Wonderful Wednesday Forty Five

wonderful wednesday forty fiveI struggled to do this this week. Not because there haven’t been any wonderful bits but because….do I even need to say it anymore? I’ve been busy! Slow living is not my reality.

Sunrises and sunsets. Twice this week I’ve left my house before the sun has risen and arrived home after it has dipped low beyond the horizon. The cold and frosty sunrises spied through my wing mirror have been spectacular but driving home into the sunset is something else entirely. Watching the sky burn as the sun drops into the fields coupled with that unbeatable feeling of heading full pelt for home has been, at the risk of sounding all ‘peace maaaan’, a bit magical. No pictures because, driving. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Stew and mash. Because STEW AND MASH. A steaming bowl of the stuff enjoyed huddled under a blanket on the sofa with a spaniel and a spot of Strictly.

Almost Famous. Minding our own business, watching the rugby on Saturday we nearly choked on our chipolatas when Step Child number one appeared on the screen out of nowhere. She was at a match and made it onto the actual telly. It’s one of my favourite things in the world when people realise they’re on the screen and do a huge goofy wave, it’s so so much better when it’s your own lovely ones. Totes hilar.

Roast Beef. A lot of this week’s wonderful is made up of food stuff, not sorry. Sunday’s roast beef was unanimously voted (by the four people and two woofers in my house) the best one I’ve ever made. That’s a pretty big win and I’m taking it.

Sunday. After ending one crazy busy week and just before starting another we spent Sunday in the best possible way with a decent breakfast, beach date, roast dinner and some truly abysmal TV.

wonderful wednesday forty fiveFeedback. This year has been heinous hasn’t it? You have eyes so you know. I’ve written columns on the rise of far right rhetoric, the issue of consent and domestic abuse among  other things. I mistakenly thought a bit of levity wouldn’t go amiss so this weeks’ column was all about Ed Balls and his sequinned sashaying. Hands down the most controversial thing I’ve ever written! Seriously, the feedback is empassioned,  enraged and hilarious. Cheered me right up: the things that people get their knickers in a knot about will never fail to entertain me. I’ll stick it on the blog tomorrow so you know just what’s causing such uproar. Spoiler: I miss Ed Balls.

A Year Living Danishly. I’m listening to the audiobook of this on my travels at the mo. According to the UN, Denmark is officially the happiest nation on earth, the book is one woman’s account of a year in Denmark and a look at just how they might be winning at happiness. It’s fascinating and well written and I’d recommend  it. I’m only at July so far, I’ll give you a full run down when I’m finished.

And this classy little Friday night dinner because sometimes life calls for a bucket of red and a chip butty.

wonderful wednesday forty five

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All the happy. 

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  • Laura Meredith

    I can’t remember the last time I had a chip butty (for me it has to be with vinegar!), it’s going on my must have list for this weekend! Sunsets at the minute are my absolute favourite, bright pink sky tonight just before I left work 🙂
    Hope you enjoy the rest of the week!
    Laura xx

  • Looking forward to the post about Ed Balls that you are going to share tomorrow, I will never fail to be amazed about why people get so damn angry e.g like the ‘toblerone controversy’ – my goodness the human race is fascinating. I am also adding The Year of Living Danishly to my ever growing to read list! Enjoy the rest of your week xx

  • littlemidge83

    That’s my fave blog post photo of the week. Red wine and chip butty. I want and it’s only breakfast time. Can I go home yet?! x

  • Looks a great week – Busy is good! You definitely have me craving a chip butty now… Roll on dinner time!

    Emma & Alfie xox

  • Alexandra Donnelly

    Just back from Copenhagen and obsessed with everything Danish now – they have it figured it out! Will be adding this wee audiobook to my list 🙂

  • All I want to do when it’s cold is eat giant bowls of mashed potato. So. Good.

  • I don’t even watch Strictly but there’s a someone on my Facebook that has been going batshit crazy over Ed Balls making it week after week. I can’t help but laugh… I’ve never seen someone riled up so much about something so insignificant like a dude dancing the Tango (or some other dance I know nothing about)…

    There was me thinking it was just a TV show or something. What do I know…