled Carnival of Resistance. Some of my absolute favourite British protest signs here, here and here .

And here…

True that.

A Good Book I’m a dirty great book pusher. If you spend more than five minutes in my company you can bet your arse you’ll walk away with something to read. It’s not entirely altruistic, I love it when someone comes back and says how magical they found the recommendation (in need of validation, moi)? The most recent success was Eleanor Oliphant – is there a human being alive that wouldn’t benefit from a bit of Eleanor?

Homemade Coleslaw Freshly chopped with a decent grinding of salt and pepper, squidge of lemon juice and a bit of thinly sliced fennel chucked in. Not too shabby at all with all the barbecue food we’re still wading through. Posh puppy anyone?

Those Summer Ni-higggggghts Not those ones. I mean the ones spent with a decent read, a cup of peppermint tea, a snuggly blanket and a spaniel companion. We’ve been sitting out in the garden til the last of the sun dips below the horizon and we’ve squinted our last out of the books. I’m not saying I don’t love a good Netflix and chill (not using that right, I know) but the peace of the garden and the company of my favourites of an evening might just be a shade better.

In Their Own Words  Amnesty International’s podcast with people from around the world share their extraordinary stories of fighting for the rights so many of us take for granted. Well worth a listen if your podcast list needs a refresh.

Peep Show From the sublime Amnesty International to the utterly ludicrous Peep Show. For all the outdoorsing, one still needs a little something funny to stick on when bedtime comes round. Enter Peep Show from the beginning.

Go forth and enjoy more wonderful courtesy of:  JoHelen, SallySarahKateCatSamEl Kerri’, and Peta’s blogs. Or search the hashtag #wonderfulwednesday on Twitter.

*Waterford’s getting shittier by the week. He wasn’t brilliant where Atwood stopped was he? But man alive, SUPER DOUCHE. 

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