Wonderful Wednesday 28th November 2018

November 28, 2018

Sometimes it can feel a little inauthentic for me, a foul mouthed, sarcastic, c-bomb dropping, cynic of a human to crank up the old computer machine and pull together one of these little gratitude lists.

Also, it’s been a while so I’ve forgotten the intro etiquette: do I normally bang on about the weather a bit? Hammer home some schmaltzy message about taking time to smell the roses? Make some excuse for my prolonged absence? All of the above?

Shall we just launch in to the lovely little bits of this week? <<that’s how I normally start, I remember now.

Friday Paddle After a fairly traumatic drive through overflowing country lanes (hashtag rural Devon water table problems) we arrived at Aveton Gifford to find the clouds had parted, the wind had dropped and the conditions were pretty spectacular for a paddle down the river towards Bantham. Read all about it over on the Red Paddle Co site if you’ve got a minute and if you’re nearby with a board, get on down there! Shaka sign emoji.

Introversion Heaven I’ve confessed my introversion somewhere here before. I say ‘confessed’, that implies some kind of shame, I’m actually pretty comfortable with natural introversion, it takes all kinds after all. I don’t personally detest the company of others but I absolutely need solo time afterwards to re-energise. I hunkered down on Monday night, put my phone out of reach and fell headfirst into a cracking book. Heaven is….

Have You Tried Bacardi Breezers? The Adam Buxton/Simon Pegg podcast episode is beautifully vulnerable and revealing. And pant wettingly funny, as always. I defy you not to sing along with the jingles too.

Sunday Pretty much every bit of it. It was a nice day on which I laughed a lot.

Remember when….? The realisation that I am old enough to have friends I have known for more than 25 years is both horrifying and wonderful in equal measure. I was lucky enough to spend most of the weekend with one of those. My friendship with C is one of those relationships in which there is no pressure to be ‘on’, in which we know each others’ dirtiest little secrets, in which we can just exist in companionable gin consumption and merriment, in which she brings her no longer baby brother along for general piss taking and shit dancing.

Planning because it would be criminal to waste the opportunity currently in front of me to head out and see more of the world. To build something awesome. Most of the weekend was spent plotting and calculating and route mapping and it is beyond exciting. I feel most alive when exploring somewhere as yet undiscovered (by me. Not suggesting I’m Magellan. Interesting explorer plucked from nowhere there). Planning a whole lot of that is a lovely thing.

Tetley Fruit Infusions Not sponsored (but if someone wants to hook me up with some more teabags I ain’t saying no to that), they just add a little something something to break up the monotony of trying to hydrate. That might be the knobbiest sentence I’ve written this week.

Bohemian Rhapsody because it’s ruddy bloody spectacular

And that’ll have to do this week. Even if you don’t write it down, take this as permission granted to sit and remember the loveliest bits of your last seven days. Simply because it’s a nice thing to do.

Go forth and enjoy more wonderful courtesy of:  JoHelen, SallySarahKateCatSamEl Kerri’, and Peta’s blogs. Or search the hashtag #wonderfulwednesday on Twitter.

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