Wonderful Wednesday 5th December 2018

December 5, 2018
Sunrise over Torbay, Devon

Sunrise over Torbay, DevonLast week’s Wonderful Wednesday toe dippage offered a lovely reminder of the catharsis that sitting and consciously reflecting on the best bits of the last 7 days brings so here we are again: it’s Wednesday and the 7 days that came before this one have been just as full of beautiful little moments. Shall we?

Yesterday’s sunrise was a bit magical^^. Made all the better by taking 10 minutes before work to wrap up in a blanket and sip my morning coffee outside watching the sun wander its lazy way up over the sea. It made the world sparkle a smidge and what’s not to love about a little morning sparkle?!

A Local Pub for Local People was where I whiled away Saturday night. It mostly involved quaffing beer, listening to some pretty decent music and enjoying the spectacle that was a bunch of drunk Devonians, one of whom was sporting an actual flat cap, grinding to something akin to reggae. It was surreal. Surreal is my jam.

The Greatest Showman yes, I’m late to the party but I’ve arrived. It was alright and the soundtrack is a thing of beauty. If someone could just tell me how I get a bearded Hugh Jackman to come over and sing to my actual face I’d be forever grateful.

“Seasons Wheatings” was by far and away the wittiest batch ale I drank this week. Enjoyed in the company of one of my favourite humans and an epic fish finger sandwich on The Quay in Exeter. I am trying my very best to soak up these wonderful little bits of Devon before the wind changes and I wander further afield.

Jam and Jerusalem I’d forgotten how sweet and funny Jennifer Saunders’ sitcom is as I binged my way through it on Sunday. Well worth a watch if the Women’s Guild of a fictional Devon village (I am all about the Devon this week, eh?) appeals to you. And why wouldn’t it!?

Wonderful Wednesday December 2018

Blanket nests There’s a perfect little spot on the floor of the lounge which the sun hits just right. I spent my Monday morning off hunkered down there on a pile of blankets with one of my favourite books and coffee on tap. Not a shabby way to power up for the week ahead.

Vulnerability It’s a weird thing to include on this list but bear with me. It’s very possible, nay common, for life to harden us and make us erect all kinds of barriers around our warm and squishy parts under the illusion that self-preservation makes us impervious to pain. It may very well do to a certain extent but without a willingness to be vulnerable to the potential for hurt and rejection, we are also closing ourselves off to some of the most wonderful bits of being a human being – meaningful connection, authenticity, acceptance. I re-discovered this week that I am indeed *quite* willing to ditch my armour and expose my softest bits to the world, admittedly not my most dignified moment but life affirming and reassuring nonetheless. Softness is a good thing, part of the human condition otherwise we’re just humping and shitting our way around the forest like something less evolved. She said, convincingly.

This week in a nutshell: reggae farmers, ale and squishy bits – what a time to be alive! Hope yours has been equally thrilling.

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