Wonderful Wednesday Forty Seven

wonderful wednesday forty sevenWahoo, we made it to 2017. Wasn’t it touch and go for a while there?
Plug alert – if you read The Obligatory New Years Post (seamless), I talked about not having whopping great resolutions for 2017, more just making small changes to maintain this not too shabby little life we’ve managed to cobble together. A huge part of that will always be celebrating the tiny little moments that make the days brighter. So here they are! And since I’ve been AWOL for a considerable amount of time, this is a bumper Chrimbo edition.

ALL the cheese. I do feel I need to make a public apology because we really did eat a small principality’s worth of cheese over Christmas, just the two of us. My tight pants would suggest that I should be sorrier but two words: Elderflower Cheddar. Get on that. There is a beautiful little cheese shop tucked away down an alley a couple of towns over, venturing over to choose test the festive cheese offering was a top Christmas highlight. And I snaffled a jar of roasted beetroot chutney to go with it because I really am nailing this adulting lark.

Long Crisp Walks. They’re my favourite. You know when the winter sun is shining but it’s so cold you can’t feel your face? That’s when you’ll find me out and about stomping across fields and over the moors and generally breathing in the good stuff/complaining about how my teeth hurt.

Taking down the decorations. Of course, I loved putting them up and all the joy they brought with them (during my trip to the cheesemongers – what a time to be alive – I also bought some DIY festive bunting and a new wreath, check me out) but there is something quite lovely about taking it all down and packing it away in the loft again. For me that really signals the start of the new year and all the fresh opportunities it promises.

wonderful wednesday forty sevenMotown The Musical. I have a not so secret love affair with Motown music, it reminds me of donning an old bridesmaid dress and a pair of red wellies and bopping around the lounge with my mum…just last week in fact. Jokes. It’s one of those utterly pure memories of my childhood and I don’t like to end on a downer but those were few and very far between. So, for Christmas the husband bought tickets to Motown the Musical and it was everything I hoped it would be. It follows the story of Berry Gordy who started the Motown Records label with an $800 loan from his family (incidentally fact fans, he also wrote Reet Petite for Jackie Wilson which happens to be my favourite song OF ALL TIME). The musical charts the growth of the label amidst the sketchy socio-political situation across the pond and is completely brilliant. All punctuated with some of the absolute best Motown songs and artists. If you like that kind of music, I’d 100% recommend it

Black Forrest Gateaux. The husband dusted off his bakers’ hands and went full 1970s to make my all time favourite pudding for Christmas Day. Light chocolate Genoise sponge soaked in cherry liqueur and sandwiched together with all the cream and cherries you could want. THEN covered completely in grated chocolate. He even got his piping bag out (not a euphemism).

wonderful wednesday forty sevenTorvil and Dean. *Cough* of the dog world. Specifically Pete skating across the frozen puddles in the fields near our house. He went charging in hoping for a wallowing opportunity and failed just 100%.  Betty just legged it from puddle to puddle trying to bite the ice. Classic.

Crimbo Leftovers. Turkey curry, roasted ham pie, almost forgotten quiche. YES.

The Little Moments. Husband and I went from seeing very little of each other before the Christmas holidays to having a week or so just pootling about the house together. I don’t want to make things weird but it turns out he’s not a bad egg that one, I like hanging out with him. Which, nearly ten years into wedded bliss, is reassuring.wonderful wednesday forty sevenReading without apology. I spent a lot of time doing this over Christmas, curled up under a blanket with my spaniel buddies with the rest of the Celebrations to hand. Bliss.

New Years’ Eve. Which largely involved watching Dreamgirls followed by Singin in the Rain. We ate, we snoozed, we woke up at 12:03, muttered happy new year and sidled off to bed. You can’t buy that kind of class and it was perfect for us.

That’s this week’s wonderful from me, let me know your best bits.

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All the happy. 

