Wonderful Wednesday Sixty Two

Wonderful Wednesday Sixty Two Today’s been a long old one that started with a business breakfast at 7:30 a.m. – YOU try explaining the merits of passive investing before you’ve had your first coffee – and ending at precisely 7:30 p.m. when I’ve walked my current Cinnamon Trust charge and am nursing a bucket of Pinot Noir in the garage cinema with Idris Elba. That might be the greatest sentence I’ve ever written, it’s definitely top three.

First off, a whopping thank you for your kind words and patience, I feel like I might *almost* be back. And now, smush done, on with the Wonderful:

I Like Your Writing This morning I was networking my non-blog face when someone came over to tell me they recognised the name and wanted to say how much they liked my writing. Human beings aren’t all that great at building each other up. We just aren’t. And I don’t know why since the sheer joy that an unsolicited compliment elicits is such a lovely thing, especially when it’s unexpected and out of context. It really made my day. And made me more mindful about paying it forward. Go tell someone you like them, I guarantee it’ll make them smile.Wonderful Wednesday Sixty Two Throw Another Shrimp On As I got home tonight (Tuesday) and flung open the back door, a waft of smokey barbecue goodness hit my nostrils; someone somewhere nearby was cracking on with the first barbie of the season. It’s just one of those smells that evokes every summery feeling you need and I LOVE it.

What’s The Time…Mr Wolf. Every time I step outside the front door Pete dog creeps out after me as though I don’t know he’s there. When I turn around I just see his waggly little bum legging it back into the house. It’s become my new favourite game, can’t lie. My other favourite game is watching him try to bring me the slipper from the husband’s actual foot. SUCH a good boy. Wonderful Wednesday Sixty TwoSecret Bluebells In a bit of a sulk that I haven’t made it to the Holwell Lawn bluebells yet, I accidentally stumbled across a secret army of the things on one of my usual dog walks. Their cheery little blue bits make me happy and I’m a-ok with that. Bluebellaholics unite. Not here though, I’m not sharing.Wonderful Wednesday Sixty Two Beer Festivals There’s a pretty whopping annual one just one town over and I made my debut this year. Admittedly I *may* have consumed enough beer that I texted my mum for help but that didn’t take away from just how much fun it was hanging out with my best mate in the sunshine, sampling beer from across the land. You can read all about it over here, more on that little project coming soon.

Steak Date There once was a time when a marital treat would be something so very different. Now it involves a couple of steaks, an M&S Diane sauce and a cheeky Bordeaux enjoyed on a rainy bank holiday Monday. This week (tomorrow in fact) marks our TEN YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! And those little quite uninteresting bits of our marriage are what make me love it so.  There’s no-one in the world I would rather eat steak and binge watch Bake Off Creme de la Creme with. It does blow that we won’t be spending the actual day together, he’s away for work. BUT we will be going to distill our very own 10 year anniversary gin and how better to celebrate being stuck with each other forever than with gin? We like gin.

And that’ll probably do. How’s your week been?

Warning: this Idris Elba film is The Take and it is DIABOLICAL. But it also has Jon Snow in so make up your own minds. (Sadly not newsreader John Snow, he’s my not so secret weird crush)

SallyKate, Helen, JoCatEmma, Sam, Laura, LynseyKerriPeta Sarah, ElJasmin, Debbie, Katie  and Mimmi are all also full of the cheer. >> If you’re in the gang and I’ve missed you off, please please let me know! There are so many now I lose track! 

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  • Congrats on the anniversary! Distilling gin sounds like THE BEST way to celebrate x

    Sophie Cliff

  • It’s been ages and ages since i sat down, had time and read and read and read all of the #wonderfulwednesday s and better still found time to share and comment – usually they’re read hurriedly over porridge whilst clock watching or in a rush without trying to drop lumps of avocado on my phone on my lunch break at work BUT i’m here!

    I LOVED this! Yes to first BBQ’s – it’s our first year with a garden ever – and if this weekend is lovely then we are SO BBQ-ing it up, just ‘cos we can.

