Wonderful Wednesday Sixty Six

Ok, we don’t really need to discuss the hiatus do we? It’s been nothing more sinister than life in all its beautiful, weird and wonderful glory but a huge thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to ask. It was so very much appreciated.

Shall we get on with the particularly superficially wonderful bits of the last week or so and see if it stimulates some of the linguistic athleticism I seem to have misplaced?

Yoga I re-discovered the joy of yoga during the hiatus. My name’s Michelle and I might be a yogaholic. Indoors, outdoors, on the water, anywhere and everywhere I can bend and stretch, I’m doing it. There’s something truly lovely about feeling your body strengthen and elongate and just become its best self. I may be a bit too into it – I hit a waiter in the stomach whilst flexing a newly acquired bicep. Not many regrets because I now have biceps and all the zen. If you can’t find a class near you try a bit of Yoga with Adrienne on The You Tube – I promise nothing bad ever happened as a result of yoga. Probably.

Red Shoes I do love love love a red bit of footwear and I’ve FINALLY found the perfect replacement for the much loved and overworked M&S pair, from New Look of all places. They haven’t been off my feet for the last fortnight. They’re spicing up every outfit I own and making me feel like a walking red dress emoji. I’ll take that.

Green Tea with Jasmine Specifically the Clipper version but M&S do a pretty good Jasmin Green too. It’s refreshing and soothing and a nice way to start or end the day. Before the onslaught of caffeine.

MDWAP It’s going to make every single happy list I make until the day it stops making me cry laughing. I cackled so hard at Ken Dewsbury’s Cellar that I fell off my shoes in the car park. If you’re still not on this bandwagon you really need to be – provided that appallingly written erotica being ripped to shreds by the authors’ son doesn’t offend you. And it might offend you, it’s dreadful!

Sunday Since both of my beautiful step daughters moved out (one to uni and one with a boy – SOB!) I’ve missed our Sunday family roasts. Deep deep joy at being able to roast up a whole chicken last week after which we conked out in front of Moana (yes, the choice of a 21 year old!) Any time spent with my favourite humans is not time wasted. Especially if it also involves The Rock in cartoon form. Singing. Be still my beating heart.

Earphones Because sometimes, when you’re in the office alone, the only option is to find an excellent Spotify playlist and have a one woman silent disco whilst the kettle boils. Yes, I’m that colleague. Sometimes I also lunge.

Sandy Bits The sea features in a lot of my best bits: in it, on it, beside it getting sand in my drawers. Any which way I can get it to be completely honest. There was a very brief window where I craved the rush and stimulation of big city living. Now though, now not a day goes by where my soul isn’t utterly grateful that I get to build a career I enjoy and am good at within sniffing distance of the big blue. Thanks universe.

Belly Laughing. Particularly with friends you’ve known for twenty *cough* years whilst you watch another of them marry their love. A whole day full of head back, tummy hurting cackle is good for anyone’s soul.

And that’s that. I make no apologies for the high level of perkiness, life is good and I have red shoes. How the devil are you?

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  • Well, hello stranger! Glad to have you back and to hear that everything seems to be okay in your part of the world. August has been good to me so far; we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary with a day of cocktail-bar hopping and then a party at the weekend which the rain miraculously buggered off for. I’m hoping I can pin Mr P down to finally book our holiday at the end of this week too.

  • I’m very glad to see you’re still alive and ticking along – I’m also crazy busy at the moment so cutting back to try and enjoy the last few weeks of summer!
    Haven’t seen you for bloody ages – can we sort that out please? xxx

  • Oh it is so very wonderful to see you back!! I’m such a huge yoga with Adriene fan, she’s the yoga guru as is her gorgeous furry friend! I’d love to see these red shoes, I love red shoes as much as a yellow rain coat.

    Your roast sounds perfect, I still haven’t seen Moana, it is on my list! Your lovely happy post has popped a huge smile on my face Michelle. The sea also makes me feel so good and belly laughing with old friends is the best feeling ever.

    Peta x

  • I love that you can say yoga on the water! I really want to give it a go, although I’ll probably just be in the water. Jasmine is my favourite green tea and now I feel like I’m missing out.

  • WELCOME BACK YOU! Glad to hear that you’ve been well and enjoying spending time this summer (is it as rainy in the South as it is here in North Devon!??)

    Have you listened to the Hen Party Episode yet on MDWAP? I Couldn’t put my make-up on as I was laughing so hard. ‘Cock-a-doddle-flew’ HA.

    Sexy red shoes? I’m jealous. I’ve always been on the hunt for a killer pair of red shoes, I’m going to have to take a trip to the shops!

    Enjoy the weekend lovely one! <3 xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

  • Emma Fisher

    This list, and your return here for a mo, makes me happy that you’re happy. Although living near the sea how can you not be happy?
    I’ve never really got into MDWAP but maybe that’s because I tried to listen at work and it wasn’t conducive with that! And the on water yoga looks amazing. I need to get back into it. I really do, but finding any motivation at the moment is tough. Send me some of yours please!

  • Nice to see you back! I’m loving yoga too at the mo – I’ve been working a lot more at a desk and feel like it’s the only thing to properly stretch me out!

  • Ahh so glad to hear you are happy and healthy Michelle! I have really missed you and your voice here in the community but what better break to have than red shoes, the sea and oodles of yoga. I’m still on season 2 of MDWAP but it is SO funny!! Looking forward to finally catching up with it.

    Have a fab week! xo

  • Gahhh, I’ve missed you!! I’m glad you’re back. Everything sounds like a blast 🙂


  • Michelle I am so, so sorry I’ve fallen behind with your blog so much! I miss your posts, so I hope you’re OK and doing well. I love the photo you opened this post with, and as always, this list is just full of good things left, right and centre. I think yoga will always be something I go back to again and again when I need a moment of calm, and belly laughing is the second best medicine for stress for me too. Nothing beats holding your stomach because your muscles are hurting so much from laughing for hours. And of course, the seaside. Nothing beats it. Hope you’re OK lovely! – Tasha