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  • Corrr you can’t beat going old school with a Black Forest Gateaux! I tried your mince pies with the custard powder pastry and they were delicious! xx


  • Amy

    Love the bit about the ice skating spaniels! My dog had a run in with an icy puddle yesterday – went to splodge in the water but found herself sliding around on the ice, sat down with a bump, when it broke and she got a wet bum!

  • OMG a fellow Black Forest Gateaux fan at last!

  • reneejessome

    I just took down the decorations yesterday and it feels SO good. That pudding sounds absolutely delicious. I love black forest cake but have never tried it in pudding form!

    Renee | Life After Lux

  • Love a bit of Motown! I really don’t like taking down the decorations. It’s not that I want them to stay up all year round (well maybe slightly) but more that I’m too lazy. I wish I could just snap my fingers and it all be put away. I need to get me some of that cheddar, it sounds delicious!

    Also, this year I’ve decided to join you on Wonderful Wednesdays. x

  • Kris loves a black forest gateaux – maybe I should make him one for his birthday! Yeah, I’ll do that. I need to build up my wife-points!

  • Lyra Silvertongue

    I thought I ate a lot of cheese at Christmas (and I did!), but Elderflower Cheddar is a whole new magical possibility!

  • I think long crisp walks are everyone’s favourite, and if not, they bloody well should be!

    We took down our directions today and I agree, it does kind of symbolise the start of the new year, like you can really get going again with a new beginning.

    Your new years eve sounds rather delightful and how lovely that you and your Mr got to be in each other’s company more!xx

  • I tell you what, it was a thing of beauty! So good.
    The mince pies are his creation too,the man’s a culinary god!
    M x

  • Bless their little hearts but oh my days is it hilarious! The next day Pete went shooting across the field towards a puddle that was no longer frozen-gross muddy dog!
    M x

  • YES!!! I don’t understand those who don’t like it-chocolate, good. Cherries, good. Cream, GOOD!
    Happy new year!
    M x

  • Doesn’t it though? A proper fresh start! Happy new year to you, hope 2017 is a brilliant one! And Black Forest anything is just a massive win
    M x

  • So glad you’re in the Wonderful Wednesday gang! It’s a joyful little bunch!
    And seriously the cheese was a game changer-you must be able to find a spot near you to get something similar!
    Happy new year Debbie
    M x

  • Clive’s husband points are off the charts because of his if that influences your decision at all. SO good.
    M x

  • Seriously, you’re never too full for a new bit of cheese, this was the stuff of dreams,
    Happy new year!
    M x

  • It’s a necessity isn’t it? The frosty Christmas walk.
    Hope you had a cracking Christmas and new year lovely one.
    M x

  • I love these posts, I always look forward to Wednesday now as I know I’ve got these to look forward to. Black Forest Gateau is always a win! And yes, there’s something lovely about just having time to read, relax and stay cosy on the sofa with the fire going, one of my favourite things to do over Christmas! Taking down the decorations is when I feel like I’ve got that new start feeling too, as then I can stand back, look at how I want to decorate for the year ahead and it light this fire up under me to jump into the month ahead with renewed energy! Also, I love the shot of Pete on that icy puddle, so cute! – Tasha

  • Kel

    I *still* haven’t taken down my Christmas decorations! Definitely today! (Dont ask how many days I’ve said that so far!)

  • I had to almost snort at the piping bag comment! Good grief that did tickle me perhaps more than it should. LOVE the sound of that gateaux, Christmas is always such a good excuse for getting a little on the fancier side.

    Your New Year celebrations sounded much like ours. It’s always nice not to ring in a New Year with exhaustion and a headache.

    Sorry to be a total bore, but could you update my blog link? i know it’s my own fault for being such a n indecisive bean!

    Have a wonderful New Year Michelle, I’m looking forward to keeping up with your posts here. S x

  • Haha, an epic list (piping bag jokes a particular highlight…snigger). I’m glad you liked the Motown Musical. I’ve been meaning to take my mum for ages – she’s a big Motown fan and their music always reminds me of my childhood too – I might take the plunge now!