Wonderful Wednesday Ten

Wonderful Wednesday Ten Wonderful Wednesday Ten

Guys, I *think* I’ve got a bit of moxie back. I know. Almost certainly helped along by a whole weekend of sunshine with my favourites and the enforced rest of a crappy migraine at the tail end of last week. The migraine was very not cool BUT the two days of having to sit without electronics and distractions was a very good thing: I got a bit mindful and zen and peace, man. I also wept and bashed into things, maybe I threw up in the park – migraines really aren’t fun. But clearly I needed to stop. We should probably listen to our bodies more.

So, the things that are making this week brilliant: Wonderful Wednesday Ten.

First World Problems

Starting off writing this week’s Wonderful Wednesday from my bed with The Night Manager feels like a pretty cracking way to get going. I’m in the throes of the best of all the #firstworldproblems: having to use up my leave before the end of March.  I’ve squeezed in not one but TWO days off this week and the same next week. BOOM!


Last night the husband arrived home with a beautiful bunch of petrol station flowers and chocolate eclairs – French not Cadbury – just because. ‘Just because’ might be the two loveliest words there ever were.

Green Goddess

We got all Good Life in the garden whilst the sun shone on Sunday. There’s something ridiculously therapeutic about weeding. Do you ever say things and then wonder who the hell you’ve become? That sentence right there is that for me.

Still, weeding = good, sunshine = goooood. FYI spaniels make excellent weeders, as long as the husband isn’t looking.

Wonderful Wednesday Ten

Lady Love

Canesten asked me to be part of their #shehelped campaign – WAIT, this isn’t a sales pitch!! I had to share a story about being helped and supported by my fellow females and invite you guys to do the same. There’s a giveaway so, spam BUT I’ve seen so many lovely little tales of women building each other up, supporting one another and generally being awesome and it’s made my heart happy as a lark. Come let me know if you have a brilliant woman to share. 

Is ‘happy as a lark’ a phrase? I don’t think it is.

Lemon Meringue Pie

We have not, repeat not, eaten clean this week. The pinacle of being off the wagon was a lemon meringue pie on Saturday – so lemony, so delicious. Later that night I found the husband in the kitchen quietly eating the leftovers straight from the tray with a spoon.

Holiday Countdown

We started the countdown to our holiday WAY too soon, it’s been a few years since we’ve had one ok? We don’t know the etiquette. This week we reached H plus 50 days. That feels pretty damn soon. Roll on May. We’re working our way through a little pile of travel guides and getting obnoxiously excited. Warning: the holiday gushing is going to get so very much worse before it gets better #sorrynotsorry.

Right, I’m off to the moors with my hounds to make the most of this freebie day slap bang in the middle of the week and to avoid any budget news until I’m back at work and cannot possibly  avert my face like a toddler eating stewed veg any longer.

Tell me down below what’s been making your week wonderful? Or join the hashtagging majesty of #wonderfulwednesday on twitter. 

The Wonderful Wednesday bunch is growing all the time, find more jolly with SallyHelen, Nadine and Kate. Reading the merry minutae of someone elses life might be more fun than writing your own, true story. 

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