Wonderful Wednesday Thirty Four

imageOK, last week I was all off my face on endorphins and a few days leave and everything was SO AMAZINGLY AWESOME. This week is less hyperbolically bodacious than the last but still full of wonderful bits. Every week is as long as you’re willing to hunt them down. It also helps that this week has seen the realisation of one of my lifelong dreams: yep, I’m talking about The Shed. Even before hygge was a word none of us could pronounce I dreamed of having a space all of my own to hide away in with my books and a cuppa and my own company. This week the husband, step-child number one and I beavered away to make it an actual real life cosy, snuggle pad. It’s had the cumulative effect of putting a rosy glow on the rest of the week, huzzah.

In no particular order:

Seriously though, I really need to get over it but it’s proper life goals. I’ll take you for a tour later in the week but for now just know that I’ve spent 99% of my free time in it, contemplated sleeping there and stashed an emergency bottle of wine behind the sofa that may or may not already be half empty. It’s my happy place and there’s NO WIFI which means on Sunday night I sat there and bashed out two blog posts and a column*, I suspect this is the makings of a new productive me. Till the wifi booster arrives…

*I also watched So I Married an Axe Murderer in there, because. 

imageAutumnal Vibes
After confessing my hatred of pumpkin spiced lattes and all who sail in them I was expecting a shunning. Not so, I appear to have found my people and we’re embracing Autumn in our own sweet PSL free way. For me that’s involved cooking up a storm of autumnish fare, culminating in tonight’s pretty epic curry enjoyed perched in the kitchen with garlic and coriander naan, wine and my love. Welcome September, you can stay. Also scoffed bangers and mash this week. Bangers and flipping mash. Get in.

Brave Teens
Step-child number two was unbelievably kick ass this week. She made some hard decisions which she worked through more sensibly than I ever could (yes, even now) and just did it. Incredibly proud of that little sausage.

The Tale of Ten Tons of Toilet Roll
It’s made the week’s highlights for its supreme thriftiness and also the amount of inadvertent joy only an airing cupboard full of bog roll can bring. In short I signed up for one of those Amazon button things to auto deliver loo roll when we run out (nifty eh?) Spotting that we were running low I clicked the clicker and received an email to say seventy odd rolls would be delivered on the 22ND SEPTEMBER. I can scrimp with the best of them but there’s no way I’d make three weeks on one roll so I hot footed it to B&Q to pick up a bargain 24 rolls for under a tenner (do it, thrift is good). Guess what arrived today? 70 odd rolls from Amazon. That’s right, I have one hundred rolls of toilet paper in my house. Oh how we laughed…

Like a functioning adult I did ANOTHER brunch this week. No cooking this time, instead we headed out to drink coffee by the sea and talk dating. Not me, obvs. I’ve been married a decade, my dating is unworthy of brunch (and it’s about to get worse, he asked me ‘how many weeks til Christmas?’ this morning. Know your audience, husband). My lovely dating friends though? Their dating lives are all kinds of juicy and full of joy, well worthy of nattering about beside the seaside.

Queen Liz
Earle obvs. I replaced my hot cloth cleanser this week and treated myself to a toner, what a time to be alive. You only need to take one look at actual Liz Earle to be sold. Not to mention that my skin feels amazing. The sales assistant also tried to sell me a perfume that whiffed of my nana. Not so much with the parfum Liz but your skincare is top drawer.

Stranger Things 
Yes, I finally got there and yes it is as incredible as everyone says. No spoilers but it’s totes Gooniesesque and Winona Ryder is everything. The Wonderful Wednesday crew have been banging on about it FOREVER and if that’s not an incitement to go find out what other great stuff they’ve be talking about I don’t know what is.

Has your week been wonderful? Tell me things.

Sally is responsible for all this joy sharing so head on over to Sally Tangle for more jolliness than you can handle. And don’t forget the WW posse Kate, Helen, JoCatEmma, Sam and Kerri. They’re full of the good stuff. This week we’ve got a newbie too – go visit the ever wonderful Peta for her highlights. 

