Wonderful Wednesday Forty

Wonderful Wednesday FortyForty weeks of this joyful little ritual of collecting happy bits from the week and hollering them into the webby abyss.  If I think about it too much then really I’m sitting here shouting at strangers that I ate a really good bit of toast this week and that sounds weird. That sounds like I might be the kind of person you would cross the street to avoid. So let’s stop thinking about it too much and crack on with the wonderful bits shall we? Which I’m delighted to report have been hard to find this week because the whole thing’s been a bit of alright. But these are some stand outs:

Saturday morning. Trying to follow my own advice to be a bit kinder to me, I didn’t spend Saturday morning cleaning the bogs! The day started in that lovely way we’re getting oh so used to this month – bright and warm and wonderful – so instead I bundled up my spaniels and went exploring. We started in one of our favourite spots and just kept walking until…we ended up at one of our other favourite spots (Devonish: Gallows Gate to Cockington).  We didn’t meet another human the whole way, just a bunch of beautiful brunching cows. It was such a sweet start to the weekend.

Saturday night. No, YOU’RE a cop out. Saturday evening was equally as lovely as Saturday morning. The rain settled in and so did we, working our way through a film and a bit of Strictly (Go Ore but why Ed Balls, why?) and a steak and a bottle of red. One of the absolute best thing about adulting is a Saturday night in with your favourites isn’t it? The husband was involved, not just me and the spaniels enjoying steak and wine night together. That would be INSANE.

Wonderful Wednesday FortyBurger Me. One of my all-time favourite burger places, the multiple award winning Meat 59, now do HOME FLIPPING DELIVERY. We tried it out on Monday night, is there anything better than having a fancy burger (bourbon glaze, smoked mayo, crispy onions, cheese) delivered directly to your face? Nope. I nearly smooched the bloke who knocked on my door. The husband and I sat silent in the afterglow with our mayo smeared faces for quite some time.

Lemons. I’m trying to reduce my caffeine intake (I KNOW) and have replaced about 6 of my cups of tea each day with hot water and lemon. Aside from continually hitting myself in the face with the chunk of lemon sitting at the bottom of my cup (you think I’d learn faster wouldn’t you?), it’s refreshing and delicious and I’m sleeping much better. Winning all round.

A New Coat. The glorious sunshine cannot possibly last forever so I replaced my ratty old Berghaus with a swanky new purple Craghoppers coat. It’s like walking around in a sleeping bag which may not be glamorous but man alive is it the greatest thing that ever happened to cold autumnal mornings.

Toast. You can tell a lot about a person by their toast choices. On Saturday morning I made another bloomer – my bloomer consumption is definitely becoming a concern – and all week I’ve been enjoying chunks of the stuff toasted good and golden brown, cooled slightly in the patented toast pyramid and smothered in too much salted butter. Sorry to my arteries but my soul is all kinds of happy.

The Token Woman. On Thursday I went to the first meeting of a networking group for folks doing my job, at my level and around my age. It’s widely acknowledged that women are outnumbered in my profession (by about 10 to one according to a recent study) but it was still weird to walk into a room and be one of only 2 boob wielders in there. It was a brilliant group of peers and I came away feeling really delighted that I’d made the effort to go along and more inspired than I have in a while to push forward with what I’m doing.  The more that successful, professional women make themselves visible, the more it will hopefully encourage others to come along for the ride and groups like this have to be a good starting point. Also, there was beer.

A very merry Wednesday to you. Any good bits you’d like to share with the internet?

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All the happy. 

Wonderful Wednesday Forty-One
  • *adds “boob wielders” to list of must use words*

  • Cat

    Oh my goodness, ‘boob wielders’ just made my entire day.

