Wonderful Wednesday Fifty Four

Wonderful Wednesday Fifty FourAnother jam packed week full of the good stuff (they all are you know, if you take a bit of time to look!)

Thai Times We discovered a cracking new Thai takeaway on Friday night. Pad Thai and Beef Massaman enjoyed with the loveliest of company and a lot of laughter. Those are the best nights aren’t they? The company more than the Thai…probably. It was a bodacious Thai though.

Wonderful Wednesday In Real Life I got to meet the seriously fabulous Kate and Lynsey on Saturday. They were as wonderful as their respective blogs in person, we spent a couple of hours scoffing Boston Tea Party’s finest and chatting all things and everything. It was so lovely to see both their faces, the greatest way to while away a Saturday morning. Thanks for the chatter ladies. And for the Rocky Road. Maaan was that delicious.

Plans My most bestest of friends and I hung out last night and made all kinds of plans over leftover chilli and a Gu something or other. I’ll tell you all about it soon enough but for now just know that we laughed A LOT and made whopping great lists.

Return of the sunshine These lighter mornings are fantastic aren’t they? Even better when you can watch the sunrise and feel the sliveriest of slivers of warmth on your face. Yes yes and thrice yes.

Satay Chicken Salad I cobbled together a version of the Body Coach’s Satay Chicken Salad off of Facebook. The chicken was ALL kinds of delicious and super easy to make, do it. Do the whole thing with slightly less cabbage though, there is definitely such a thing as too much cabbage. Search him on Facebook for the recipe.

Cheeky 7k Yep, I’ve committed wholeheartedly to this running lark and did a 7k trail* run with hounds and humans. It was the longest I’ve run in a very long time and it felt AMAZING. Not sorry. My legs felt strong and my lungs were handling it and it all just came together. Followed up with a chinwag and an elderflower bubbly <<might be the most middle class I’ve ever been.

My Dad Wrote A Porno If we’re Twitter friends you’re almost certainly sick to death of me going on about this and I’m definitely late to the party but man alive is it the greatest thing that’s ever happened to podcasts. Seriously. Jamie’s 60 year old dad wrote an actual erotic novel, it’s appalling. Listen to him and his mates read it and rip it to shreds. You won’t regret it.

Snowdrops On the Sunday morning run of dreams I stumbled across ALL the snowdrops (not the snowbells as my fingers keep trying to type). There is something magical about their little unapologetic arrival into the world, ‘yo bitches, Spring’s a-coming’. That was the snowdrops talking, they’re less cool than I imagined.

Spaniel Free It is incredibly rare that I get home for lunch and el poochos aren’t there to wag their tushes off at me. It happened on Monday, they were out with the dog walker *sniff*. Of course I missed them spectacularly BUT I managed to get over it by perching in the window in a patch of sunshine and reading a book and supping a cup of perfectly brewed tea. For ten minutes it was spectacularly blissful. Then i realised that I missed the very bones of them. SO that’s freedom and sunshine and love and reading and more love in ten minutes and then they came home and it was all wonderful.

And that was my week. How about yours?

SallyKate, Helen, JoCatEmma, Sam, Laura, LynseyKerriPeta Sarah, ElJasmin, Debbie, Katie  and Mimmi are all also full of the cheer. >> If you’re in the gang and I’ve missed you off, please please let me know! There are so many now I lose track! 

Let me know if you decide to join in, there’s a hashtag and everything #wonderfulwednesday 

*i’m even saying things like ‘trail’ rub-it just means off road right??

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  • Oh it looks like you’ve had another wonderful week – I’m loving your weekly updates!
    I know what you mean about being spaniel free, i can’t remember the last time I took a shower without a certain little one poking his nose in..
    Emma & Alfie xox

  • Appreciate the Day

    Okay number one, it was ruddy marvellous to meet you Michelle. Truly had a lovely few hours.
    The signs of spring are just gorgeous at the minute and I’ve foregone the coat a couple of times this week – February what’s going on? I saw lambs from the train home on Saturday too.
    Plans with friends and great company are always winners in my books. Teamed with yummy food makes it even better.
    Have a wonderful week my lovely
    Kate xx
    p.s. your photos are stunning

  • It was lovely to meet you too! Very glad we all had a free day to be able to do it. Must plan some more adventures when the weather gets warmer, there are tons of places in Devon you need to show me!

    Also 7k? Are you kidding me?! You’re really putting your fitbit to work! xx

  • The sunshine is definitely giving me ALL the happy vibes at the moment! x
    Sophie Cliff

  • Katie

    I love MDWAP SO MUCH!! My crew listen to it when we go on road trips, until we have to stop because the driver can’t see through tears of laughter xxx

  • loving seeing all the snowdrops pop up too! and the extra sunshine! Well done on the 7k, sounds like a lovely week 🙂

  • Aww this list of loveliness put the biggest smile on my face! The sunshine makes the world of difference doesn’t it! I’m going to have to check out the podcast, I’ve heard so much about it.
    Have a wonderful week my love
    Peta x


  • Jo

    Loved your list this week! 🙂 Super jealous of your run, man I miss those type of runs. I’m not really even achieving 1k at the moment, let alone 7! Well done though. Also I’m loving you bringing back the word ‘bodacious’ that word just makes me think of Keanu, sigh… and yep, Snowbells is a MUCH better word for them! x

  • Yummm Thai food! There’s one on the road I live on and I’m dying to try it! I’m loving the lighter days :’) it’s also not pitch black when I leave work in the evening, yay!

  • Kel

    I’m SO GLAD for the sunshine too, It really makes such a difference when I finish work especially! I’m yet to see snowdrops though, but will keep my eyes peeled for them in this new-found daylight! 😀