Wonderful Wednesday Sixty Five

Wonderful Wednesday Sixty FiveI really haven’t been feeling this for the last couple of weeks. At all. But this morning I woke with the sun peeping around the edge of the curtains (it won’t last, don’t worry. Also, it brought yet more hay fever with it. HOW can I be unable to breathe through my nose whilst also being unable to stop it dripping?? WHAT IS THAT?!) and wanted to try to get back into this soul lifting little practice of capturing the tiny, delicious little nuggets of our Devonish life. So here goes:

Pete’s Car Face. ^^ That’s it, up there. ‘Nuff said.

MDWAP Vol Three. If you haven’t listened to My Dad Wrote a Porno yet then I’m not sure we can be friends any more. Unless you swear to me right now that you’ll give it a go? Promise? It makes me laugh tears when out on my morning dog walks. In other podcast news, Alice and Jenny have released episode(?)…cast(?) 2 of their Bookcast Club podcast, they chat through their loves and loathes of the book world and both have excellent taste so get yourself over there pronto – It’s a very lovely thing. Wonderful Wednesday Sixty FiveSunny Mornings. It’s rained incessantly since but the very first morning of our staycation we woke to beautifully clear skies and took el poochos up to the very top of that hill I love so very much and just sat. We basked in the sunshine, soaked up the silence and just…were. For a good hour. Husband and I rarely have time to just sit and be and after a RIDICULOUS May it was perfecto.

Starry Starry Night. Last week the old fella and I spent a night away in the North(Devon). The Highbullen Hotel was utterly lovely, the best bit being just how ridiculously rural it was. I like to get away for a bit of solitude now and again (hashtag introvert) but this was something else entirely. On the edge of the moor and with next to no noise or light pollution, the walk back to our room was a star gazing extravaganza. Looking at so very much of the vast night sky makes me feel tiny and insignificant and hopeful. And I like that. Actually, I LOVE that feeling.

Hacksaw Ridge. One of the most extraordinary stories I’ve heard(watched) in a long time, Hacksaw Ridge follows the story of Desmond Doss – a conscientious objector in WWII who found himself on the brutal front line in Japan. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone so I’ll just tell you that his story was UNBELIEVABLE and urge you to watch it. Some bits through splayed fingers, it can be a little brutal. I’ve spent every waking moment since watching it trying to be a better human being.    Wonderful Wednesday Sixty FiveStick Another Shrimp On. Cremated sausages, some cold Old Mout (the apple and lime is SO good!) and friends who bring their blonde bombshell pooches over to play all make for a pretty excellent Sunday night. We just managed to squeeze in a bit of al fresco before the rain came back too. Win.

Gravy. A good gravy is a soul quietening thing. I don’t want to brag but I did make perhaps the best gravy of my life last weekend. I should have saved some to go all over an obscene bowl of cheesy chips but I didn’t, that would have been MADNESS. So I’ll just keep it in my heart, 28/05/2017 – the day of the magnificent gravy.

And that’ll do I think, easing back in with a short but sweet list of loveliness. How are you doing??

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