Wonderful Wednesday Fifty-Two

It’s been one of those weeks in which the temptation to chuck the to-do list out of the window and just sit rocking in my pants eating cereal from the box and snuggling all the puppies has been high. So very high.

I may have done that a little bit at the weekend.

As always though, those weeks when it feels like my legs are losing their minds beneath the water are the ones where these midweek recaps really earn their moolah. Without further whinging about busyness and with a little perspective on the world at large, here are those best bits of this week:

Croque Monsieur Not code for anything other than a ruddy cracking Croque Monsieur. The boss and I went on a road trip, stopping off at a beautiful French patisserie in Dartmouth (Saveurs Devon folk, they have a sister in Totnes now too). As something of a Francophile I like to think I know good cheesy toasty goodness and this was the absolute bomb diggity*. Perfect béchamel, tangy emmental…ach. SO good. I can confirm they also have the best cake selection.

Wonderful Wednesday Fifty Two(Not so) Silence of the Lambs. A Sunday afternoon run around the Devonish lanes was made infinitely better by passing field upon field of chattering baa lambs. They were genuinely having a conversation, answering each other through the power of the baa. They were probably discussing the weird red faced woman who was running along smiling at them. Stopping to take pictures played havoc with my Strava data which is by far and away the most tragic thing I’ve ever said but man alive were those sheep cute.

A Little Bit of Light Have you noticed? There’s a tiny little sliver of light left at the end of the working day. Getting home before the sky reaches peak pitch black is all kinds of good for the soul, letting the hounds have their last run of the day as the sun dips down is just, yar.

Sunday Morning Shenanigans Our Sunday morning marriage dates were back with a bang this week. Nothing special, just coffee and croissants enjoyed on the deserted cricket pavilion together, serenaded by a couple of hairy yapping beasts. That hour or so to just breathe and be and catch up on the week that was and the one that’s to come is one of my favourite parts of any week. Followed by a stolen half hour reading on the kitchen floor without the serenading but with a whole lot of cuddling. All of Sunday was pretty brilliant actually.

Wonderful Wednesday Fifty TwoThe Santa Clarita Diet It’s on Netflix now and has made me properly laugh out loud. Not for the sensitive of stomach but it’s completely hilarious and incredibly dark, Drew Barrymore’s zombie estate agent is brilliant.

Chucky Egg Strong possibility that that name is made up by my family (let me know if you know what I’m on about)! My granddad used to make this for me when I was little: soft boiled eggs, butter, all the salt and pepper, mushed up in a bowl and served with toasty soldiers. I made some for dinner last night, such great comfort food.

Cheeky Macaron Husband pilfered some from a do he was at and brought home gold macaron (and cupcakes) which I inhaled within seconds. Is there much better than a perfectly chewy, not too sweet macaron? Nope. Except maybe enjoying it with a cracking cup of strong builders tea and a bit of shouting at the tellybox.

I also wrote this this week which I’m pretty proud of. I hit publish on that without giving it a second thought, without going back and picking it apart which is an extraordinary treat.

And that’s it for this week. Next week I’ll be writing this as a thirty three year old. Yeesh.

Anything wonderful happen to you this week?

SallyKate, Helen, JoCatEmma, Sam, Laura, LynseyKerriPeta Sarah, ElJasmin, Debbie, Katie  and Mimmi are all also full of the cheer. >> If you’re in the gang and I’ve missed you off, please please let me know! There are so many now I lose track! 

Let me know if you decide to join in, there’s a hashtag and everything #wonderfulwednesday

*can I get away with saying this? I suspect that on the cusp of turning thirty three it might be tragic.

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  • Helen

    Ooh what a lovely list. Don’t think I’ve ever had a warm macaroon and I feel the lack already 🙂

  • I’m sooo happy it’s starting to get lighter, I’ve been feeling so daylight deprived!!

  • reneejessome

    Omg I am loving The Santa Clarita Diet! & your Sunday morning sounded just perfect xx

    Renee | Life After Lux

  • We call it a chucky egg too! Maybe its a north west thing… x
    Sophie Cliff

  • Cat

    Ooh I have never heard of chucky egg before…that sounds really tasty and comforting too, can’t believe I’ve missed out on it for so long! C x

  • Katie

    Happy almost birthday!! A date once called me Chucky Egg. I’m now wondering if 1. He meant that dish and 2. If I’ve unbeknowingly dated your grandfather xxx

  • I have noticed the light! I haven’t had to put my full beam on when driving home for a few days now and it feels rather splendid.

    Your Sunday sounds lovely! I hope that eventually I’ll be able to enjoy a Sunday stroll with my partner, he works in retail you see and it’s sehr hard to spend a day together.

    I’ve seen the Santa Clarita Diet advertised but am yet to join in on it. I may give it a go at the weekend, when it’s most likely that I’ll be tucked up in bed whilst it’s snowing outside.

    Have a wonderful rest of week and yay for February babies!xx

  • The extra light is really a life-saver. It is really helping my spirits right now. It was light a little past 5 yesterday and I was fist-pumping like mad.

    Santa Clarita diet is so good! I binge-watched it all over the weekend. Drew is perfect in it! x

  • Awww, the sheep! I’m glad I’m not the only one who stops to listen to them chattering away, it’s just too cute. And like you, I’ve had a very similar week, it’s been one of those where I just wanted to hide inside my duvet and read. Not my most productive week! However, I’m looking forward to a good weekend sorting things out and then it’s back on it next week! I’m loving the little bit of extra light in the evenings now too, it’s the promise of spring to come! Also, happy almost birthday! – Tasha

  • I love these posts and your blog so much <3 I've noticed the light too! It's lighter when I leave for work in the mornings too 😀 I watched the trailer for that Santa Clarity Diet – it looks so bloody funny! Must watch it! I have never heard of Chucky eggs, that made me giggle :'D I'm vegan now… but damn I do sometimes miss a good dippy egg and soldiers. Such comfort.

    I used to write weekly happy lists on Sundays but got too unhappy and stopped writing them… your posts inspire me to try again. Not sure I'll have time, but even writing it down in my journal at the end of the week I reckon would be good for myself :') it's such a good habit to look back and appreciate all the little things that make life wonderful. <3

    Amber Love Blog

  • Kel

    Mm, I think we’ve always used ‘chucky egg’ to describe your basic dippy boiled egg..
    Sadly I don’t actaually like eggs however they are cooked – that macaron sounds much more my cup of tea!

  • Is it lamb time already?! I haven’t seen any yet, but I love lambs. It’s not really spring without them.

    Ah, the light is slowly creeping into the evening. On clear days, it’s still not-dark-yet at 6pm! Now that’s a win.

    You are the second person to mention the Santa Clarita Diet, so I might have to check it out. Everything we are watching at the moment seems to take itself far too seriously so it’ll be nice to have something funny to watch in between.

  • Rosie

    We say chucky eggs up in Leicester too, In fact, my dad looked so much like a chucky egg as a baby, that his name changed from Ray to Chuck and he’s been Chuck to everyone ever since.