Wonderful Wednesday Thirty-Six

wonderful wednesday thirty sixRight, we’ve got one lunch hour and a whole lot of wonderful to get down on paper (screen. Although technically I wrote the list in a notebook on the plane last night so we’re in a techie-Luddite hybrid situation). And that my friends is what we’re dealing with this week. 1. I feel like I’m just managing to squeeze everything in rather than fully commit to anything at all and my brain is knackered. 2. I’m using words like ‘Luddite’. I don’t know why but when I get tired but my mind tank pulls all kinds of weird words from its darkest recesses. And in a full days’ report writing that’s exactly what you need.

Can that be the intro? Is that enough? Was it a bit surreal? Aside: I stopped by C’s office the other day for some light marital bants and I went too surreal with a joke about a talking duck. It wasn’t that out there but it was a definite tumbleweed moment so I just turned around and left quietly.

I need to stop talking and do the same now, ON WITH THE WONDERFUL.

wonderful wednesday thirty sixUp
I spent yesterday in That London for work. That was interesting in itself, list of things I absolutely don’t miss about the Big Smoke coming soon. Even better, I flew there. I’m so faaaaancy….

Except that I nearly missed the plane thanks to a malfunctioning brain/alarm combo. Cue flinging on my jacket and ‘f**kity f**king’ through the airport, past the unimpressed security guys (y u no smile?) and up the teeny tiny steps to my seat RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PLANE. But, once up in the air I got to see the sunrise from above the clouds which is always good for the soul. And to continue the up theme, I do like to walk about London Town with my face pointing to the sky, there’s always something to see. Like that Walkie Talkie looming over its older, more life experienced neighbours.

wonderful wednesday thirty sixLunch of Champions
In spite of heinous busyness, I still try to get away from my desk in the middle of the day to let my brain recharge (desk workers, you should ALL do this, even for ten minutes – stretch, eat, do something completely unrelated to work). On Monday I went home, sliced a bit of homemade* bloomer, toasted it, layered it up with goats’ cheese and avo, drizzled liberally with balsamic vinegar and stuck it in my face. Much delicious.

*homemade, I KNOW.

Pant Suiting like a (Girl)Boss
Yesterday’s conference was my first biggie of the new career. Sharing a room with others who can already do what I’m training for was both ridiculously inspiring and beyond terrifying. Would anyone be interested in a post about confidence and handling that kind of situation or has it been done to death? Short version: I plastered on a smile, wore my confidence inducing pant suit of dreams and made some friends. Connections Michelle, professional connections. I’m firmly in the fake it til you feel it camp and I generally only stick on my full suit when feeling extra un-confident, when I’m trying to fool myself that if I look the part I’ve definitely got this. Nailed it.

NB real life people, if you see me in my suit try not to come tell me to my face that I must be feeling nervous. That won’t help.

Indoors Date Night
This week husband and I both been feeling pooped so on Saturday night we declined invitations to a beer festival and instead closed the curtains, opened a bottle of red and a whopping bag of M&Ms and vegged in front of The Intern – Robert DeNiro is seventy something but, get this, he’s an intern. Much lols. (Actually it was pretty sweet, maybe a three and a half out of five?)

Outdoors Date Night
We also went out for a date this week to THE BEST PLACE that I can’t tell you about yet but will soon. Sorry! SO good though. The downside being that it was right in the deepest darkest depths of the Devonish countryside which means only one thing Devon folk: The Lanes. The lanes should come with their own dark and twisty theme tune, they are narrow and scary and full of militant country drivers who refuse to move. Both legs of that journey were harrowing enough to get a column out of this week BUT the food was amazing. And the real perk of being so far in the countryside is that the light pollution is non-existent. We got to watch the most incredible sunset over the rolling hills. An amazing sunset that gave way to a clear, star filled night. Whilst the husband got steadily more stressed by the teeny tiny roads, I helped by pointing out my favourite constellations and asking him to pull over for a photo. He did not. So no pictures of that sunset. Sometimes though, now and again, it’s nice to just enjoy something without feeling the need to view it through an iphone screen. Who knew.

