Wonderful Wednesday Fifty Six

Happy International Women’s Day to all y’all. I wrote a missive about that whilst out getting drenched on my morning mooch.

After a most lovely week off pottering about at home and shovelling pancakes in like they were about to be outlawed – ‘love, are you frying AGAIN?’ Yep. – I’ve come back to the office with a bang and I am pooped so that’s all the pre-amble you’re getting. And this is my second post of the day, cut me some slack. Let’s get wonderful:

Walkies Normally the thought of the dog walker being on holiday for a week would make me want to weep into my wellies (that’s definitely the most out of touch thing I’ve ever said. She’s my one luxury ok? I eat A LOT of beans to afford her) BUT it’s been lovely this week to step away from my busy desk for a lunchtime wander through the woods with team t**t. They rock my little world those spaniels do.

Double FaceTime Both my beautiful step girls facetimed me this week at the SAME TIME. Me and an iPhone and an iPad and a whole lot of laughing. Oh how we laughed. I am forever in awe of the amazing women those two have become and I do love a bit of FaceTime. This entry is not sponsored by Apple but if you did want to update my iPhone for me…wonderful wednesday fifty sixOff Schedule Roasting Saturday night roast beef dinner with the works and some very lovely humans.

Leftovers As a knock on we’ve been enjoying the roast beef sandwich this week. Beef, horseradish, bit of spinach BOSH. No tomato though, makes the bread go soggy. If you see my husband for the love of god will you let him know?

Nailed It The return to work has been brutal BUT fabulous. There are all kinds of seminars and conferences and opportunities for me to get stuck into and you know when you feel like you’re sort of a little bit winning at it? That. Do you know what, I’m going to be bolder than that, I am totally ROCKING work this week. There, I said it and the world didn’t implode or anything.

Oliver! A perk of being my husbands’ wife is that we get invited to all kinds of weird stuff in the name of work. Oliver performed by a bunch of teenagers is at the tamer end of the spectrum and it was genuinely completely FABULOUS. I left feeling a bit in awe and like I’d massively underachieved at school (and humming Ooom Pah Pah for days).

Blackberry Fool Cake From M&S. It’s cake and cream and fruit which we enjoyed with tea at a work meeting. Sometimes I like being a functioning adult.wonderful wednesday fifty sixRainy Running I’ve done a couple this week with my running buddies^^. The one where I came back looking like I’d nailed the commando challenge (lost my keys in the mud didn’t I? Spent an hour trying to find them in the rain!) and one last night which was rainy and hilly and painful but done. Rain and running and fringes don’t mix though, mine went full Miss Marple, never a great look.

SS-GB Which we started watching this week and whipped through the first three episodes. It’s set in an alternate reality where the Allies lost WWII and Britain is under Nazi rule, it’s fascinating. It’s everything I hoped The Man in the High Castle would be. And wasn’t. Controversial.

That’s it. What are your best bits this week?

In Wonderful blog news – Em was awesome this week and had better take my suggestion of mainlining gin with the seriousness in which it was given, Chelsea passed her driving theory test despite spending all day every day squidging a baby’s cheeks and Wonderful Wednesday very own Kate had a birthday. Go share the love.

SallyKate, Helen, JoCatEmma, Sam, Laura, LynseyKerriPeta Sarah, ElJasmin, Debbie, Katie  and Mimmi are all also full of the cheer. >> If you’re in the gang and I’ve missed you off, please please let me know! There are so many now I lose track! 

Let me know if you decide to join in, there’s a hashtag and everything #wonderfulwednesday 

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