    Sounds like an absolutely stellar week, Michelle! I would never even have THOUGHT of having a burger delivered to my door but my gosh, what a genius idea…particularly on a Monday! Hope the rest of your week is just as splendid. C xx

  • These always make me smile so thank you for another lovely post Michelle, there were several moments throughout this that made me giggle, especially the term, ‘boob wielders!’ – genius. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with some good toast, it’s just lovely and so warming, the more buttery the better! I need to invest in a new coat too, it’s always the highlight of getting a new, warm and fluffy coat come autumn. I love the two photos in this week’s post too, nothing nicer than walks full of lovely sunshine, especially in autumn. – Tasha

  • This is SUCH a ruddy exceptional list of lovely! The toast – yes ALL of the toast {sometimes with a toasted teacake or crumpet thrown in for good measure – can you make those yet? Can you also deliver when you do?!?} ALL of the Qs! On other toasted breakfast related chit-chat i spotted GINGERBREAD toasted teacakes in M&S today. That place sure knows how to do seasonal food/lure in people with no bread/brekkie shaped will power!

    ADORE the photos in this post too – so pretty and Autumnal. And GOSH you cannot beat red wine and steak you just can’t and burgers?!? It’s been so long since i’ve had a proper fancy pants kind.

    Wishing you a lovely rest of week!

    Sal x

  • I definitely need to try and make it to some more networking events, it’s the same in tech with being the token woman but we are definitely on the way to changing it I hope!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • I’ve been staring at the second photo of this post for a good five minutes now. A happy doggie + beautiful scenery = perfection!

  • Oh Michelle those photos! They could literally be screen savers. So so beautiful. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Oh toast, toast, tooooooast. I need to make some bread and get my toast on I think!!

    Your post made me feel absolutely full of the joys this evening! A lovely lovely list! Have a great rest of the week lovely lady xx

  • It’s fab you managed to switch from tea to lemon&water. I tried a few times to reduce my coffee intake and sometimes I can switch to tea, but I still drink a couple of mugs daily.

  • That photo of you and the dogs is gorgeous! Sounds like you had a really lovely Saturday! I hope the afternoon was as good as the morning and the evening. Well done on reducing your caffeine intake. I’ve been unintentionally upping it over the last month…. not good! And oh, now I’m craving some good toast.

    Mimmi xx

  • Appreciate the Day

    I really love that top photo. You’ve captured the autumnal light beautifully. Plus you have great legs/arse. Can I say that without sounding pervy?? Oh well I just did!

    I had a stage where I drank honey and lemon all the time, but uni has made me crave hot chocolate (along with other beveridges). Maybe a bit of clensing lemon wouldn’t go a miss!

    I’m currently on the look out for a winter coat. One of those snuggly, keep you warm under any circumstances affairs. I also want something to stick on over everything where I still look reasonably put together for a 9am lecture.

    Toast is everything. It’s so versatile that I eat it with everything!

    There is nothing that makes me happier than a boss ass woman owning her career and life. Go get em Michelle. Networking events like that are brilliant and you are paving the way for so many women behind you.

    So many comments this week! Have a gorgeous rest of your week my darling xx

  • I love the sound of that Saturday morning! I can’t wait until we can get a dog and enjoy these kind of adventures.

    The lemon in the water is really good too, I actually squeeze my lemon into the water rather than have it floating for the exact same reason, it always hits my face!

    Have a fab weekend! S x

  • Your Saturday evening is my idea of HEAVEN x
    Sophie Cliff

  • That’s a gorgeous picture.



    Oh Michelle..the first picture of this post is simply amazing!!! <3 I love spending time in the woods, exploring and breathing the fresh air surrounded by the trees with their bright autumnal colours.
    Reading your lovely WW posts made me want to join the community and I couldn't be happier :D!!!

  • Your Saturday sounds like perfection, and I thoroughly approve of your toast intake, sounds delicious (only with hot buttered toast, not cold…..it made me rethink who I thought my husband was when he let his toast go cold before buttering it)

  • Em

    First off – I need to question your toasting. I have friends who pyramid too and i don’t get it. How does the butter melt into the toast if you have cooled it? Odd balls!
    Your saturday evening sounds like a wonderful one – this last saturday I spent my time in a bar with a friend, but the friday was on the sofa with my boys (minus Jim because he was in India) but it was just about perfect!
    Do you have deliveroo? We’re just on the edge of their delivery in Sheffield (which means ppl come to our for takeaways) but it means we get the most delicious restaurant quality burgers, sushi and goyoza delivered without having the leave the house. Love it! x

  • Alanna

    I’ve tried to supplement my tea habit with lemons too, but I can’t seem to get past 1 week. There is something comforting about a cup of tea that nothing else seems to offer!!