Oh and I met this creature. She sadly will not be mine, she’s our friends new nine week old Shitzu/Cav cross and she was divine.

wonderful wednesday thirty sixOk, that’s enough wonderful. Tell me about your week.

P.s. I’ve been SO busy that my only shed time was to fall asleep in there on Saturday morning with the spaniels. I’m not even sorry.

Sally is responsible for all this joy sharing so head on over to Sally Tangle for more jolliness than you can handle. And don’t forget the WW posse Kate, Helen, JoCatEmma, Sam, LauraKerri, Peta , Sarah, El and Jasmin they’re all full of the cheer. 

Let us know if you decide to join in, there’s a hashtag and everything #wonderfulwednesday

Very cheer, much happy, so Wednesday.

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  • Great intro. Great use of the word ‘luddite’. Also great photo of that building in London – what is that? Luke and I are planning a whole weekend indoor date this coming weekend and I couldn’t be more excited!

  • Jenny

    <3 Give me that puppy! <3 And Devon's jet black skies that would turn Apple green (see what I did there);

  • First off, let’s just face the reason this post is one of the best things my eyes have taken in today: THE PUPPY. I waaaaant onneeeee I’m in that completely over exhausted saying too much mood so I apologise for this comment already.

    It sounds like rather a busy week lovely! I hope you’ll have time to rest this weekend, I do the same when faced with nerve wracking professional situations – I dress to the nines. Fake it til you make it and what not!

    I originally come from Cornwall and oh my goodness do the lanes scare the hell out of me every time I go back, I’d imagine they’re very similar to Devon’s lanes!! Scary scary scary but also kinda lovely.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you’ve had a lovely day today.

    Peta xx


  • Katie

    Would you just LOOK at that lunch?! You’re a sure thing for the Middle Class Open Sandwich Awards (and I mean that only with love); next time, you should eat it in the shed xxx

  • *__*

  • Ami

    So funny! My Chelsea boots have the same effect as your pants suit, one inch taller and I feel like I can take on the world.

    That puppy is so cute, he’d look good in your shed (that sounds so wrong..til people see your shed) x

  • The Intern is such a fab film! I watched it a while ago and just loved it! Such a wonderful collection of the Wednesday cheer this week. That puppy is giving me the urgings for me own. Must get into new home pronto! S x

  • That lunch looks absolutely amazing! And yay, well done on getting through such a big day at work. Enjoy the rest of your week! xx

  • Ha, thanks dude.
    Enjoy your indoor date, sometime shutting the world out and hunkering down is a great great thing.
    M x

  • Ha, NOPE. She was ridiculously cute!
    M x

  • The puppy was all kinds of awesome, a serious heart breaker.
    And hurrah another bit of lane sympathy! Unbelievably scary. I often go out and arrive at my destination feeling I’ve just stepped off a roller coaster.
    Same to you, have a great week and a beautiful Thursday!
    M x

  • Not shown: dollop of ketchup and a packet of monster munch on the side.
    I haven’t yet resorted to carting my food to the shed, it feels a bit final. I’ve definitely thought about it though.
    M x

  • Puppy? Plane shenanigans? Avo?

  • Haha, I love how random the shed comments are. You’re right though, the fluffball would look AMAZING in there!
    I think we all need that item of clothing that makes us feel all powerful, hurrah for them all.
    M x

  • It was such a nice surprise – I think we’d started watching something else, something rubbish, and switched to it. It was sweet.
    That puppy have me urgings too and I’ve got my hands beyond full already.
    M x

  • Thanks Mimmi, it was a pretty tasty little middle of the day treat!
    And thank you, hope you have a great week too.
    M x

  • haha, puppy, walkie talkie, the description of your date night. The avo can go, I don’t need that sort of uselessness in my life. /avonnui

  • We need a date night here haha – we’ve spent all week both working!


  • Cat

    Good call with the pant suit – I have a similar suit that I always wear for confidence but somehow I’m never able to find trouser suits that suit (ha!) – I’m always in a skirt or a dress. Whatever works I suppose!
    And as if your spaniel spam wasn’t hard enough for a frustrated dog owner – puppy spam too?! Gorgeous gorgeous! C x