Wonderful Wednesday Thirty Eight

wonderful wednesday thirty eightI’m peering at the laptop through teeny tiny knackered eyes tonight, I had an exam at 9.30 on Tuesday morning, so of course my brain went into overdrive at about 3 a.m. and just kept going until…well, now! Thanks brain, you’re the BEST. Whilst I’m super chuffed that it’s over, my nervy perma-awake brain means that I’m not so much with the words right now, I could probably tell you all about Lasting Powers of Attorney and discounted gift trusts if you’re interested. Anyone? Tumbleweed in three, two, one…

On with the wonderful*

Topping this week’s list of good bits is getting this exam out of the way obvs. I’ll have plenty more to come over the next couple of years so I don’t quite know why this one (Trust Planning if you care) got me so worked up but it did. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of relief that comes with a good solid ‘pens down people’.

Saturday and Sunday. HOW beautiful and un-Autumn was this weekend? I anti-Hygge’d my butt off, jumper and sock free in the garden for a bit. This weekend also marked that most wonderful of times when the pooches are allowed back on the beaches. We spent a couple of hours at one of our favourite spots, basking in the sunshine and watching Betty go batsh*t crazy on the sand. That dog sure does love the beach.

wonderful wednesday thirty eightHarry Potter and the Cursed Child. I started reading it in the sunshine on Sunday and managed about 30 pages before I had to make someone take it off me and hide it so I could crack back on with the revision. I can’t give you any spoilers because I’m not very far in but so far it’s fantastic.

Date night with K. Now she’s a working girl, we hardly see K at home these days. On Friday she and I had a cheeky date night complete with Chinese food, the naffness of Burlesque and boy chat (her, not me. It would be beyond weird to boy-chat with my step-child about her father!) Sometimes it’s the little moments with the ones you love that make a week.

Poldarking It Up A Treat. A beautiful friend brought me some good-luck-in-your-exam giftage. She is widely acknowledged to be the queen of presents so when she rocked up at my door with a cute little good luck angel keyring and a POLDARK FLIPPING COLOURING BOOK it was no surprise. Guys, it’s amazing! It’s full of line drawings of scenes from actual Poldark so it is as creepy as it is incredible. You must all buy it right now.

Monday Morning Run. Before knuckling down to a last day of cramming I went for a run on Monday morning. Look how pretty, hashtag no filter, it sort of made up for falling on my bum in the mud and straining all the muscles. Because it was Monday morning there wasn’t a soul about. Just me and my spaniel dogs and the great outdoors. Bliss. wonderful wednesday thirty eightAnd that’s about as good as it gets this week. How’s yours been?

*every week I write something similar and every week I yell it in my head in a ‘LET’S PLAY DARTS!’ style. Just me?

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All the happy. 

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  • I really love the look of all the outdoors! I generally like this transitional time when its still bright but a bit cooler! I need to get myself out and filling my lungs with a bit of fresh air!

    Charlotte | http://www.shoestringchic.co.uk

  • Ooooh I’m glad you’re enjoying The Cursed Child – I really loved it but read so many meh reviews! x
    Sophie Cliff

  • Ellie

    Love this posts! And missing Devon so love all the pics! 🙂 I really enjoyed the cursed child, I’m sure you will too! Also well done on the exam! 🙂

  • HA i properly laughed at being referred to as the ‘Mother’ of #wonderfulwednesday !! Hey i’ll take that!

    Sad to hear about your naffy revision BUT it’ll be worth it in the end, you deserve extra praise for getting back into it and bashing on – not sure i’d be able to do that after all *aherm* these years….

    Forever with the beach envy over here – and a little bit of the run envy too….NO WAIT i love my bike it’s ok – PHEW!

    As ever, thanks lots for joining in and for making me laugh SO flippin’ much!

    Love to you and the crazy pups xxx

  • Helen

    Beootiful pics! Well impressed with your Monday morning run – I can’t even run up the stairs without panting at the top! H x

  • Jenny

    What lovely hills yout got 🤗

  • Im away at university at the moment, so my views are currently library, bedroom and the odd trip to the kitchen. Im originally from Devon and I am desperately missing the wonderful views that it has to offer! xx


  • Hope you’re feeling a little more rested now!

    Exams are hard on the brain, but I agree, that moment of “pens down” is glorious. It’s like you’ve been waiting the whole time to breathe out and you finally can. It no longer matter that you didn’t really know what question 3 was talking about because it’s all over. Good for you! I hope you get the result you want!

    Is that a woman going in for a swim?! Damn, lady.

    I’m considering getting back into my running, since we stopped after we took up cycling instead, but I’m feeling like a lunch time run might be a nice little addition to my days. Plus, if we get a furry companion, that could make it extra fun 🙂

  • I can’t believe that there is no filter on that photo, it is absolutely stunning!! I think I would get out and nearly kill myself running in a morning if I got to see that. Gorgeous!!

    Congrats on getting the exam out of the way, how did it go? It’s hard changing your career isn’t it? I’ve done the same over the last year and my lord am I still learning. In fact, I feel like the learning will never actually end.

    Have a fabulous week my lovely, can’t wait to read the next one! S x

  • That picture is blooming lovely, well done you taking that on a run. It’s all I can do to not die on a run, let alone spotting pretty things! Glad you’ve had such a lovely week despite revision. And no spoilers, but you’re in for a treat with the HP script – all the thoughts! x

  • Katie

    I love the idea of yelling ON WITH THE WONDERFUL! I kinda want to cross-stitch it into an inspiring sampler to go on the front door…

    Apologies, it’s been an exhausting week. Which has apparently made me twee xxx

  • Cat

    Heaps of well dones for getting through the revision and the exam – I’m sure you’ve done splendidly. And I, for one, am always interested in talking about LPAs – everyone should have one (and a Will, while we’re on related subjects…)

    Gorgeous photo and sounds like you made up for the focused studying with lots of good times around it! Make sure you’re relaxing wholeheartedly this weekend! C xx

  • Gorgeous pictures of the sunshine


  • What an incredible photo Michelle!! It sounds like a lovely week, well done on studying for your exam! I hope you have a wonderful weekend 🙂
    Peta xx


  • Sounds like a fab week full of simple pleasures! I can’t wait to take Freddydog to the beach again, it’s so unfair they can’t go on it all year round because is there anything happier than a dog on the beach? x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  • sounds like a great week!
    I’m right there with you for Harry Potter, only got round to reading it recently and am loving it so far.