Wonderful Wednesday Fifty Seven

Wonderful Wednesday Fifty SevenI’m frantically scribbling this in the 15 minutes downtime between work and the ultra zen making mindfulness course that’s been filling my Wednesday nights for the last six weeks. So, no pre-amble – just the wonderful, which I’m writing whilst multi tasking hard as the filling in a spaniel sandwich.

The Brownies My nana asked me to save my Sainsberg’s Active Kids vouchers FOR HER LOCAL BROWNIE TROOP. How damn sweet is that? So, I’ve been piling them up. If you’re a Sainsbury’s shopper and you’re offered the vouchers, please please take them and give them to a good cause (or send them to me for my super lovely nan!) This is more wonderful than just this one week but it was just the most adorable thing and my cockles were firmly warmed at the thought of the Brownies getting some awesome stuff.

The Bakery The boss and I passed an hour between meetings at an absolute gem of a baked goods store. The Magdalen Road Bakery is all kinds of hipster for Devon with it’s communal benchy seating and letting you actually choose the pastries with your own hands and all. They served me up the swankiest sausage roll I’ve ever had with a side of caramelised onion chutney and some of the best coffee I’ve quaffed in a while. Good work guys, Devon needs more of this kind of awesome.

The Spaniels The lighter evenings mean my post work walk is more than just a quick wazz in the park (sometimes the spaniels tinkle too, boom). We’ve extended it to a much more civilized mooch. I shared a couple of my favourites on the blog earlier today – two for the price of one again this week.

The Small Town Sometimes small town living feels like a special kind of hell but now and again it has its perks. I took my new trainers for a spin on Saturday morning and ended up quite mindlessly at my mums house. She supplied coffee and laughed at my red face before sending me on my way to finish my work out.

The Big Screen Rugby, beer and a massive screen. Nuff said.Wonderful Wednesday Fifty SevenThe Commute After meeting with clients in a nearby town, we took the most scenic of routes home. Taking just two minutes to be present on the ferry and to really breathe and soak up the view reminded me of all the reasons I love living in Devon. It felt like a massive treat to get a bit of daylight river action after a long working day.

The Mindfulness I’m about to leave this post to head on to my course. Mindfulness and I have previous so I wasn’t at all convinced it would be something I could learn but now I’m in week six of an eight week course and I’m starting to really get it I think. And yes, sometimes that does mean a three minute breathing practice in the loo and I’m cool with that. It doesn’t feel like rocket science but more often than not, the simplest things are the most effective.

And that’s that. I’ve now got two days in the office and my first cheeky 10k run in about a decade on Sunday, wish me luck.

How’s your week been? Tell me the things.

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