    Your little pooches are the cleverest/cunning little pooches that there ever was. I bet they have out-smarted you on many an occasion.

    Hell YEAH to Bluebells! ALL of the bluebells!!! They’re cheering me up no end and especially when accompanied by whopping great beams of sunny sunshine!

    Interesting fact: I always call Idris Elba, Idris Elbow and it drives the Mr nuts. I’m not so fond of him as an actor. I’m much more a Tom Hanks, Liam Neeson or Robin Williams kinda male actor fan. Maybe he could become Idris Schmelba. Except well that sounds like a yoghurt flavour….oh how i’ve missed digressing!

    Sending love and happy anniversary to you both!

    Sal x

  • I’ve had a great week so far, thanks, starting with seeing John Cooper Clarke in Nottingham last week, point to point amateur horse racing (I was betting, not riding) on Saturday followed by the boxing and then a triumphant win for my favourite football team, Spurs. This weekend promises to be a little quieter – I have a night in, possibly alone, on Friday as Mr P is taking his dad to see Bob Dylan and the rest remains wonderfully free…bliss. Glad you got your blogging mojo back missus, and happy 10th anniversary! x

  • What a fab post, how nice for real-life human compliments, and anniversary celebrations (they sound perfect – especially bake off – the tension!). I remember looking at the Cinnamon Trust years ago and then promptly forgot they existed, thank you for reminding me! x

  • Awww, I love that first point on your list, what a lovely way to start the post! I wish people were kinder in general and cheered eachother on more, because I feel like it’s needed more than ever now, and as you said, we aren’t always too good at lifting eachother up, so I definitely get why it was a highlight of the week for you, and it’s true too, your writing is brilliant! I’m so glad it’s BBQ weather now too, it’s just the nicest thing to come home to that scent on the breeze! Lovely photos here too, that view out across the field with all of that gorgeous yellow colour is stunning. – Tasha

  • Appreciate the Day

    I am uniting in the love of bluebells! I had a lovely walk through woods which were just covered in bluebells last week. Topped off with smores from a campfire that I actually lit myself. Yay for cherleaders, may we have them and be them! Nuff said. Massive congratualtions on 10 years! A whole decade and binge watching creme de la creme is pretty darn wonderful too.
    That first waft of bbq means summer’s officially on it’s way. Cannot wait for summer evenings spent outside.
    Have a lovely weekend lady xx

  • I’ve heard tell of a whole lot of secret bluebells in that Plymouth, I need to venture down, it’s not like you’re a gazillion miles away is it?!
    Hope you’ve had a great week
    M x

  • We are definitely not kind enough to each other, myself included. I was surprised by just how much it made my day, it was a bit of an eye opener as to how little I do it for others. Lesson learned.

    Hope you’ve had a wonderful week.
    M x

  • Thanking you muchly.
    And Cinnamon Trust are my all time faves…I just wish I had more time for all the doggles. (And peoples).
    M x

  • Was John Cooper Clarke amazing?? I do love him.
    Hope you had a fabbo free weekend – sometimes those with no plans turn out to be the absolute best.
    M x

  • Well welcome back! Glad you found the time to ping over for a chatette. AND thank you, I’ll never be able to call Idris Elbow anything else, ever ever again. I do generally think he’s a bit of alright but this film was utter utter tosh.
    Hope you’ve had a cracking couple of weeks? I think I’m back properly now, I may….*MAY* have just finished this weeks WW now. ON A MONDAY!
    M x

  • Thanks buddy. And by the time we get to do the gin, IN JUNE, we’ll be so very ready to get so very shit faced. Or, you know, pleasantly tiddly.
    M x

  • <3 That's so lovely! It's been a busy week, but good. Hope you've had the same lovely.

  • He was ACE! We’ve seen him twice now and he never disappoints. The bits between the poems are gold – he’s such a fabulous raconteur. Do try and catch him yourself if he ever gets down to your neck of the woods. You won’t be disappointed x