Wonderful Wednesday Fifty Nine

Wonderful Wednesday Fifty NineI missed the act of sitting and pouring all of these lovely little moments onto a page (screen *sigh*) last week. My brain was just too boggled by exam revision. I did make the effort each day though to try to zone into those tiny little highlights and might I patronisingly suggest that you try to do the same? However you choose to record them, try hard to hold onto the happy little events, they’re what make a day aren’t they? The little slivers of sunshine between the busyness of life. Peace maaaaan.

On with this week’s wonderful.

Morning Glory
Stop it. I woke before the husband on Sunday and snuck downstairs, flung open the back doors (actually I opened them quietly and carefully so as not to disturb anyone which was totally pointless as Team Twat shrieked across the garden at the pigeon on the fence) and enjoyed my first coffee of the day basking in silence and sunshine on the decking with my wolf pack. If only all days could start with such zen.Wonderful Wednesday Fifty Nine

Sunday Lunch
At The Rock Inn at Haytor. I don’t know anyone Devonish who doesn’t know about this little gem so it’s not really a secret. It is dog friendly and the food is proper good though so book in and be amazed. And you can go for a stomp up a tor to work off the cracking puds.

New Cushions
Lovely, squidgy, soft to touch cushions picked up for an absolute steal from The Range on Saturday. Adulting win of the week.

Sweet Rhubarb Tea
It’s stupidly exciting to find forgotten goodies in a cupboard or drawer. I did a small excited…squeal when I opened my desk at work to find an almost full box of Taylor’s Sweet Rhubarb Tea. That stuff is the bomb diggity. It’s a fruit tea that actually tastes not only of something but of rhubarb and custard sweets. Yes.

Lunchtime Running
Because I’m tardy once again with this I can include today’s lunchtime run. It was TOO hot to run home at lunchtime (damn you spring!) in all honesty and I MASSIVELY overestimated my ability to get home, get fed and get back to the office. It all sort of a little bit absolutely ended up with me legging it back to the office along the dual carriageway with a Tupperware of leftovers tucked under my arm looking borderline insane BUT there is a mega smugness to having done the exercise in the middle of the day and I was incredibly productive this afternoon as a result. Not to mention ALL THE ENDORPHINS.

Wonderful Wednesday Fifty NineA Moment of Calm
On my way back from an exam on Monday, I stopped off for a breather at one of my all time favourite spots – Dartington. Favourite because it’s stunning, the trust that runs the estate does some truly fantastic work and I had my first ever date there. Aah Devon. I grabbed some trainers from the back of the car and just wandered aimlessly (one of those walks the husband LOVES *straight mouth emoji*) around the beautiful gardens for a few minutes. The sky was blue, the blossom plentiful and there was hardly a soul around-completely blissful. In the busy lives we all lead, those moments of complete soul restoring calm are very few and far between.

And finding potentially the perfect pair of wellies because that struggle is real my friends.

How’s your week been?

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Let me know if you decide to join in, there’s a hashtag and everything #wonderfulwednesday 

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