Wonderful Wednesday Fifty One

Ok, there’s no getting away from the world weirdness this week/month/year and it’s just not in my nature to shy away from talking about it. It impacts all of humanity and should be discussed – the ability and opportunity to have such conversations is a privilege denied to many, I can’t waste my chance to talk about it. With that constantly at the forefront of my mind, it was harder and harder to just talk about the merry minute of my own little life this week without also talking about the awesome goings on around the world that have started to restore my faith in humanity.

Here’s this week’s good stuff, huge and teeny tiny:

Sally Yates, the now sacked US Attorney General. She, admittedly in the final throws of her tenure, stood up for common sense and decency and instructed her staff not to endorse the President’s executive order on refugees and travel. It takes real balls to stand up for what is truly right in the face of such adversity and she has quite the cajones.

The New Bullet Journal. This is the one, I knows it. I spent an oh so satisfying night plotting the ruddy thing out, I’m utterly convinced this time will be the one that sticks. Organisational supremacy will be mine. Or it’ll turn into a whopping great book of everything I’m grateful for. Either way…

Big Business. Several whopping businesses have not only verbalised their objections to the goings on across the pond but have put their money where their mouths are. From AirBnB offering free accommodation to refugees affected by the ban to Starbucks (yes, actual Starbucks) CEO pledging 10,000 jobs to refugees across the world. Demonstrating for those that are unsure that all the money does not make up for none of the soul.Spuds. One of my oldest dearest buddies is selling spuds in That London. Proper, old fashioned, crispy skinned jacket spuds that feed your belly and your soul. London people, get thee to the social media to find out where their mobile potato oven will be and when. Is there anything better in life than a hot buttered jacket spud? No. No there is not.

Peppermint Tea. Re-discovering the simple joy of a hot cup of minty goodness has been a definite highlight this week. That might have been Sally’s fault, I’m sure she mentioned it last week, whatever the reason it’s refreshing and delicious makes me feel like a functioning adult.

Everything that JK Rowling has said this last 11 days. And also, ever.

Hashtag Authentic. Anything Sara off of Me and Orla does is spectacular but her Instagram is a thing of utter beauty. This week she launched her podcast, Hashtag Authentic, the first episode is on that old soul destroying chestnut: the follow unfollow. Full of super useful hints and tips for those wanting to make their Instagram sing a bit.

Angela Merkel reminding President Wotsit about his country’s obligations to the UN charter on refugees. Which seems infinitely better than skipping down the corridors of the White House hand in hand with him.

The Great British Breakfast playlist on Spotify. Some absolute classic Britpop tunes mixed with some funky young things far too hip and happening for me to know about (yeah that’s right, I went with a ‘hip and happening’ there). It’s become my absolute favourite thing to bop about the house to in the morning or to accompany me on my now frequent runs. I think three is enough to have reformed the habit isn’t it?

The Ex Mexican President and #thatfuckingwall hashtag. Just saying what the world is thinking. The sane part of the world…

All of the marchers, protesters, actors and actresses using their voices, the immigration lawyers camping out at airports to help those stranded, everyone who has stood up for another human being this week. You have all made the world a more wonderful place.

And that’s that. Other highlights include more running, facetime with beautiful people and a giant bag of M&Ms. Peanut, obvs. What about you?

If that’s not enough Michelle for you, head on over to Adventures and Tea Parties where I’m chatting to the lovely Joanna about all things….me! Narcissists unite.

SallyKate, Helen, JoCatEmma, Sam, Laura, LynseyKerriPeta Sarah, ElJasmin, Debbie, Katie  and Mimmi are all also full of the cheer. >> If you’re in the gang and I’ve missed you off, please please let me know! There are so many now I lose track! 

Let me know if you decide to join in, there’s a hashtag and everything #wonderfulwednesday

Wonderful Wednesday Fifty-Two
Wonderful Wednesday Fifty
  • The world has totally gone mad but it’s nice to see all the good bits popping up to try and counter it! I was literally just thinking the other day that I’d love a good jacket potato when I was working in London, I will be hunting that van down! Also I love all of the podcasts so I’ll be sure to give that one a listen to on my drive down South tomorrow! x

  • reneejessome

    It makes my heart happy to hear about people standing up for what’s right. There is definitely still good in this world <3
    Also, you've now got me thinking about peanut M&Ms. So thank you.

    Renee | Life After Lux

  • YES! I am so for speaking about the huge and tiny wonderful moments! I have been furiously re-tweeting everything JK Rowling has to say, that women is incredible! xx


  • Amy

    JK Rowling is my spirit animal right now! Every time I read through too many horrible comments and despair at humanity, I remember all the amazing people who are standing up for other people because there are some bloody great folks out there.

  • Thank you for this Michelle, it’s so important to talk about the good things, both politically and here at home, and J.K Rowling and Sally Yates have been two of my favourite things from this week, seeing two people stand up for what they believe in has been inspiring this week. Love the fact her Wikipedia page was updated as such too! And my favourite thing of all time is the Ex Mexican President’s new amazing hashtag, which I’ve seen everywhere, is just pure gold! – Tasha

  • Oh if you do find her, let her know I sent you! They’re called Tailored Jackets :o)
    And yes, the world has gone utterly insane but I am constantly reminded that there are some truly awesome people around too.
    Have a brilliant week
    M x

  • Isn’t it good for the soul? It would of course be better if there werent just crazy people in charge but we can’t have everything we want!
    And go get some! I’m very jealous, we don’t get the peanut butter ones here! The peanut ones aren’t too shabby though!
    M x

  • She is ridiculously on it isn’t she? I’d say she’s my spirit animal but I’m nowhere near cool enough for that!
    Have a most wonderful week you.
    M x

  • Seriously, that bit has been good for the soul. The rest of it? Not so much! Still, as long as we don’t stop talking about it, we must never allow such fuckery to pass un-challenged.
    M x

  • He did sort of say what everyone else has been thinking eh? That fucking wall!
    I really do think it’s important to talk about the good stuff, the bad bits shouldn’t be forgotten but there are some awesome people out there doing their very best for others and that shouldn’t go unnoticed.
    Have a brilliant rest of the week Tasha.
    M x

  • He did, it was so good! Yes, completely agree, more important now than ever to enjoy the little things. You too lovely!

  • I am still all for the little things, even when the world is going south. Might as well hold on to something good when you can.

    Oh, a spud van. The thing of my dreams.

  • Have literally just inhaled some peanut m&ms as I came to read this! A positive spin on some less than positive goings on, and three runs is definitely a habit. x