Wonderful Wednesday Forty Three

wonderful Wednesday Forty ThreeFirst day back at work after five off and my brain hurts: I’m done with adulting for today. Instead I’m sitting here scoffing down frozen pizza (spinach and ricotta, I’m not an animal) and watching Death Becomes Her whilst mulling over the merry minutiae of the week that just was.

In no particular order:

We spent just one night in St Ives this week and can confirm that it’s exactly as beautiful as everyone will tell you it is. We mooched, we ate, we conquered.  And we hung out on the beach obvs. More on St Ives later in the week.wonderful Wednesday Forty ThreeSpa-ing partners. Husband and I started our few days off with a spa day at Islington. Aside from the classic semi-nudity-around-strangers thing that a spa induces (never make eye contact) we had a really lovely relaxing day. My book has inappropriate wet patches from where it unceremoniously landed on my chest when I nodded off.

R snuck back for a visit this week too to grace us with her now 21 year old presence-how do I have a twenty one year old stepchild????? Her special request? A trip to the moors with yours truly. A morning spent in the great outdoors with one of my favourite humans was spiffing (although I did nearly Pete better than actual Pete! That hair though…)

wonderful Wednesday Forty Three

For the first time in an age all four of us sat down together on Friday night. It’s been too long since my lovely step girlies were in the same place at the same time and although we just binge watched some crappy TV and K snoozed her socks off, it was a lovely thing to have them in the lounge.

wonderful Wednesday Forty Three

A good roasting. After a walk up a monstrous hill out of St Ives, we found ourselves in a pub which served the mightiest roast dinner I’ve had in yonks. Something fennelly on the carrots, ginormous yorkshire puds and a little pot of cheesy leeks that should come with a drool warning. You can’t beat a good roast, especially when you didnt have to faff about with the timings yourself. Winning.

And yes, that is my dogs’ head on the table because I have no boundaries.

Short and sweet from me this week, what were your best bits?

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All the happy. 

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  • AnnaInternational

    What a lovely week! And lol re the dog’s head on the table. Ours have been known to get a paw up there occasionally (from a lap, when no food around, it must be emphasized – which would probably still give some people paroxysms!) even! x

  • Charlie Elliott

    Oh lord, your pooch pics just KILL me! Sounds like you had a lovely week!

  • The first photo of your dog is hilarious! Such a good way to start off my day! 🙂
    x Kenzie // Kenzieblogslife.blogspot.com

  • Such lovely photos lovely lady M! Sounds like you had spent the weekend in the very best way possible, you can’t beat those kinds of weekends can you?!

    Sending love to you, the family and of course those little hounds of yours – they’re faces are FAB in that first photo!

    Sal x

  • Oh Michelle!! It sounds like such a lovely week, and your weekend sounds lovely. I love St.Ives it’s such a beautiful place.

    Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week!
    Peta x

  • Im SO jealous of 5 days off. I’m now just a work zombie, just counting down the days continually until I’m allowed to escape and fly to the other side of the world. 19 today if you’re wondering.

  • I wish I could go to Cornwall! I miss it. St Ives is so beautiful. I love that first photo by the way!

  • Sounds like a fabulous few days off all round. I had my first spa visit ever this year and you’re right, definitely don’t make eye contact! Easy for me because I don’t wear my glasses and so seeing everyone’s eyes is nigh impossible! Glad to hear you had a good one! x

  • God those dogs are fabulous!! And it sounds like an amazing week. I’d like a mini break to St Ives!



  • Cat

    Short but infinitely sweet as usual! Love the doggy antics and it sounds like you made the most of every moment of your time off, well played! C xx

  • Appreciate the Day

    Can you beat a roast?? I don’t think so, unless it’s one you don’t have to prepare or wash up yourself! I’m doing a little dribble just thinking about it. But I’m also thinking about pizza. Michelle this just isn’t fair! I just can’t wait to be together with my family again, to be honest 4 weeks can’t come soon enough although I’m enjoying my time here. What a wonderful way to spend your morning. P.s. Please tell your step daughter just how beautiful she is and how happy she looks. Your days off sounds pretty darn lovely.
    Have a good weekend my dear xx

  • The first photo of the dogs is glorious! :’D they’re so funny! Damn I need a holiday and a spa-day! I’m currently looking into places that aren’t too expensive to stay for a few nights in Brighton for a mini-getaway with the boyfriend 🙂 we’re gonna pretend to be students again and get smashed haha :’) xo

    Amber Love Blog

  • My life has been seriously lacking with the WW-ness. I need to get cracking on this weeks post after last weeks was interrupted half way through and never finished…

    Damn, I love that photo of you and the stepsie. You both look gorgeous!

  • More dogs at the table! If I had my own I’d be far too soft and have them sitting with me all of the time, so I love it when I see them in photos like these. The walk along the Moors with your step-daughter sounded lovely too, always a great way to spend some time together. St Ives is one of my favourite places in Cornwall so I’m glad you liked it and I look forward to more of your St Ives adventures later in the week! Hope the first week back at work speeds along for you so it’s not too painful, and that first photo made me smile today – dogs are just total joy! These posts always make me smile, so thank you! – Tasha