Wonderful Wednesday Forty Eight

Wonderful Wednesday Forty EightNo preamble, no faff, on with this week’s wonderful.

The Great Escape. R’s Christmas present to the family was an escape room challenge. Genius. On Sunday afternoon the four of us traipsed up to the big city – Exeter – to test our family bonds. Turns out we make a pretty good team and it went like clockwork, C’s inability to work a padlock and K’s hangover notwithstanding. 56 minutes, so at least we didn’t get locked in. If you’re in the Devonish area and fancy it, Mission Escape were pretty awesome.

Impromptu Roast Beef. Finding a good bit of topside on offer in Sainsbury’s is one of life’s wins. We took the time to make a full roast just for the two of us on Sunday afternoon. It’s weird now that the girls aren’t around so much anymore, I’ve had to train myself to put the same amount of effort into making dinner just for two as I would for four. And I get to turn the rest into an epic curry. Bore off January diet.

GOT Season 6. Devoured the first three episodes on Sunday night with the roast beef. I’d forgotten all kinds of juicy bits.

wonderful wednesday forty eight^^ This sunrise on Saturday morning ^^

Good Friends. For one reason and another I’ve learnt that my friends are completely and utterly fabulous this week. I mean, I sort of already knew it but in a crisis, that’s when you need it to hit you in the face. Bravo friends, bravo. And thank you.

Saturday Snapshot the fightback. I’d forgotten how much I quite like these little snapshots and teeny tiny peek at the weekend’s goings on. Also, how damn cute is my Betty Boo? Very, you can say it.

Peanut M&Ms. Just…peanut M&Ms. Not much else to say.

HIIT Workouts. I’ve been doing Joe Wicks’ January Bootcamp every Monday, Wednesday and Friday this month. Man alive does it hurt but there is something about getting up early and getting my exercise done whilst the husband and hounds snooze that makes me feel smugly adult about life. If you’re struggling to get into some new habits, give it a go.

Karaoke Voyeurism. We went to a birthday party at the weekend that descended into karaoke. I don’t do karaoke, the world is not ready for that special talent of mine. Is there anything better though than sitting, gin in hand, watching others belt out a tune? Nope. Although that sentence does make me sound mildly creepy.

Meryl Streep. Who was every single one of us when she used her significant platform and voice to hold Donald Trumps shitty behaviour to account. Whatever voice we have, the time we stop using it to fight for others is really the day humanity goes down the pan. In my humble opinion. Bloody well done Meryl.

Hope you’re having a great week. Tell me some of your good stuff, I’m finding this one a toughie.

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All the happy. 

Wonderful Wednesday Forty Nine
Never Stick To What You Know
  • Sounds like another fab week for you! I may give the HIIT workout a go tonight! x

    Sophie Cliff

  • reneejessome

    Escape rooms sound like so much fun! I really want to try it. And that photo of the sunrise- gorgeous!!

    Renee | Life After Lux

  • Can’t wait to give the escape room ago. Im trying to rally the troops as we speak – I’ll be sure to inform you if we give it a go!

    Also, stop showing off your amazing ability to motivate yourself to do a HITT workout so early. My goodness Michelle, you’re making the rest of us look bad! xx


  • Escape Room is SO much fun. Done one in Boston and here in Bahrain and had a 50% success rate so far 😉

  • Mission Escape sounds fab! I’m in the Devon area so might see if I can organise a team day out…thanks for sharing.

  • Hope the crisis has been averted, and next week is less of a toughie. Yes to so many of these, especially room escapes (we have done 11 at the last count), peanut m&ms, friends, and Sunday dinners. xx

  • Jo

    Hehe, jinx! (is that still a thing what the kids are doing these days, probably not!) but I am with you on the smug feeling from early morning workouts. I’m yet to try a Joe Wicks but rather favouring the soggy dark morning runs at present. x

  • Ohh I love a good escape room – swear they are a bit addictive! I’m very impressed with the HIIT too – I did my first HIIT since doing no exercise on holiday and I have to say it was quite the struggle!!

  • Laura Meredith

    That is one happy dog playing on the beach! Sounds like you’ve had a lovely week, especially with that sunrise! I wish I could drag myself out of bed early enough to see one! Have a lovely week and weekend Michelle 🙂
    Laura xx

  • I always love a good dog photo (or all dog photos!).

    Mission Escape sounds so much fun, although would be a horrible team building exercise with work. I’m too scared to do HITT workouts. I wanted to try Yoga with Adriene’s yoga challenge this month but I have no core anymore! And yes, a big round of applause of Meryl!

    Debbie x

  • The preamble is the hardest part, it’s best just to skip it.

    Those escape rooms creep me out. I don’t think I could do it, just being stuck a room with a bunch of people, yeah, no. That’s for to much claustrophobia for me.

    Pooches on a beach, what bliss!

    Happy Friday my dear!

  • Peanut M&Ms are my vice too, I just bloody love them. Of course, I actually cracked open the mini eggs this week. I know, I know, shameful!

    The escape room challenge sounds like a really cool idea but I think I would really struggle to be stuck in a room for an hour. You are so much braver than I!

    Have a fab weekend! S x

  • Escape rooms are the best! I’ve done two and failed miserably at them both but hey ho, it’s the taking part that counts right? *Whispers* potential escape room challenge with a WW team, perhaps?

    That sunrise looks magical, feeling extremely jealous that you live so close to the sea and get to experience such wonderful moments.

    Well done for being a brilliant, healthy, exercising adult. I’ve told myself that when I’m in my own place, I’ll start doing early morning workouts…I could fail miserably at that too.

    Have a lovely weekend xx

  • Cat

    Good friends really are all kind of great – hope everything’s ok with you missus and whatever happened is all sorted now. You’ve shared all manner of wonderful there and made me crave both roast beef and peanut M&Ms, neither of which I have so these squares of Galaxy will have to make up for it. Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend. C x

  • I saw the Meryl Streep thing – I was soooo impressed, she made such an impact with her speech. It is kind of crazy the impact a Hollywood star can have on politics!

  • Is it about time we had pizza and a dog walk? or just pizza one evening? lemme know! xxx

  • Rosie

    Amen to the all of the above, esp. peanut butter M&Ms