Wonderful Wednesday Four

Wonderful Wednesday 4The eagle eyed among you will see that I’ve gone back in time. Apparently last week was SO damn wonderful that I lost the ability to count to five. Keeps things interesting.  As you read this I’ll be preparing myself for full entry to my 33rd year.  By ‘preparing myself’ I mean brewing a youth potion in a copper cauldron and fashioning a huge human sized body glove which I can get inside and commission the husband to pour industrial quantities of Olay  in with me. But I still have 24 little hours of 31 so shall we do some of the week’s best bits? We’re going to anyway, whatever you say.

Like The Queen

Like the queen, I treated myself to a pre-birthday birthday shindig with some ruddy good friends. We ate what have been touted as the second best burgers in the country. And whilst I’m still working my way through all of the UKs burgers, Meat 59 offered up some pretty damn good patties. People of Devon: they’re better than Hubbox. Yep. I said it. I went for chicken and had MASSIVE food envy at the Smoking Cow – topped with bourbon glaze, smoked cheese and sweet smoky mayo. SERIOUSLY.

Laughing At Weather

Whichever storm we’re on was an absolute beast at the weekend. In a desperate attempt to stay mud free we headed to the beach for the obligatory hound walk. The wind howled, the rain rushed in sideways and the spaniels hid behind us shivering. You know when you’re soaked to the skin and frozen and ridiculous and somehow it’s hilarious? That. We laughed at weather. Semi hysterically, it was a nice marriage moment. Oh and when we stopped for coffee and defrosting I met a brilliant black lab called Hetty. We made plans to run away together. She had amazing eyes.

Heckled By Teens

Step-child number two thinks it’s the best thing to text me as she does her friends. I get a lot of ‘bbe’ and ‘basics’ and ‘probs not’ and other things the cool kids are saying that instantly make me feel like a decaying corpse. Yes little one, it is highly entertaining but who’ll be laughing when I finally get out of my Olay body glove a foetus eh? Not you bbe.


A mere 8 months after winning a work challenge I got to claim my prize last week: lunch at a castle. Food was brill and the surroundings were beautiful, even the lavvies.

Kitchen Skiing

Got me some ski boots on the cheap. By cheap I mean free. My mama is the only other person I know with hooves instead of feet so when she upgraded her boots, muggins here got the hand me downs. I haven’t skied since Torquay’s dry slope circa 1999 with school. Seriously, do they make dry slopes out of brooms and brillo pads? That shizzle hurts. And I’ve never done it on snow so ski boots seem like an entirely appropriate gift. I did have fun pretending to ski in the kitchen for a bit though.

Still Clean

Our clean eating adventure continues and I’m really enjoying rustling up some different meals than those we’d normally eat. This week’s highlights have been baked eggs with chorizo and a horseradish crusted seabass filet served on a teeny tiny mound of lemon linguini. Natch*.

Rocket Man

Tim Peake: my not so secret space geek has an almighty crush – did you see his time lapse of the thunderstorms? Seriously cool from space. I am constantly, unerringly amazed that so much of his experience is accessible to little old us. Social media – it’s not all latte art and trolling and it’s made my heart happy this week. FYI fact fans, Tim was not the first Brit in space. I went to an incredibly inspirational talk by Helen Sharman about fifteen years ago, she was the first. And she’s a she. She was the first person I remember igniting ambition in my little female belly, the first person who made me really believe that being a woman was not a hindrance to any dream I could possibly have.

Getting Out Out

The ever increasing slivers of daylight at the start and finish of every day mean I’ve been able to do my HIIT workouts in the park with the hounds. Squatting and lunging my way around our morning walk may very well make me look insane but it’s so much more fun than trying to do it on the rug in my hot box of a lounge.

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*Another for that list of things I must never say. What does it even mean? It sounds rude.

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