Wonderful Wednesday Thirty-Five

img_3927I’ve managed to waffle an intro for thirty four weeks now but I’m out, my brain is broken. I’ve had the most ridiculously busy work week. One in which people keep side eyeing me to see if today’s the day I freak the hell out.

It’s not. So far, so sane. *High five*

I’m learning a ridiculous amount of stuff so it’s a good kind of brain ache. I’ve been sleeping like the dead, my eyes close as soon as my face plants the pillow in that way that only seems to happen when you’ve used your brain to its absolute limit.

What it means though is that my mind tank is empty for intro waffle. And probably any kind of creative writing further down, let’s see eh? Busy but good, that’s all you get this week. Busy. But. Good.
Shall we?

Huge dirty great life size rhino sculptures have been appearing in the streets and parks of Torbaydos this Summer. They’re truly beautiful like this one fella, Louis, he packs his bags every week and rocks up in a brand new spot ready to be discovered. He showed up in a field near my house last Monday; Pete was not happy. What. The. Eff. IS IT? Cue alternating between being a double hard b***ard and a massive massive chicken. Watching him try to figure it out whilst doing his super fast running around it was all kinds of hilarious and super cute. Betty did not care. .

Date Night
Husband and I put on some pants and went out on a real date this weekend, a Saturday night dinner date no less. It was full of great food and beer and chat and people watching and minimal phone grabbing. I ate a monkfish curry that was hotter than the sun, definitely what you want on date night. It was lovely to take our hanging out elsewhere though, you have to make time for that stuff. Life advice right there.

More in this week’s bakeoffbakealong post but I made all the bread this weekend. Let’s not discuss the real Bake Off eh? It’s just too soon. *wails into the air* how could you Love Productions. HOW COULD YOU?   My bakeathon started with Nutella brioche and ending with a ginormous bloomer (my mom calls it Bloomies). There’s something a little bit magical about stuffing your face with something you’ve made with your own two hands, particularly when you can dunk it into a steaming bowl of fresh stew. Hygge hygge-hygge tiiiimmmmme. To be sung to the tune of ‘Summertime’, for the irony.

Cheesy Feet
Sorry, another dog one and potentially one only REAL dog lovers will get: I love love love the smell of cheesy dog feet. I don’t know why and if I think about it too hard it’ll make me want to vom, but seriously, I cannot get enough of those stinky toes this week. ANYONE out there get this?? Anyone at all? Speak now.

Good Job Little Buddy
I’ve sort of nailed work this week. It’s exhausted every single brain cell I have but I’ve done it. I led my first client meeting in which I talked at 400 miles an hour (sweet sweet nerves) but generally I rocked it. It’s been the longest time since I’ve had to sit in front of a client one on one and convey actual real life important information. It’s nice to know I can still handle that situation with just a set of clammy palms.

Happy Birthday Roald Dahl 
Roald Dahl books punctuated my whole childhood: I found solace in Matilda, used Mr and Mrs Twit as stand ins for those terrifying characters I needed to process in my real life, learnt how to spot a witch from 100 yards.  Still now when I need to escape I’ll pick up a battered old copy of Fantastic Mr Fox or The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me and dive right in for a bit. This week (yesterday I think) marked 100 years since he was born reminding me of all those times Roald just got it. Thanks RD.

And that was this week. How’s yours been?

Sally is responsible for all this joy sharing so head on over to Sally Tangle for more jolliness than you can handle. And don’t forget the WW posse Kate, Helen, JoCatEmma, Sam, Laura and Kerri. They’re full of the good stuff. Peta  and Sarah joined us last week too and Jasmin has boarded the mid-week merry train (sorry, I don’t know what that sentence even is!) this week – there’s no stopping the wonderful.

Let me know if you decide to join us. Very cheer, much happy, so Wednesday. 

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