Wonderful Wednesday – Here We Go Again

Wonderful Wednesday Two posts in a week – hang onto your knickers. And if you could keep your voices down in case the words bugger off and leave me again, that’d be swell.  The first, a round up of so very many unsurprising benefits of getting your yoga on (I know, I harp on about it a LOT. And let’s not start on the nonsense that is my Instagram grid right now – down dog to actual dog and back again all day, e’rry day, I am most definitely NOT doing it for the ‘gram) and the second: this perky little look at the best bits of the last week or so.

Having not done one of these for a while, I was pretty chuffed to sit down in front of the keyboard to discover that my ability to capture the beautiful little moments in each day had not completely wasted away. Admittedly it has been somewhat squished down by my own equivalent of the Dogma sh*t demon for the last 8 months or so but it scrapped and clawed its way up from the abyss, from the fiery depths of….yeah, enough with the drama, shall we crack on?Exeter to Newton AbbotThe 16:45 to Penzance More specifically a very tiny bit of the railway between Exeter and Newton Abbot which remains breathtakingly beautiful and unfailingly feels like coming home. Even more so when the sun is shining and the sky is blue. Stepping off the train to feel the sun on my face after enjoying that view was a bit lovely.  Especially after coming from a grey and muggy Bristol.

Pukka Vanilla Chai Tea After being mercilessly abused (lightly teased) about my tendency to move everywhere like Phoebe runs, I’ve made a conscious effort to reduce my caffeine levels because clearly that’s the problem.  I still cannot glide effortlessly around and have NO semblance of grace but discovering Pukka’s Vanilla Chai tea has been a happy little accidental side effect.  Like a hug in a mug.

Dogs and Ducks I wasn’t entirely sold on the concept of duck herding as a team building exercise but the ducks were cute and full of attitude and I did get to make pretty firm friends with Sam and Sian the Welsh Sheepdogs. Any day with a new pupper pal is a good one.  These were the smartest most beautiful duo I’ve met in a while.

Two Hour Cross Country Hikes With Macaroons You’d be forgiven for thinking this narrative ends there, it’s fairly descriptive. However, it doesn’t quite capture the heady combo of excellent company (thanks R), life planning like a boss and chats with a couple of random rambling pensioners. And the baby cows. They were divine.

Paddleboards and Puppies and P….nothing else alliterative. Oh My!  I absolutely say this every season but summer HAS to be the best doesn’t it? I feel endlessly lucky to live two minutes from the sea. Just two minutes from feeling the sand beneath my toes whilst the sun warms all those bits normally wrapped in thick British layers. Two minutes from trailing my fingers in the sea or being splashed head to toe by an amorous spaniel. If there was no spaniel attack did it even really happen? Nope.  Spaniel Ears^^This face^^ I spent nearly three whole days away last week and it took a while for those two to forgive me. They greeted me enthusiastically before conferring to give me the cold shoulder in tandem. They just couldn’t help themselves though and edged closer and closer all night long til we were in a human/spaniel heap of love. Man can those pooches deliver a burn but there’s nothing quite like the unconditional adoration when they cave in.

Marvellous Mrs Maisel On Amazon Prime and straight from the brains behind Gilmore Girls, Midge’s husband is a shit so she heads out and nails life (and stand up comedy). Full of painful 1950’s stereotypes, smart jokes and kick arse women, series one was one of the loveliest TV binges I’ve had in a while. I followed it up with Leatherface on Netflix (don’t bother – 90 minutes you’ll never get back). Fargo on Netflix however is a bit of alright if you’re looking for a new binge.

Snack Wielding Office Buddies I was ill prepared for eating this week. Lots of lovely workmates to the rescue with their mini cheddars, bananas and weird protein bar stashes. Any good workplace is built on a mixture of personalities and working styles, tip top communication from the powers that be and colleagues with well stocked snack drawers. You heard it here first.

On Writing I picked up Stephen King’s how to/memoir/CV again to dip into this week. It’s a wonderfully down to earth retelling of how he came to be, how he was formed as a writer. I adore it. Anyone with any interest in linguistics, words and whimsy with a whopping dollop of real life will love it. It inspired me to sit back down and stick words in places I’ve been avoiding for quite some time.

Last but definitely not least, as I write this, a news alert popped up telling me that Donald Trump has signed an order to stop the separation of migrant families at the US border. Nothing that man does will ever make me think he’s a functioning human being but this seems like a win for actual humanity and some days that’s enough.

So there you go, easing back into this Wonderful Wednesday lark with humanity, poise, grace and all the spaniels. Business as usual!

How’s your week/month/2018 been? Tell me stuff.


I’m so sorry, I’m not sure who’s in the feel good posse any more but if you are, please leave me a link below. Head over to the Mistress of Mirth herself, Miss Sally for a whole lot more wonderful.

Wonderful Wednesday 11th July 2018
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