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  • Laura Meredith

    That shed! I need a shed – that’s something I never thought I would say! Can’t wait for the shed tour.
    Your toilet roll story made me laugh so much! Hope you have a lovely rest of the week Michelle!
    Laura xx

  • I am stupidly excited to see the tour of your Shed! I know I’m going to end up wanting one!

  • You’re killing me with the shed suspense!! Serious life goals. Such a beautiful photo as well with the sky all orange and glowy 🙂 I’ve never actually tried a PSL (we abbreviating that now? Ok cool) and kind of want to so I know if I’m missing out, or if I can actually bitch about how they’re not even that good 😛 I don’t like being on the fence! I must be on some side of the fence!

    I love thrifty shopping and would bulk buy if I could but my mam basically faints at the thought of bulk buying xD

    Amber Love Blog

  • Ooh your shed sounds amazing! I hear so many good things about Stranger Things, I think I will have to give in an watch it!

  • Ahh I’m so glad you enjoyed Stranger Things! I know we all banged on about it but it’s only because we care for your coolness, oh and you’re right, Winona is everything!

    Had to laugh at the loo roll story, high fives all around I say!

    S xo

  • They married an axe murderer? Not just any type of murderer, they had a specific type in mind? Hmm, the decisions people make. I guess they were a nice person despite their love of axes?

    There’s no signs of Autumn here and I’m enjoying it very much. Crispy leaves can hold off a little longer, I’m enjoying the blue skies and summer temperatures.

    Does B&Q sell toilet roll? This is did not know. Props on all the loo roll though. All I’ve got in terms of loo roll is a brand we hadn’t bought before (they didn’t have the one we normally buy) which was cheaper and looked more promising only to find out it was that brand that has less sheets on a roll. So instead of 24 normal sized rolls, I’ve got 24 half rolls. Wish I had a 100 now.

    Still not got past episode one of Stranger Things…

  • Appreciate the Day

    First of all that sky is just flipping beautiful. I absolutely adore sunsets/rises and then I noticed the shed in the photo. I have shed envy (a phrase I never thought I would type). A space to be snuggled and calm sounds just marvellous.

    It’s way too hot here for autumn thoughts, but the light is getting that tiny bit more golden and the hedges are laden with blackberries. However I am having to think about packing autumn/winter clothes. I think that Autumn always feels like the start of something new too.

    This week I have indulged in brunch too. Maybe I ate too much, maybe I had to have a break to even conquer the mountain of food, but that allowed for more chatting.

    Have a gorgeous end to your week – with a shed like that I’m not sure you couldn’t! xx

  • This makes me all kinds of happy. Seriously 100 loo rolls! Party at your house!! You might need them though if you’re inhaling all the curries 🙂 I’m still loving your shed, one day I shall have a shed and I will share all the joy with the world. Revel in the shed glory for as long as you can my lovely! I’ll be a bit envious over here!

    Honestly Aine

  • Sheila

    Loving the autumn vibes here too, its so beautiful outside and the sun makes everything seem ok….well until you realise you’ve abandoned the house for too long and need to do a bit of housekeeping.
    Seriously envying your shed!

  • Love the picture of the sky – perfect autumn sunset.


  • I’m more than excited for this shed tour, it looks like a beaut M!


  • Actually LOVE the shed/summerhouse/den! You’ll have to get C another shed for the lawnmower and tools! xxx

  • I love that shed photo, it looks so cosy! I was just reading an article about hygge the other day and felt all cosy and warm just hearing it mentioned in your post, and you’re so right too, nothing beats a place of your own. I think I’m the only person who hasn’t seen Stranger Things yet, which is insane, as it’s just my kind of thing, so I need to get Netflix, at once! Hope this week goes just as well for you. – Tasha