Wonderful Wednesday Thirty Seven

img_4993^^ spaniel bums make every day wonderful

I got home from work about ten minutes ago and fell straight into my PJs (after taking the dogs out, making dinner, mopping the floor and getting a loaf in to prove. Relatable? Moi?) I’ll be honest, I’m feeling a teeny tiny bit sorry for myself – after the perking the hell out of Monday I was struck down by the same snotty fluey grimness that the rest of the fam brought home. Sigh.

Snot and stupid thick head aside, on with the wonderful before I have to go knock the bread back and neck a hot toddy. Toddie? Toddy.

Return of the Tights
Today, Tuesday, was the first tights day since I ditched the opaques at the first sign of springtime sunshine. As well as their awesome warm making capabilities isn’t there just something lovely about being all sucked in under your clothes? Like having a whole day long hug. One that you want, obvs.

Scotch Eggs
The most seventies of all the snacks, I haven’t had a scotch egg for years (boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat and breadcrumbs for the uninitiated, popular at buffets of nans across the land). I had no idea they’d been gourmet-ed up to the knackers (or that the scotch egg offered a viable career path) til I stumbled across a sweet chilli scotch egg on Sunday courtesy of a little independent purveyor of scotch eggs. I’ve definitely said scotch egg too many times now but man alive was it delicious. Delicious enough to have told EVERYONE I’VE MET about it. And now you guys.

Sweet Rhubarb
With the darker evenings I’ve rediscovered the joy of all the candles, in particular M&S sweet rhubarb candle – it might be called something else. RHUBARB FLOWER, it’s rhubarb flower.  It smells just like rhubarb and custard sweets and just seems to keep going forever. The mandarin one also smells like you could eat it with some ice cream.

img_4923Serial – Series 1
Like everything else, I’m late to the Serial podcast but oooh ooooh OOOOH it’s a bit addictive. With the same Making a Murderer morbid curiosity I’ve found myself binge listening the pants off it. If you’re into true crime and you’re down with the podcast kids then give it a go: an independent investigative journalist looks into a real murder case, re-examining the evidence and conducting her own rudimentary research to see if she comes to the same conclusions. It’s FASCINATING.

Toad in the Hole
I’m so very busy that I’ve been… shall we say ‘not good’ at the #bakeoffbakealong this year. I said that like I’m a seasoned pro, I’m not, it’s the first year I’ve taken part and I’m already a dirty great shirker. I didn’t have half a day to experiment, nor half a brain cell spare to come up with something magical, so I took batter week and turned it into a mid-week dinner of toad in the hole. Annoyingly they came out well, well enough to have eked a whole blog post out of. Instead we just sat and ate them like normal people, full temp, no photos, nothing. Maaaaybe we got some chips from the chip shop as a back-up (we did), maaaybe I made the greatest gravy of my life (I did). Toad in the hole is a proper autumnal dinner, it was definitely a highlight.

img_4945The Crow
In spite of Pete finding my kitchen floor attempt at the crow pose totes hilar, I did actually manage to do it in my yoga class this week. This is what it should look like  mine was alright actually, I didn’t stay up there for hours but it was oh so satisfying to have managed. I’ve found an awesome yoga class that focuses on how you feel and on just doing what your body wants to do rather than conforming to some terrifying yogi ideal of forcing your limbs into something quite unrecognisable as a human body. Crazy, right?

Birds Without Wings 
Birds Without Wings was one of the first books I grabbed to take to the shed. On Sunday I forced myself to take 20 minutes away from revising to read something just for me, Birds Without Wings was it. By Louis de Bernieres it features a village as its main character. A Turkish village, home to both Christians and Muslims and tracks its journey through the collapse of the Ottoman Empire during WW1. It’s an incredible book, beautiful and horrifying and all consuming and I love it. I loved it before and I’ve loved dipping back in. If you like his flowery style of writing and infinite involving minutiae, do it. If you didn’t like Captain Corelli’s Mandolin then probably don’t.

So there we go, yoga, pyjama clad bread making and toad in the hole. What. A. Week.

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Very cheer, much happy, so Wednesday.

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