Wonderful Wednesday Forty Nine

wonderful wednesday forty nineI’m scraping the barrel this week but those are the weeks in which it is more important than ever to drag the happy bits to the surface kicking and screaming. These are they*:

A Series of Unfortunate Events. So the show is great, dark and twisty and so very Pushing Daisies in style – watch it. Neil Patrick Harris is fab as Count Olaf. It sticks pretty tight to the story of the first four Lemony Snicket books and Patrick Warburton is brilliant as a deadpan Lemony. It makes this week’s list though for the theme tune alone which has been stuck in my head All. Week. Long.

Look awayyyyyyy.

Smoothies for Breakfast. Current favourite is banana, peanut butter, handful of frozen cherries, handful of spinach and almond milk. Let me know if you have a better version, I’m all ears.

Read it and weep. Still going strong with my resolution to read more, I’ve ploughed through another couple from the book shelf this week – The End of the World Running Club and The Shining. And yes, I’ve read The Shining before but it’s THE SHINING. Both excellent, both will be in next month’s Reading List.  Next up is The Forgetting Time for next month’s book club which I WILL make.wonderful wednesday forty ninePark Run.  I managed my first 5k in the longest time. My hips were on fire (definitely a UTI kind of burn rather than an I’ve-got-this kind of burn) and I was overtaken repeatedly by one smug looking child but I did it. Five unbroken kilometres, running the whole time. Bring on next week.

Swapsies. Or rather, givesies. We have a lounge crammed full of books and as fast as I’m working my way through the books I haven’t read, I’m giving away the ones I have. If I talk about anything in my round ups that you fancy, give me a shout. If it doesn’t belong to someone else and doesn’t have sentimental value to me then it is all yours. Anyone fancy my copy of The Handmaid’s Tale before it becomes a (hopefully) superb TV rendition? Let me know down there somewhere.

Clear Skies. There haven’t been masses of those bright sunshiny mornings this week but I did see that totes bodacious one down there with my spaniel shadows on Saturday morning. Winning.wonderful wednesday forty nineTaboo. It’s Tom Hardy being all dark and Tom Hardyish and making friends with a dog so I’m already totally in. BUT better than that my mate worked on it. So you should definitely watch it for the darkness but also for the quite spectacular and true to source period set decoration. Be sure to comment on how utterly magnificent the whole thing looks won’t you? She’s a clever sausage.

And that’s that. What are your best bits?

*that said, my best bits this week largely involve very dark TV shows or very dark books or being in screaming agony whilst running. Not sure I’ve got the hang of the Wonderful this week but there was Tom Hardy and a dog so…

SallyKate, Helen, JoCatEmma, Sam, Laura, LynseyKerriPeta Sarah, ElJasmin, Debbie  and Mimmi they’re all full of the cheer. >> If you’re in the gang and I’ve missed you off, please please let me know! There are so many now I lose track. 

Let me know if you decide to join in, there’s a hashtag and everything #wonderfulwednesday

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