Wonderful Wednesday Forty Four

Wonderful Wednesday Forty Four Tip of the hat to you and a very merry midweek. I was all set to perk the butt off this intro but I’ve been in the car all day stopping only once for comfort ALL. DAY. LONG.

My lunch was three orange Starburst – still Opal Fruits right? – wolfed down on the go. I do like the orange ones* but my WHOLE LUNCH?? Nah mate.

Hunger rage aside, this week has still been full of lovely little moments:

Cracking Chilli Gromit. I made perhaps the greatest chilli the world has ever known this week. Big claim and I know, I know, chilli is not challenging but it is the queen of all wintry/hyggetastic foods isn’t it? And it does feel like a win when you’re a chuck-it-all-in-and-see-what-happens kind of cook and it all just goes to plan. Served up with a dollop of sour cream and more Doritos than is decent. Perfect cold night grub. And plenty of freezer leftovers for the adult in me.

Get Knitted. I picked up the knitting needles again this week and not because I feel on the verge of a breakdown: that my friends is progress, I just fancied creating something. It’s been a while since I’ve had the brain space or the time to just sit and while away a few hours knitting aimlessly as opposed to needing to do it for my sanity. It’s not in any way cool but it is relaxing and it *may* end up actually being something useable or wearable. Who knows?!Wonderful Wednesday Forty Four A rose by any other name. Sometime earlier in the year, friends brought a small potted window sill rose as a dinner gift. The husband planted it out in the garden and I mourned its almost certain death with vigour but look! ^^This week it’s sprouted the most beautiful new flower. Right when the rest of the garden is off to sleep for the winter this chap has sprung back into life bring a little more beauty our way for just a little longer. Good work buddy.

If you like Pina Colada. And getting caught in the rain…you’re weird. I don’t like getting caught in the rain. I do however love the rain when I’m properly attired. The spaniels give me zero choice about leaving the house whether it’s bright and shiny or wet and wild but there’s something kind of lovely about being waterproofed up and splashing through fields and puddles. It’s how we’ve spent at least three mornings so far this week, aces. Even better when we get back from the morning walk and the husband has porridge and coffee on the go. Our morning routine is mundane, normal and completely wonderful, I do like the familiarity of a good morning habit with the ones I love. Don’t you?

Friday Night Dinner. Friday saw me consuming unholy amounts of pizza and prosecco with some of my favourite women. The world is busy and full on and sometimes a bit of a shitter, escaping that with a whole evening eating junk  – we polished off a tub of Phish Food too – and talking utter rubbish will never be a bad thing.

Down on the range. Don’t judge but I went to the driving range this week. I KNOW. The husband loves it and I wanted to see what the fuss was ok?  Turns out swinging is pretty damn addictive. I’m a type A, perfectionist sort and became instantly obsessed with trying to get a decent shot off. Also, you put the coins in a fancy machine and it shoots golf balls into a little bucket. I could have done that alone for three hours and felt like I was winning. I may go again.Wonderful Wednesday Forty Four Work work work work work. I didn’t enjoy the three opal fruit lunch but the rest of today has been a pretty fantastic work day.  The amount I’m learning is still regularly causing my brain to actually ache but in the absolute best way. It’s been a long long time since I’ve felt so involved and engaged with work that I just plough on through missing lunch and other normal human functions. That feeling of real purpose and intent is a great thing. The satisfaction of doing a really good job off the back of that isn’t too shabby either.

And that be that. How’s your week? Any advance on making the world’s easiest meal, unseasonal roses or paying to watch balls land in a bucket?

*Obvs the best flavour right? Discuss.

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All the happy. 

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