Wonderful Wednesday Fifty Five

wonderful wednesday fifty fiveGood day! I’m mid way through a week off work, one of those weeks we’re using just to potter about and get jobs done around the house (garage sort out anyone? Thug life chose me). I was about to say that things are feeling pretty idyllic as I sit here at the breakfast bar with my grub and a whopping cup of tea, the latest Hashtag Authentic podcast as my soundtrack and a pint glass of pilfered daffs brightening up the place. But breakfast is a totally un-insta sausage sandwich (you can take the girl out of the north…) and it’s taking a lot of effort to ignore Betty trying to get it on with Pete’s newly groomed head over there by the radiator so….nah, not idyllic.

Sex pesting dogs aside, it’s been a brilliant week so far. I’m sure I’ve mentioned somewhere before that it took a long time for me to feel like our now not so new house was my home and now I finally do, there aren’t many other places I want to hang out in all honesty. It’s felt like a huge treat to just mooch about these little rooms, flinging the doors open to let the sunshine stream in (and then slamming them shut again instantly to keep out the hail). On with the rest of the wonderful: pancake dayPhotos Ignoring the ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ rule, I got me a new lens. It’s a Yongnuo (no idea, sorry) 50mm F1.8 and so far I love it. It was super cheap for a camera lens, about £70, so might not last as long as the Sigma or Nikon branded lenses I’ve already got but it’s made me fall back in love with taking photos again. Like these, which I *LOVE*.

De-Clutter It’s not news that chucking stuff out is all kinds of cathartic and we’ve done a whole lot of it this week. A whole garage worth of utter shite that we should have ditched a long time ago is gone and we discovered all kinds of forgotten treasures in the process. Cue a little reminiscing and a whole lot of laughing at old photos, letters and memories. I also unearthed this spaniel collage thing of beauty which is now gracing the wall of the shed. Everyone, to the shed! wonderful wednesday fifty fiveCrumpets There once was a time when celebrating a new job would start with some bubbles, followed by more bubbles, ending with some messy dancing and a portion of chips, kebab meat and mint sauce. Don’t judge, you couldn’t pay me to put that in my face now. Instead this weekend we celebrated my friends’ very very exciting new job with crumpets and tea. Actual hot buttery crumpets and lots of laughter. Sometimes this adulting lark is pretty damn awesome.

Pip’s Peanut and Maple Butter I’m certain that Sally has been banging on about this stuff forever, I finally got my hands on a jar and it is properly delicious. I’ve smothered it on my pancakes with fresh raspberries, slathered it all over my morning toast and spooned it straight from the jar into my face. I think it’s on offer in Sainsbury’s too at the mo, go go go! Grab a jar of the Malteaser spread whilst you’re at it, because MALTEASER SPREAD.wonderful wednesday fifty fivePete’s Do I spent more on Pete’s haircut than I do on my own, it was totally worth it – look at his dapper little face. He smells decent too (he did until about half an hour ago when he found a convenient patch of death to roll in). We spent the couple of hours without him at the beach with Betty who loved being the only dog in the village for a bit.

Hot Chocolate It was chuffing freezing at the beach so we grabbed hot chocolate from the hole in the wall – the good stuff with flakes and cream and everything – and stuffed our faces in the car. We’d parked the wrong way round so no sea view, just a weird burnt out car and the ticket machine but still, it was the thought. wonderful wednesday fifty fiveAnd that’s enough wonderful. I’m off to make my fringe look less insane read a book for a bit, days off at home are THE BEST.

How’s your week been? Tell me good stuff!

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