Wonderful Wednesday 2018

Wonderful Wednesday Writing those words ^^ felt a bit like cosying up with an old friend with a bucket of wine. The kind of old friend that knows all of your dirty little secrets and still laughs about that time you puked in her mums kitchen bin after the tequila episode of 2001. Hashtag mis-spent youth.

I’m taking that warm and fuzzy old friend feeling as a sign I shouldn’t yet abandon this weekly dose of the good stuff. This week my old, creative, wordy career and my new touchy feely people career have collided spectacularly (beautifully, satisfyingly, as I always hoped they would) so I don’t have much preamble left in me. What I do have in me is wine – shall we just delve into the Wonderful?

Crowing Yoga Unsurprisingly topping this weeks list (I described myself as ‘evangelical about yoga’ on a professional profile this week. I know, I hate me too). I thought I was doing myself a bit of a favour by vegging out over Christmas and doing no bending or stretching or crowing whatsoever. Turns out that was not quite the self-care I needed. Yoga remains my absolute favourite way to switch off my brain and challenge my body and I really missed it over the break. I’m back in with a vengeance this week and it feels all kinds of beautiful.

Day Dating Husband and I ate cake and watched the sun go down in spectacular style on Sunday afternoon. It was nice to spend a little time shit-chatting and soaking up some winter rays. He’s not too shabby that one, I shall keep him and eat cake with him as long as we both shall scoff. I did lose a pair of  good heels to that sunset trying to navigate a cliff edge in the wind to get to the view. I’m not bitter. Honest.

Post Christmas Christmas Lunch Because finance people be crazy, we don’t like to play by the rules. Sigh. Still, we went French and I got a 2m high inflatable snowman in the secret santa… it’s a good job I work with decent people!

That Snow My particular corner of Devon has it’s own microclimate. It makes for some cracking wild swimming in September and paddleboarding in October but not so much with the snow. As a now legit Devonish, it’s absolutely he law to head for higher ground at the first flutter of the white stuff. We had a whale of a time stomping about, chucking snowballs and quaffing brandy from a hip flask.

What Makes You Happy? I had this conversation with someone this week, there’s something all empowering about being able to articulate the things that make you happy, that feed your soul, that leave you with that almost indescribable feeling of contentment. And then making sure that your life has more of those things. I don’t want to be that ‘you should do this’ woman but you should definitely spend some time this year dedicated entirely to figuring out what makes you tick and doing so very much more of it. You’re only on this planet once, depending on which philosophy you subscribe to, why wouldn’t you want to live your absolute best life? Riddle me that. I feel irritatingly smug that I know precisely what brings me the joy.

‘Alexa…’ We’ve put her to the test this week. Transpires that asking Alexa all manner of revolting questions and conjuring up a reality where she’s cognisant and feels some level of embarrassment is about as much fun as a Wednesday has to offer, besides the Wonderful, obvs.  Oh how we laughed. ‘Alexa, how big is…. ‘

Almost Daffs Out with el poochos this weekend, we stumbled (literally, sorry world) across some almost blooming daffs. It’s felt a little too chilly but hey, if Spring is ready to…spring I’m a-ok with that. Come on you little yellow chaffinches, show your faces and bring the lighter evenings and beach barbecues with you, ok?

Leftovers January, the month of the best freezer fodder, fact. We’ve got quiche and everything.

And that’s it for this week. More Wonderful from the rest of the posse over on Twitter, search #wonderfulwednesday. 

How’s your week been?

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