Wonderful Wednesday 1st August 2018

Wonderful Wednesday 2018We didn’t manage a Wonderful Wednesday last week, there’s a long and sad tale involving an overheated spaniel and a sleepless night all round. (He’s fine and dandy now, the rain has fixed him up a treat). So here’s a bumper set of beautiful little bits:

Wonderful Wednesday 2018Sunset Chasing We are working hard to make sure that Monday feeling doesn’t creep into our lives. I made an utter douchebag comment a while ago about just ‘living your best life every day so there is no Monday or Friday or sad sack Sunday vibes, every day is a cracking day’. The words came out of MY mouth and I KNOW it’s crap. Life is what it is BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t grab on to those lovely little mood enhancing moments to carry you through. Which is why we got home on Monday evening, ditched the corporate whore attire in favour of flip flops, packed up a leftover BBQ picnic (ale included) and headed out to follow the sunset. Peak Devon right there and it was magical.

This Is Going To Hurt I used my last Audible credit on the audiobook version and can confirm that Adam Kay narrating his own amazing/harrowing NHS journals is a thing of majesty. Not for the easily offended or weak of stomach but an incredible insight into just where our healthcare system is at and the extraordinary pressure those on charged with taking care of the rest of us. Bevan would probably call the whole thing bullshit. The system, not the book. He’d bloody love the book.

Crimble Crumble Early one dog walk I spied some small children clutching handfuls of delicious looking juicy blackberries. SURELY it’s too early for those?! After making my peace with it I did what any self respecting woman would and woke up even earlier to beat them to it the next day* The weird and wonderful weather none of us can stop banging on about seems to have brought the blackberries out to play a little early. I’ve been sticking handfuls in my morning smoothies and whipped up the first crumble of the year . 

Those Malteaser Buttons I resisted grabbing a bag at the checkout to find that my friend R had brought a bag over to to scoff post BBQ. They are absolutely as sexual as everyone is saying. Get them, put them in your face.Wonderful Wednesday 2018It’s All Gone a bit Pete Tong After a long old week in the office, I wasn’t 100% convinced that I wanted to spend Friday night raving on the Hoe. I was an idiot. Pete Tong and the Heritage Orchestra with Jules Buckley brought their set to the South West and it was UNBELIEVABLE. The combo of stonking dance tunes and the talented orchestra is ridiculously good. If you didn’t catch the live stream, here’s a sneak peak. If they rock up at a venue near you I’d very strongly suggest dipping your face in glitter and getting tickets. We wore anoraks and ached a lot on Saturday, totally worth it.

Disclaimer: we are related to the drummer but my effusive love of raving is in no way familial obligation.

How’s your week been? Best bits?

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*I swear I left some behind, chill. I probably didn’t make any small children sob this week. 

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