Wonderful Wednesday Fifty

wonderful wednesdayIt’s that part of the year when I need to frantically use up my annual leave so this week’s wonderful has been helped along by a cheeky Monday and Tuesday off work. We’re talking sunshine on the moors, a little afternoon nap and a whole lot of shed action. I’m a bit smug about it I won’t lie. After a couple of less than spectacular weeks, I’m starting to feel a bit more human, a bit more me. Apparently I am a person who runs for pleasure, I didn’t know I still had that in my bones.

On with the rest of the wonderful:

Wonderful Wednesday FiftyThe Moors. I’ve spectacularly ruined all other Monday mornings for myself by spending this gloriously sunshiny one on Dartmoor with my fur buddies and not another single soul. That kind of vast open space and solitude will never not be good for my little heart, especially when there is SO much bollocks in the world right now. I feel forever lucky that I have such a beautiful escape right on my doorstep.

The Shed. Yep, two bright beautiful days meant airing out my lovely little space and snuggling up with a book and a flask of tea and a fleecy blanket of dreams. I think I’ve nailed all the clichés there. It was freezing but so nice to be in the garden with the doors open and the birds chirping and an almost spring like feel about things. Completely winning.

The Runs. Not the runs – my digestive tract is fine. Actual trainers on, one foot in front of the other runs. I did my second Park Run on Saturday in a slightly quicker time than the first which is all kinds of satisfying. I headed out this morning to do another 5k with el poochos. I’d forgotten how much I do quite like running, admittedly the first time I went out I thought I was being chased by a real life dirty phone caller before realising it was my own hyperventilating and I saw some deeply unflattering pictures of all my chins but four runs in in 2017 and I feel all kinds of motivated. Also, I did it early and spent the rest of the day shedding and feeling smug.

The Marches. The palpable strength of feeling from each and every human being was unbelievably moving. Those people marching not against Donald Trump but in response to and protest against the rise of hatred across the world, against the odd legitimacy that recent elections have given to racist, sexist rhetoric, against the wilful removing of the right for a woman to police her own body in the best way for her. The fact that so many people came together peacefully to use their right of free speech to have their voices heard for good was incredible and reinforced my faith in the human race. And the signs were just immense.

All the Spaniels. On Monday Steph and her lovely little family were in my neck of the woods so we hooked up for walkies, wine and so very much spaniel action. Watching Pete and Betts run around with their little doppelgängers was adorable, they did get a little confused about who was who which made the whole thing even sweeter. Until Pete rolled in the fish guts.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot. We watched this on Monday night on a whim and it was brilliant. It’s a comedy-drama in which Tina Fey’s regional news reporter is sent to cover the war in Afghanistan. It’s genuinely funny, horrifying and probably not a million miles away from the truth about how news anchors tried to one up one another to find air time for a forgotten war. Genuinely worth a watch.

What’s been your favourite bit of the week?

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